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  1. Oct 13, 2012
    A great strategy game on the PS3? You don't see that too oftern! So, for fans of the genre or those looking for something different this is utterly unmissable. I don't know if i could convince casual gamers or action heads to buy this but i do hope it gets the sales figures it deserves. Either way this is still one of the games of the year.
  2. Nov 12, 2012
    I rarely review games, only when i'm so impressed or overwhelmed. This is the case here with xcom.
    I am new to the series, but THIS WAS A HUG SMACK ON THE FACE.

    this game could easily have gotten a ten, it goes down as one of the best, most addictive games i have played since warcraft frozen throne. It lacks polish and graphical prowess. Apart from that this game is an incredible title
    . the gameplay (micromanaging ) is perfect in every way Expand
  3. Jan 6, 2013
    BY FAR, one of the best games of 2012. I picked this up when I bought Assassins Creed 3 and Dishonored and saved it for last (mostly because I was more interested in the other ones). WHAT A SURPRISE... I cannot begin to describe HOW ADDICTIVE this game actually is... it has that "civilization addiction", when you keep saying to yourself: "just one more turn; just one more turn; just one more turn"; and when you notice, it's 3 AM. I just can't put it down... think of it as Final Fantasy Tactics meets Front Mission meets Civilization (sort of) plus guns, lots of guns. You manage a base, a squad and customize everything, from facilities, to weapons, to even the soldiers names, nicknames and armor color. And everything under a very cool "alien invasion" atmosphere. Must not be missed... a hidden gem. Expand
  4. Oct 18, 2014
    I own both the PC and console versions, and the PC version is obviously superior. Now before you think I'm here to laugh at console owners, I'm not. I'm just simply saying that if you have to choose between PC and console versions, go get the PC one. Why? Because the load times are shorter and there's not much lag in combat. Lag isn't bad on consoles, but having the PC version, it's smoother and less laggy so I'm moving to that and plan to sell my PS3 copy. Plus, on low settings, the PC version looks like the consoles. Other than those things, the game is the same on all platforms. Again, get the PC version if you have to choose between the two. If for some reason you can't get or play the PC version, then certainly get it on whatever platform you have. I mean, it's also on Android/iOS too, which has the same game but simplified graphics. Expand
  5. Nov 29, 2012
    I highly recommend getting this game, starting it up and selecting Classic Ironman difficulty and never looking back. In a sense, this is one of my minor quibbles with the game--so many people start it on Normal, find it too easy, and then make foolish remarks about how this is "dumbed down". I played the original Xcom and beat it. A great game, but it was also from the age when everything was fresh, and so it was easy to overlook the tedious micromanaging, the cheap tactic of using dozens of rookies as cannon fodder to flush out the aliens, boring bug hunts for that last alien holed up at the other end of the map, and the fact that once your campaign got over the initial difficulty your squad became so overpowered it became boring. This game eliminates most of the drudgery but retains all the tactical goodness that is just as deep as the original or Jagged Alliance but without the need to keep a calculator handy to add up time units. I found myself doing as much fussing about the ramifications of every single action in this game as I have in other games. This game's length is just about right. You can stall the final mission if you want and enjoy battles where your 6-man squad rolls over the aliens without much fuss (even in Classic Ironman), but getting to the end game shows up at the right time and isn't a chore. It's been a long time since I've been this excited about a game. Expand
  6. Mar 13, 2013
    Superb game. This has been easily the best strategy game I've played on a console in years. I can absolutely understand the varied user reviews as when I started first I thought it was good but not great until a friend of mine straightened me out. You absolutely have to play this game in ironman mode and ideally on Xcom difficulty. This makes you consider your choices carfeully, Every cent you spend every turn you take is the difference between success and an ass kicking. If you play on an easier setting or have the luxury of reloading the game then the tension and the thoughtfullness is taken out of the game.
    My main bug bear is the presentation, I'm not an Unreal engine fan anyways but this game can be rough around the edges. Occasionally the animations will have you guy shoot through walls which in this day and age is dissapointing hence the 1 point drop. Camera control is generally spot on but there are occasions where you can't quite tell if an enemy is within your grenade area of effect or not. Also my international crack team all have the same american accent and limtied set of vocals. None of these affect the gameplay experience but I couldn't give a game 10 without that attention to detail. Online too is relatively enjoyable (unexpectedly) There could be better effort placed on ranking systems or soem level of progression to keep it interesting and more competitive but the existing system where you have the same selection choices as your opponent based on a points spending system means at least games are always fair match ups.
