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  1. Sep 9, 2014
    So, I have been playing this game for about 15 hours and I have so say that it is not the game changer that we all thought it would be. Overhyped crap just like titanfall and watch dogs. Its boring and repetitive and it plays just like any other fps. I honestly want my money back.
  2. Sep 9, 2014
    I thought release version would be different from beta, but i was wrong. This game sucks. Its not MMO. Its a rip off Borderland. All you do is grinding, grinding and grinding the same mission. Go to point A and kill wave of npc, then go to B and do the same thing. For 60 $ you will get poor plot full of cliches, a lack of content, silly AI. It doesn't even feel like its a big social world. Because all you see is 3-4 people on hunting grounds and 10-15 in city . And there are even no tools to communicate with them properly. PVP feels like downgrade from their previous games, Halo.
    And don't forget that Activion in the house. So you will see a LOT OF DLC, Wanna new content - buy DLC.
  3. Sep 9, 2014
    NO singleplayer offline is totally insane, how can I love the game without a clue what the story is! since i do not have friend to buy this, its so hard to enjoy it, bungie clearly has the ambition, but it's not a great online game,please make another halo-like game cause its your strong suit, and by the way, it's not even close to borderlands.
  4. Sep 9, 2014
    Just a big disappointment really , It's like the bastard child of Borderlands and Halo , but doesn't live up to either of it's parents.
    Graphics are nothing special , gameplay is repetative , bordering on mundane .
    This is a game that will quickly litter the pre-owened shelves. I can't believe this crap is from Bungie :(
    I have real buyers remorse with this one and intend to get
    whatever money I can by trading it in later today.
    Bungie WTF ?
  5. Sep 9, 2014
    Bosses have just one move pattern, shoot. They don't react dynamically and don't have any special move. The game's boss design is absolute failure.
    Enemies don't drop guns. so how dare can it be compared with Borderlands?
    Mission design is linear rail shooter. And it doesn't have any escape scene, turret scene, melee-only scene, stealth scene, even sniper scene like old BF3. Just run and
    gun style and do we happen to be living in those 90s once again?
    Big shame on you.
  6. Sep 9, 2014
    Please don't devalue my review or dismiss it it as being a "troll" because I'm not rating this game very highly. I wasn't paid to praise it so I'm giving an honest impression of what I felt after spending $60 on this product.

    The game probably had a higher marketing budget (and funds allocated to expensive Hollywood actors) than it did for the game design department. Let me breakdown my
    impressions in a bulleted format:

    + Soundtrack: An absolutely amazing orchestral score makes the setting feel epic!
    + UI Art: The menus and interface art is reminiscent of Jules Verne and old-school H.G. Wells. It's gorgeous and deserves kudos.
    + Gunplay: Aside from a heavy reliance on iron sites (something that afflicts a lot of console shooters), the gunplay feels very much like it was lifted from Halo - which, if you're a fan of Halo, you'll enjoy.

    - Lack of Open World: Destiny is no more an MMO than Dead Island. The heavily instanced missions feel less like "planets" and more like a very small collection of maps. You select a mission, watching a loading screen, start the map and kill a bunch of enemies. Rinse/repeat.

    - Lack of Enemy Diversity: After hour 5, killing the same handful of enemies gets VERY boring. I don't feel any sense of progression when I'm killing the same Dregs and Shanks from minute 1. This feels exceedingly more awful as more and hours pass.

    - UI Design: Sure, the UI art is amazing (can't praise it enough actually), but the design is downright awful. It was clearly designed for a mouse pointer and yet we're playing (as of now) a console exclusive game with analogue sticks to navigate menus. The overall user-experience is clunky and needlessly frustrating.

    The icons are completely arcane and I have no idea what I'm looking at when I see them. Since there is little color use, I'm left guessing what the obscure shapes mean...and I'd had better luck teaching myself Japanese. Also, why does my Waypoint vanish? Who thought that was a good idea? I'm constantly summoning Dinkbot so I can see where I'm supposed to go because the waypoint vanishes after a few seconds. That's an extra step that is completely unecessary.

    - Poor Mission Design: The formula become increasingly boring after the second or third time of killing swarms of identical baddies that act the exact same way over and over again. Since we're expected to do this several times (see: grind), the laziness of the poor mission structures really become apparent. I'm only on Day 1 of this game and I'm already growing bored with it.