  7. Oct 10, 2012
    This game is fantastic and faithful to the original. Sure the time units are missing, and as a result it waters down the strategy a bit but to tap into today's market it was a pretty logical move. There are a few hang-ups here and there with cut-scenes/frame rate, etc... but pretty insignificant stuff. I would say the pace is a bit slow to get going if you're doing the tutorials, but if you've never played an XCOM game before, it's completely necessary since there is a lot to wrap your head around. Expand
  8. Oct 29, 2012
    Console gaming needs more titles like this! I bought XCOM the same day as Dishonored and will be playing it long after that game (as well as many other fall releases). This game is a breath of fresh air that is in the same league as Valkyria Chronicles.
  9. Feb 11, 2013
    Fire Axis have done a great job of bringing this classic pc series upto date and on to consoles. A turn based stratedgy game. Console versions usually suffer due too the lack of pc mouse point and click but Fire Axis have done a great job of mapping the controls to the dual-shock pad every command is easily found even when in the heat of battle. Commands are not hidden behind unecessary menus. Xcom enemy uknown is easy to pick up and hard to put down. A highly challenging stratedgy game were the games Ai will constantly work tooo beat you and suceed a lot. As you learn each enemy you will begin to progress. Difficulty is chosen by the player normal is the best starter option. Even players of the original will struggle with diving straight into classic mode. To research all the available technology trees will take many hours of play it can take well over 20hours to complete dependending on how you play. I have reached 40hours and have yet too complete it but my squad is fully upgraded with lazer guns and mind controll psi tech i researched from the aliens. squads and breeds of alien classes are many and varied each bringing there own challenges to the game. You must defend the earth from alien attack and must not lose 8 countries to the aliens or the over seeing council will terminate the x-com op. While trying to find the aliens main base and there leader. There is also a dlc story add on that adds a mission timer and new squad type. And a seperate dlc for character armor customisation. Over-all a must buy for stratedgy fans and a great introduction to stratedgy games for new players. Expand
  10. Mar 31, 2014
    This game is one the few strategy games I have ever played and actually enjoyed. You will find yourself contemplating every decision you make; from the decisions you make on the decisions you make off the battlefield.
  11. Oct 12, 2012
    One of the best strategy games I have played in the last few years. It's fun, addicting, and your choices have real consequences. Soldier deaths are permanent and wow is the game hard when you ratchet up the difficulty. Fireaxis made a brilliant game and I can't wait for further installments.
  12. Oct 12, 2012
    X-Com is back! After the dissapointment of hearing it will be rebooted as an FPS they made the right call and had Fireaxis the creators of Civilization make a strategy game. It's as fun and addicting as the original was. The graphics are very nice it runs great and the story is very interesting. The multiplayer is really fun as well just needs some more maps.
  13. Jul 28, 2014
    Two words can be used to describe this game: addicting and strategic. This game was very fun in almost all levels of managing and gameplay. I was hooked, I honestly did felt in control of everything..and the game was pretty challenging in pretty much all levels from maintaining panic levels to how you're going to take down enemies in game. Definitely a game where you need to do some homework to advance and not get everyone killed/ lose all the countries. Now this game does suffer from technical difficulties, like stuttering/framerate issues, and bugs/glitches that does ruin the experience a little bit, but overall I lost myself to this game for hours because of how fun and addicting it is. Expand
  14. Dec 12, 2012
    So happy to see a strategy game like XCOM to be on consoles too, they're usually just for PC only, you know, for the PC master race. It's an incredibly organic game: if you **** up, that's your own fault, not the games. Your tactics and strategies will effect your outcome. Also, winning isn't inevitable, you can put 20 hours in to it and lose to the aliens. The turn-based combat is very engaging, and the base management makes you feel like an actual commander. It's all very absorbing, and it's rather cheap now, so definitely pick it up when you can. Expand
  15. Oct 10, 2012
    I really enjoy the game. I will start off talking about what I like. 1) the feel of being the underdog, battling for survival (I play on a harder difficulty) 2) the look of the game 3) The customization options for your base, troops, interceptors etc. 4) The tech tree and how you go about doing it 5) overall game-play is addictive 6) sound is good 7) combat is streamlined and fun

    What could use improvement:
    1) the ability to change your soilders Nationality/gender. Everyone would enjoy naming soilders after friends, significant others, people you know or characters you've created and played in the past in other games. Some people say every soilder would be from the same country if they allowed this... I feel sorry for their homogenous social structure.
    2) other than explosives, your choices of how to kill/maim the aliens affects the artifacts, and you actually see the pieces around the ground, highlighted for later salvage.
    3) Having to build a prototype after the researchis over, before you can manufacture for deployment
    4) Random maps/more maps

    What the game is missing:
    1) for what it is, and was intended to be, not much.... maybe some more variation in the mission start sequences so you don't feel inclined to click past the mission briefing.

    Overall I would recommend this game as a definate go-get
  16. Dec 6, 2012
    THis was my first time playing xcom, and I have to tell you guys, it was a surprise how awesome it was! Infact I picked it up on black Friday for 25 bucks just to settle my gaming taste buds while I awaited a big release, however it turned out to be way better then I expected. The sound is a check! the graphics are a check! the replay value is a check! the story is a check!what more could u guys ask for? Expand
  17. Nov 14, 2012
    Almost 20 years have passed till it's spiritual predecessor. In this age XCOM: EU has to deal with modern expectations, from fans and publishers. Mostly it succeeds. It's much more accessible and looks great, but at the cost of depth. The potential is there (with DLC) to reach Everest heights of 12/10 ratings, but currently (based on the lenght of time I had fun playing the game) it's "only" a 10/10. Expand
  18. Oct 10, 2012
    Well I have been waiting for this game for about 18 years. Though I did not know that since I did not know it was in-development until this past E3. With being a huge fan of the first XCOM I was skeptical when I saw the ARCADY looking characters...but I quickly got over it. This game is a blast to play. If you want a tactical game. I found it far to hard on Classic as I tried to play three rounds and sent 12 men home in the process. So I changed it to Normal and it is a lot more manageable. BUT it still has challenges. I had two people I had from the beginning get wiped out in their 12th mission...I thought I was smooth sailing but no. This is a very challenging game!