    - Cringeworthy Lore/Writing: Peter Dinklage is getting all sorts of crap for his terrible VO acting in this game and I find that completely unfair - it's not the acting, it's the terrible writing. No amount of Hollywood star power can turn a bad script into Shakespeare. The premise is overwrought, the delivery is awful and I really don't even like hearing the creature names ("That wizard came from the moon!").

    - Boring Core Game Loop: Destiny feels like a re-skinned version of Borderlands 2 but lacks the addictive draw that game has: loot-chasing. There is no real instant gratification of seeing items drop from slain enemies and having to repeat the same boring scenarios only to receive a random number generated loot prize in a victory screen feels less compelling.

    - Reliance of Others For Fun: This was the game breaker for me. On more than one occasion, I was grouped with mute strangers that were either terrible players (stirred up the hive and then died, forcing me to contend with an increased difficulty curve of enemies that were often frustrating to deal with) or I was the noob that simply followed in the wake of someone else clearing the mission's enemies before I could even get a shot off. Both scenarios felt terrible.

    - Obscenely Long Loading Screens: these loading screens can reach up to a minute in length and when you're merely traveling from a menu map to the non-action hub location, sitting through the same spaceship cutscene loading screen again and again becomes difficult to tolerant.

    - Last-Gen Design: This game was clearly designed for the 8 year old Xbox 360/PS3 hardware because the maps have a lot of view occlusion (they're not as open as most PC shooters) and often feel hamstrung by last-gen limitations (particularly the number of players you can see, have in your group and can fight each other. The only thing you're getting with the PS4 version is an increased display resolution and some material resolution enhancements.

    I'm angry at myself for falling for the marketing the hype (seriously, this game was hyped more than the World Cup). It's not an MMO Shooter and I don't see it having any longevity. I'm hoping I can get a decent trade-in credit for this game because $60 was a lot of money for me and I really don't like wasting it. There are much better games out there that you could spend your $60 on and not feel bored an hour into playing.
  7. Sep 9, 2014
    The game just feels like its on repeat it gets annoying you cant talk to no one its a antisocial game its just a mess this saddens me after all the hype reminds me of watchdogs flop
  8. Sep 9, 2014
    Terrible game. Played it for a bit and it was pretty bland. Nothing like borderlands which at least had some humor. The planetary missions are short and the gear is generic and unintuitive. Day 1 return.
  9. Sep 9, 2014
    It is a disaster. Believe me young padawan. Do not trust in thy users who gave 8 to 10 score to this misery. - 1) There is no plot in this game 2) PVP is silly and simple, back to the times of Q3 but worse 3) No open world. OK - NO OPEN WORLD AT ALL 4) Grinding locations - like in the bst korean 3d echelon mmo games 5) No social life 6) Raid bosses? He-he, stop'n'shoot. 7) Grinding again
    8) Small locations - nothing to do at all
    9) City hub - less then starter location in WOW.

    1) Graphics are ok
    2) that is all

    Do not spend any penny on this game. Later u can get in not more then 30 $. But id doesn't worth even 20. 1 from 10. And big facepalm
  10. Sep 9, 2014
    Not as bad as some early user reviews on here make it out to be, but certainly rather repetetive and rough around the edges. Aside@Bungie: Arguing that players/reviewers will need to put at least 20 hours into your game before it really starts being fun must be a joke. That is just like saying: "We know that our game has some pretty rough and badly designed first few hours, but we did not care enough to improve on that." Overall verdict: With future upgrades, Destiny might still evolve into the game it strives to be, but for the time being, just try Warframe: very similar concept/feel and free-to-play (which seems way more suited for this kind of long-term-MMOFPS concept). Expand
  11. Sep 9, 2014
    This game has a lot of repetition, and is boooring. All the missions are identical. Every mission looks the same... Don't buy it, save your money to holiday hits.
  12. Sep 9, 2014
    Home from midnight release:
    Setting up: Vanguard DLC doesn't work. I'll think 'whatever, I'll get it tomorrow or the day after.
    Load the game: marionberry error, cannot connect to servers. Can't play game = can't review. Terrible way to make first impressions
  13. Sep 9, 2014
    I've been playing since the Alpha. Yes, it's great. I'm enjoying the shooting and role playing aspects. Graphics are fantastic. Multiplayer is lots of fun.
  14. Sep 9, 2014
    Bungie and Activision have a solid foundation here for something great, but I think they've missed the mark with Destiny. Touted as a massively multiplayer experience with Bungie's single player storytelling tenants still intact, Destiny had the hype that would make most people excited by its lofty ambitions. But with more hype, only leads to more disappointment, and Destiny is a victim of its own hype. Neither ambitious or great, Destiny is a bog-standard FPS with some online interaction. It's not a fully-fleshed massively muliplayer game, nor is it an impressive single player game. Destiny feels like a game that's lost, never staking its claim and finding its own place. I find that it often feels unfocused, like Bungie set out to do many things and didn't excel at one of them. It's a hollow game, lacking life, lacking feeling. The online interaction is limited compared to contemporary massively multiplayer games, and the story is blander than two-week old white bread. Expand
  15. Sep 9, 2014
    This game is getting ridiculous amount of hate right now, however there is one thing you should know: those posting zero and one star reviews probably haven't even tried the game. PC gamers are currently extremely angry because this game won't be available on their platform, and are reacting to that fact in a most childish way - by posting negative user reviews anywhere where such thing is possible, and by generally spreading false info about this game on various high profile forums and online communities. Also worth mentioning are those console gamers who still haven't accepted the fact that destiny requires constant internet connection, and more extreme Xbox-purists who feel cheated because Destiny is also available on Sony platforms. So, bear in mind that multiple groups are acting against this game purely based on their platform preferences and various agendas. DO NOT pay any attention to user reviews for this game. (as for me, I am currently having a blast with destiny and I plan to eventually replace this with a proper review). Expand
  16. Sep 9, 2014
    Never played Halo or Borderlands like a lot of people seem to compare this game to. So far every mission has been, "defend your stupid ghost against 200 bullet sponges!" The whole sort of fantasy meets sci-fi seemed great but in-game I see little of that. Don't have any friends that migrated to the PS4 or bought the game so I have to play solo and wait to add random people which is ridiculous they should just pair you up with users on the same mission. The "crucible" which is the player vs. player area, the maps are tiny, others have super over powered guns, no way to change the tide if you have a crappy team. The worlds are bland, you end up travelling the same place over and over again. Waited in line for this game for hours, paid for everything like the expansion pass and I am highly regretting it. I would avoid this game and do not recommend it. Expand
  17. Sep 9, 2014
    So to start this off, this is a tentative review of what I have played thus far. Do not believe in the whole 'Halo Clone' crap that is listed below. Personally thus far it has felt like a mix between Halo and Borderlands. There is a leveling and class based system from the Borderlands series with the tone of the Halo series mixed in. Combat is good, and solid to me. Personally I do not enjoy shooters on consoles in the vast majority, however Destiny has become the exception in my book to that rule. Truly a great game, I'm glad I bought it, just amazing. Expand
  18. Sep 9, 2014
    Oh God!I just wasted my $60 for this game.It plays like every other fps.U kill,u loot,u customize urself and that's it.I summarized the entire game for ya also the gfx are mediocre.This game is pure mediocrity.Kill it before it breeds!
  19. Sep 9, 2014
    Its basically an expensive Spartan Ops with nothing else to it, but with no communication and no story. Why spend so much on advertising and fire most of the staff for some third rate coop game Activision?
  20. Sep 9, 2014
    This game is NOTHING of what it promises. So already: not an MMO. An MMO that runs on map cloned armies of players (the customizations are non-existent)? An MMO that offers more than Starship Troopers farted scenario? An MMO that offers a quest system for ventilated pedant of the cortex? An MMO .... not I stop there or I'm for hours? In short I will sell this "stuff", then download a backup for XKEY on XBOX, and play from time to time (so almost never), when I will miss one day of rain.