    Looks: 8.5 - I only wish all the guys didn;t have the same build. I wish you could customize that more.
    Gameplay - 9.3 - Just as good as I remember with a couple of glitches. Camera is tricky in corners and I feel I do not always get the angle I want and to me if you are behind a wall with full sheild you should never be hit unless some throws a Grenade or Rock Launcher. But that is not the case. Doesn't ruin it just thought I should mention it.
    Sound: 9.0 - Great music and feel...but not as creepy as the original.
    Overall: 9.0: I have played for about 10 hours now and I am still enjoying the missions. I feel the pain when good soldiers die but I enjoy the uncertainty of battle. This game is not for people who want an easy challenge.
  19. Oct 16, 2012
    Honestly, this game is a 9.8, but i couldnt round down and give it a 9, because its too good for that. First of all, this game is one that is extremelly easy to become addicted to. Some people say mmos (WoW) are easy to get addicted to, but **** please, strategy games all the way. Gameplay: 9.9999999. Why? It is fun challenging, and overall satisfying. So why not a ten? Well, to sum it up llllllllllaaaaaaaaaagggggggg!!! I dont understand why it lags so damn much! I have been screwed over so many times, because the game has lagged right when i am putting soldiers into cover. I click X, the game lags, and my full level sniper is standing out in the open. Is this a huge problem? NOT AT ALL. Im sorry if that gave you the wrong impression, but the lag just annoys me. Most people probebly wont even notice it though. Graphics:9. The cartoony graphics have a nice appeal on the eyes, and fit the game nicely. Blood effects are great and well placed. Sound:9.5: Spot on sound effects make creeping through the fog-of-war maps tense and exciting. everything else: 10: maneging your headquarters, and alliances with other countries is an amazing experience that no one should miss out on. So, this is an amazing game, that could easily be a GOTY. Bottom line: BUY IT. you will not regret it. I'm just happy that there is a good strategy game to tide me over untill Fire Emblem:Awakening is released here in America. Expand
  20. Oct 10, 2012
    This game was crafted with love. It takes me back to the original. The team at Firaxis should take pride in this one. I was up until the wee hours of the morning hopelessly addicted.
  21. Oct 12, 2012
    I loved the original back in the mid 90's. I was completely addicted to that game and to see it remade I am so so happy. Its a great game to boot Fireaxis makes such excellent strategy titles. There was no better candidate to remake XCom.
  22. Sep 2, 2013
    A highly faithful recreation of the PC classic (XCOM: UFO Defense). 2K did everything right with this remake and then some. It's challenging, but still makes itself accessible to new players. If you're like me, and you play most of your games on the console, and you've been looking for a good strategy game, then this is the one you will want to pick up.
  23. Nov 11, 2012
    Definitely a contender for game of the year. When I heard they were making XCOM for the newest generation of consoles, I suspected it'd either be a graphical facelift to the same old game, as game companies have done so often this generation, or they'd release a seriously dumbed-down slap-dash product counting on nostalgia for the IP to sell copies. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when XCOM turned out to be a deep, well-crafted successor to the original. This game streamlined the clunkiness of the original's interface without losing any of the charm or depth. The only knock I have against it is the lack of customizability for your squad. You can change hair and other things, but all 8 voices sound almost exactly the same--a small quibble, I know, and not one that keeps me from wholeheartedly endorsing this game. Expand
  24. Nov 6, 2012
    Just finished XCOM: EU and I have to say it is one of my leading contenders for GOTY! Compelling gameplay, eerie sound effects and good graphics make it hard to put down once you start on one of the many missions to save the earth from an invading alien force. Staying true to the original series, XCOM gives players the rare feeling (in video games) that every decision and action has immediate and far reaching consequences. Where every turn can quickly end your trooper's life (and they're not coming back!), you can't help agonizing and second guessing if your next move will send your soldier into a rain of alien plasma shots. This decision making also extends into the 'strategic' portion of base building / country protection of XCOM and you're faced with some hard choices of which country you'll be assisting or which technology to spend resources on - but all this goes into making XCOM the unique game it is - Where your choices actually matter!!! ...Sure, it might be a 'simplified' version compared to the original PC games, but IMO, the developers made the right cuts to in order to make it a more streamlined experience allowing the everyday gamer to easily jump in. In closing, Firaxis has provided gamers a truly remarkable experience in 2012. Expand
  25. Nov 19, 2012
    For old hardcore fans of the original x-com this is a must have. Excellent concept, execution, storyline and gameplay. Congrats to Firaxis. I highly recommend for every fan of a good tactical game.
  26. Jan 1, 2013
    I confess I'm an XCOM fan. I love how they've managed to replicate the rich tactical and strategic challenge that the first XCOMs offered. The graphics are pretty good but most importantly, the gameplay is not easy and requires that you think twice before doing pretty much anything.
  27. Jan 18, 2013
    Great game. Xcom is a really good combination of strategy and action, and each mission is incredibly tense. And when you lose a soldier you have nurtured to Colonel you will be devastated! Slightly too easy once you have built all the satellites though.
  28. Mar 5, 2013
    If you like deep, tactic games, it's a must have.
    The game have nice graphics with a nice atmosphere but the gameplay, missions, choices and possibilities that the game offers are the really enjoyable gem of this game.
    Tons of hours, replay value and quality in every aspect of this great game.
  29. Apr 13, 2013
    I always loved the game on the PC, but the PS3 version really gives it a cool twist. I have finished the campaign twice and the second time i added the flank bonus critical, which makes it real tough, but also from a strategic point of view more fair. Also loved the "guided missile" if you find your fusion reactor, didn't know of this research after the second campaign. I really hope this game will also be released on PS-vita, would be one of my favorite games then. Expand
  30. May 29, 2014
    As games go, this is is hard to fault. The whole point is that you are the commander of a multinational spec ops unit (the eponymous XCOM) tasked with taking out the aliens that have just invaded earth. You fight turn based battles against swarm of enemies with a squad of 4-6 soldiers and/or drones at your disposal. Your actions have real consequences.