    (Oh yes, and the trick to avoid Bungie testers to rot this crap is just .... I do not have words.
    In three months we will have all deserted servers: no better than watchdogs, but much worse !!!!!
  21. Sep 9, 2014
    Essentially a Borderlands rip-off minus all the things that make Borderlands unique, like its art and humor, whether you liked them or not. Boring grinding, tiny maps, limited features and customization. This is a marketing campaign, not a game.
  22. Sep 9, 2014
    Hate to be the one to say this but this game was wayyy too overhyped. Bungie you made a good game and I guess that's all that matters but the way Activision and IGN and all other websites hyped it up to the extreme was uncalled for and made me lose interest fast. The game plays well although can get repetitive pretty fast especially strike missions where you just fight off waves of enemies while Peter Dinklage just opens a door. The singleplayer is quite varied and has you doing various missions to get upgrades or fight bosses and I have to say the boss battles are challenging and really fun especially against the big ones. Now the PVP is what you'd expect and I would recommend jumping into PVP first to level up faster, other than that it's great fun I personally like PVP the best, now what I wish Bungie would have done was made the environments more interactive yes you can find hidden loot but I haven't run across any secret areas or surprises yet although the environments are beautiful. The story of the game is pretty straight forward but don't want to spol too much it's pretty well written. The shooting is fun but leveling up and getting weapons is a grind fest and like I said at the top that's why it gets sort of repetitive but that doesn't ruin the game itself, I would rate the game a 6/10 for being fun but overhyped to the extent of making me not see how amazing people are putting it out to be, try to add a lot more in Destiny 2 Bungie, try to get rid of raid limitations and add more enemies to vary the gameplay more and make it less grindy as well as more varied strike missions, altogether this game did not live up to the hype in my eyes. Expand
  23. Sep 9, 2014
    So, I have been playing this game for about 15 hours and I have so say that it is not the game changer that we all thought it would be. Overhyped crap just like titanfall and watch dogs. Its boring and repetitive and it plays just like any other fps. I honestly want my money back.
    That is the only way you'll ever enjoy it. So, I thought I was a getting a huge multiplayer game that I might
    make some friends on, but no. You can't make friends if you can't communicate. The reasons Bungie gives for this are so stupid I won't ever buy one of their games again. I feel ripped off. Why didn't they talk about this at E3? No, it's just some little side story on an article you don't come across unless you actually search it. Expand
  24. Sep 9, 2014
    Everything might not be as perfect as we had hoped, but at least Bungie tried something different. In the future, competitors in the FPS genre will be assuredly be trying to lift some of the ideas from Destiny to add some mmo-ness into their own games. The core gameplay and controls feel excellent, as you'd expect from a Bungie FPS. Enemy AI is competent, on par with top tier co-op titles like Mass Effect, Gears of War, etc., but I wouldn't say it really stands head and shoulders above it's competitors in this regard. It's a shame the alpha and beta had to take place mostly on the Earth maps, because all the other areas in the game are much more appealing to look at. There are some incredible skyboxes in Mars maps. Competitive multiplayer seems to take a backseat to co-op play this time, in the sense that the character abilities seem like something you would expect in a co-op game. It seems like the abilities in pvp need some balancing and tweaking done, and I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of balancing updates for pvp in the coming months. However there is less co-op content than I was hoping for, I do hope the expansion packs come out soon and are substantial in the amount of content. I wish repeated playthroughs of levels offered more variety in enemy types and spawns, once you've played an encounter at Lv 30, it's nearly the same every time. I would have preferred more of a randomized enemy spawning system (a la Left 4 Dead) rather than always knowing what lies behind every corner. Explore maps don't have enough different types of side missions yet. Hopefully we can get a ton of new content fast and they will improve on some of these areas, but as of now this game needs help. All that aside though, it's still a ridiculously fun game but Bungie's destiny is yet to be determined. The next few months will tell. 9/10 just for being so much fun, could be a 10 one day but it needs some TLC first. Expand
  25. Sep 9, 2014
    gfx is medicore, gameplay is not that bad but gets boring fast. MMO part of this game is nowhere to be found... having played wow or any other MMO's it's nothing like that.

    you could say that cod is mmo.. just throw in some hub city where bunch of players can hang out without shooting and there ya go.
  26. Sep 9, 2014
    Terrible mediocre game experience. It certainly is not an MMORPG and it certainly is not a gear grinder with a fast combat action like D3. So what is it ? An anti social shooter with a terrible Lore smashed onto it. I had high hopes for this game, but I pity the stockholders of ATVI already.