    The game continually forces you to
    question your tactics, both on the battlefield and in the meta-management/base building portion. Unless you reload an earlier save, soldiers killed on the battlefield are gone for good. If you invest your money in the wrong thing at the wrong time then prepare to suffer for it as your troops will lack the weapons/gear/supplies they require. The way XCOM forces you to care about said troops is remarkable. Unlike C&C etc. where you just hit the 'create' button to get another twenty squaddies, each soldier is of equally great importance. Every individual soldier has different specialities and skills. The enemies are tough as nails and will take advantage of any slip ups you make and the base building requires a lot of planning. There are many detailed difficulty options to tailor the experience for each specific player so certain aspects can be augmented to be more or less constrictive.

    I have not covered all the different gameplay aspects in this review but there are too many to mention. This has to be one of the best games I have ever played and I recommend it to anyone who is patient enough to learn it's intricacies.
  31. Aug 3, 2013
    Great strategy game and can be a brain teaser at times you have to plan ahead a lot and 90 percent of new players will fail but will want to replay over and over For first time since final fantasy games from ps1 and ps2 era I actually got attached to a few of my characters and when they die there dead for good you even get a memorial wall for all fallen heroes and the dlc armor looks fantastic and upgrades with your armor upgrades so its never an outdated skin. Personally I can't find many games like this for ps3 so this title will be a keeper Expand
  32. Aug 18, 2013
    How did this game pass me by? If it wasn't for Playstation plus, I probably would never had played it.

    Years ago, me and my mate used to play space crusade on the Commadore Amiga 500. It was a turn based strategy game, your squad against a bunch of aliens, moving room to room to complete an objective and get safely back to your ship, sometimes without all of your squad.
    It was tense,
    it was a thinking mans game and I thought I would never play another like it, until now.

    XCOM: enemy unknown is that game from my childhood. It has all the things I've just mentioned, and so much more. It takes you through an easy tutorial of all the game mechanics, from the frontline, to managing your base's facilities, weapons development and financial income. You really feel like its you against an overwhelming alien threat, and its so much fun from the beginning to the end.

    You'll even want to play it all over again.

    My only criticism is the missed opportunity with multiplayer. Remember how much fun "worms" was? This could of been much the same amount of fun. Imagine, four local players in a room together, each with a team of four marines. Passing a pad around, blowing each other away until there's just one team left standing. Instead we get an online only, one on one battle. Such a shame.