    Bobby Kotick can be wrong after all.
  27. Sep 9, 2014
    This game is incredibly boring. It will not last very long. The single player is extremely repetitive, Borderlands has already fulfilled our need for a game like this.The multi-player won't be good, seems like a tacked on a addition to just increase the feature list of the game. If you enjoy grind fests such as WoW and borderlands, then I guess you might like this game.
  28. Sep 9, 2014
    I gave this game a chance. I really did. Even despite no offline single player, and the "ancient evil has awoken" cliche. (which totally doesn't fit the setting)

    Sadly this game just falls flat on its face. It tries to incorporate RPG elements into a FPS, but doesn't flesh out any sort of character customization. Three very similar looking races and three very similar classes just does
    not cut it. There is very little exploration. A few nooks and crannies to crawl through, but the worlds are extremely small and linear when you take a step back and look at the whole thing. And my main gripe was the one-sentence dialogue for any singular topic. It felt like there was no real story going on.

    As for gameplay... well... its "meh". Your average shooter with regenerating health and instant melee kills. There are maybe five different variations of mobs which are repeated for each enemy race. And all behaved the same. All the bosses are EXACTLY the same: glorified bullet sponges/regular enemy with more health. The levelcap is extremely easy to reach, I only played seven hours and got to level twenty. Its just all around "meh".

    If you are looking for yet another generic FPS, go ahead and give the game a try. You might like it.
    If you want the Sci-Fi action RPG shooter that was promised, save your cash.
  29. Sep 9, 2014
    Great Game.One of the Best Shooters Ever made and spectacular multiplayer.Is a game that misture Halo and Skyrim,and do it very well.Awesome Game,recommended!
  30. Oct 1, 2014
    Update: After reaching Level 21 and putting 17 hours into it, I can say that Destiny is a solid 8/10, Sure the campaign is lacking, and for a game with such an online focus it's quite odd for it to not have an easy way to interact with other players in the tower. But the top notch gameplay, with fun mechanics, and smart AI more than make up for the flaws it has. I just wish it offered matchmaking for the weekly strikes and daily missions which would make end game content more available to players who dont always have friends with the same schedules as them. Expand
  31. Sep 11, 2014
    It's a quality game for sure - I don't think it deserves a perfect because of the repetitive nature, but otherwise it is a great game. Best game for the next gen - that's for darn sure (not counting the Last of Us). If you like any FPS there is something for you here. I could see this game being huge if the expansions do it right, but as of now there is limited to do but all these things are still fun. Expand
  32. Sep 9, 2014
    My first thoughts about buying Destiny after it's announce was cautious at best -- after all, I'm not a fan of 1st person shooters on console, always preferred 3rd person ones and overall I'm all about action-adventure|stealth-like kind of games.

    But Destiny Alpha streams and Beta gameplay sessions changed all of it. First person POV is good, controls are fluid, RPG-like system of
    variable skill trees and interchangeable weapons -- very nice.

    Also, for me, such games is all about exploration: good story is good, but only if it allows me to see 'what else is there?!' -- and Destiny surely allows that via 'Patrol' missions.

    Not without flaws -- players communication could be better in part of in-game (voice) chat or more simply|intuitive way to form a Fireteam 'on-the-fly', but -- hey! -- is still a very new game and I feel that it's creator a willing to make changes.
  33. Sep 9, 2014
    In-depth review (Scroll down for TL:DR short version)

    Warning: This is a game review, not an expectation or hype review. I will simply put, tell you if the game is worth buying based on my experience with multiple aspects of the game, so here goes.

    This is my first review and I hope this will answer many questions for those who are unsure about the game. This review is made up from a
    little over four hours of gameplay which I believe is enough to warrant a review on any game. I am separating the review based on six factors. story, gameplay, graphics, sound, replayability, and miscellaneous. I will NOT talk about the expectations of the game based on outside views or marketing.