    Regardless, single player is incredible. Well worth a play, and a refreshing change from all the first-person shooters out there.
  33. Aug 30, 2013
    This game will absolutely SUCK YOU IN i personally played hours of it, although sometimes you will come
    across a minor bug/glitch but nothing serious multiplayer isnt that great, matchmaking is bad but once you really get in to a match it can be really fun.
  34. Apr 24, 2014
    Damn if you play this you will get destroyed. What, confused why it gets 9 its x-com you suppose to get destroyed its a hard game. I admit its dumbed down a bit but if you think about sadly this day in age new gamers for because most are 5-15 year olds (I'm not happy about it) they action, action all day long. Poor kids I got to say. Anyway at start you only get a squad of 4 but with upgrades 6 which makes them more valuable. you research guns, armor, gear, biology, etc. you get cut scenes now which are welcome if you think of it. Something some whine about "but you can only send 1 squad" I know that's good it makes you go " okay got to chose dammit which one" so it is hard as hell. Right I got to say what's wrong no base attacks, and some many other things the classic ones had sadly overall though its great Expand
  35. Jan 27, 2013
    When I first saw a preview for the new (now scrapped) installment of the XCOM franchise, I saw a Mass Effect clone set somewhere around the 1950s-70s. Then "Real Fans" of the early XCOM games got their hands on the franchise and gave it a good old modern re-editing; at least to the best of their ability. Now I never played the earlier games (hell I'm not even finished with this game by the time I write this review), so I won't compare this game with past installments. THE PROS: 1)a sci-fi turn based strategy game that will truly test players gaming skills where the challenge level will not deteriorate as your squad mates level up or get equipped with better weapons/armor/items but the enemy AI; even the missions themselves, will feel like they're actually leveling up along with you and have strategies lined up to make your mission to safe the Earth and repel the invading aliens a long, hard-fought war. Players will gain a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction for completing each mission, plus if players want a greater challenge, players can turn off the loading function for past saved/auto-saved files for added intrigue. 2) The management of your HQ/Main Base isn't as in-dept as say a Command & Conquer or Civilization, but it's simple and enjoyable enough for any players to get into and quickly understand what action should be first taken before depleting your income or before dispatching your team to their next mission. so it may be simple, but it will force the player to plan ahead and prepare for any scenario. This may be minor, but it shows the quality of strategy in this game however minor
    3) The franchises biggest draw, in having the player feel emotionally connected/invested/attached to their squad members whom they themselves created and customized and leveled up through out the whole game from your first mission; where he/she is the last surviving team member and in the end just barely manage to draw out enough strength to kill the last enemy unit standing to give you that "Mission Accomplished" ending. All the way through many more missions, establishing themselves as your go to guy/gal, to their final mission where in his/her last stand of infiltrating an enemy ship got shot down by enemy fire while leading the vanguard of the XCOM team to the final chamber of the ship and having his/her name added onto the Hall of Fallen Soldiers (a memorial for all your forever dead creations of squad members). 4) Use of alien tech for human advantage is available. The CONS: (first three will be more nip-picking than actually cons): 1) the story line isn't anything special but it's still enjoyable; aliens invade earth, earth assembles a special team to repel aliens, the team defeats big boss, the end. What I don't understand is, if the aliens are such a major threat and the major countries are in need of assistant, why would the game designers have the countries lose all trust in the XCOM Project and leave to fend for themselves when their threat level/meter goes beyond red, when they have no means to defend themselves and is already being slaughtered by the aliens when they know they will just either be annihilated or enslaved. Couldn't the game designers just have them simply be overrun by the enemy and the base just lost connection with that country, I just don't like the human logic in this story. 2) The characters are forgettable, generic, and uninteresting (that soldier guy who informs you of any Intel during missions, the ?European? female scientist, and the ?Asian? engineer), evening their design and voice-overs. However the many different aliens and their autopsy reports/minor background infos are somewhat interesting, but still generic for my taste of aliens. 3) The character customization is really lackluster for your squad mates to say the lease; different people from different nations and ethic backgrounds but no personality in their voice-overs (american male voice 1, 2, .... and american female voice 1, 2, ...), generic hair styles plus three DLC masks of questionable design; ?Halo?. Generic and bad facial hair designs where different color palettes just won't cut it. 4) Only 4 members to start out with than up to the max of 6 after in game purchase of 2 extra slots? Couldn't there be more in a team since the EARTH IS UNDER FIRE AND IN THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION?!
    5) Lack of manual aiming of main and secondary firearms but can aim with grenades and a "one shot only" rocket?! With no option to bring more rocket ammo?!?! In fact, only two item slots for each to carry? 6) And what's with the aiming in the later half of this game, my sniper misses on a 90% but my support hits with a 48%, while enemies BEHIND A WALL can hit my guys from a far with a 23% - 51%?! (oh come on my guy was fully covered too).
    7) Not to mention the lack of control over the choice of character classes, it's randomize

Generally favorable reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 20
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 20
  3. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Nov 16, 2012
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a real sleeper hit. Save for repetitive level design, a basic online component, and some questionable voice acting, the game is magnificent. It may take longer than most to appreciate, but it never fails to deliver.
  2. With losing the United States, we also lost our biggest source of incoming funds. And no funding equals no means to combat the enemy. XCOM is all about long term planning, which we found out the hard way. [November 2012, p.58]
  3. Oct 23, 2012
    XCOM has more meaningful decisions and consequences than Mass Effect and more scares than Resident Evil. Turn-based strategy games are cool again. [Dec 2012, p.98]