    Story: 4/10 Destiny's story seems rather absent. There is definitely a back-story involving a great evil and a mysterious savior (called the Traveller), but the specifics beyond that are hard to follow or just not there. This is not like Mass Effect or Divinity which has complex story arcs and side plots so if you were expecting a single player experience based on this factor I would not look forward to having a fun time playing Destiny. Main story missions are often voiced by your partner called Ghost, who explains the mission details as well as the backstory of what is going on. There are other characters involved besides the usual vendors or side mission npc's (like The Speaker) but the draw to the lore is barely existent. The story is there to keep everyone on the same track of battling the Darkness and that is pretty much it.

    Gameplay: 9/10 This is where things are looking up. The gameplay is simply superb. Everything involving your character to the weapons you pick up to the tactics and AI you encounter all combine for a wonderful time. I am able to continue playing this game just on the gameplay alone. There is a lot here with different weapons, subclasses, leveling, skills, etc that enhance the gameplay in many ways.

    Graphics: 9/10 Again this is where Destiny shines. The PS4 version will not disappoint. I will easily say this the best graphics to date for the new console. The textures are crisp, the parallaxing is impressive, the lighting and shadowing create amazing scenes. The frames per second seems capped at around 30-35 if I had to guess. There were no real drops or dips in the frames during my entire play. Your character also looks extremely detailed despite the fact you only see it when your at the Tower, when casting spells, or when on a vehicle. The effects are of a high graphic fidelity as well, with weapons, skills, ships, and vehicles clearly showing proof of this.

    Sound: 8/10 I love my audio and Destiny does not disappoint in this front either. The soundtrack is impressive and helps paint the the game world Bungie has created. The environmental sounds paired with the sounds made by your character or weapons all account for a great unique experience. I noted in the game when shooting some Dreg I heard the muffled echoed sound of a sniper rifle far away followed by a couple explosions. I went to investigate and found a fellow Guardian tackling another group of Fallen. Each gun sounds distinct and different, each character skill sounds different. There is a lot of creativity heard in this game and adds to the mystery.

    Replayability 8/10: There is a decent amount of end game content that is evidenced by the multiple vendors in the Tower, but I feel the replayability is in only the end game content, coop, and pvp material and not in the story content which I mentioned earlier. So in short this game will be fun to replay with a group of friends as it keep one's interest with the extra missions, pvp, and large group events.

    Miscellaneous: 6/10 This is where I add details about aspects that add to the game and personal opinion. For example, seeing as it is a multiplayer game and one must play with a internet connection, I first have to note that I experienced no drops in connection or latency when playing Destiny which is impressive at launch date. There is a installation required for those, like me, who bought the disc but it did not take long. As a personal note, I felt like there was not enough added to the game. Sure it has side missions and beautiful landscape but there was not enough for me to draw to it. The world events and coop definitely helped but I feel like there are things about this game that Bungie could have expanded on, like ship upgrades, more story, vehicle equipment/research/attachments, side mission creativity (which could hopefully expand on the lore), and even more skill/weapon attachments/adjustments.

    Overall / TL:DR version

    Is this game worth buying for single player or story reasons: No
    Is the game worth buying to play with friends or others online: Yes
  34. Sep 9, 2014
    The game is very repetitive. Also, the guns are very simple and don't excite so much.
    The graphic's are good, but look's like a borderlands copy.
    The missions are very repetitive. Basic go to point A or B. Kill Something and all.
    I've expected more for this game for it's hype.
  35. Sep 9, 2014
    No innovation or anywhere close to the kind of experience promised, the story and lore are lost due to the focus on multiplayer which is a dry and dull experience. An over-hyped borderlands clone, not original or new in any way, enough said.
  36. Sep 9, 2014
    It looks like Halo and plays like Borderlands, which is bad considering the huge bucket applied for this game. It's a huge disappointment for me. The multiplayer is good, the "story mode" is boring and bland. The worst of it, by far, is the hype they gave us, for this? What a huge disappointment.
  37. Sep 10, 2014
    Another great marketing work, and like Watch Dogs, another mediocre game sold like a masterpiece.

    Gameplay is ok, but its repetivenss and shot of varieties sentenced this game from the start.
  38. Sep 9, 2014
    Incredible beginning to a new FPS / RPG space opera from one of the best game design studios in the world. Bungie have created an atmospheric, compelling online universe for sci-fi fans to immerse themselves in which allows you to create an alter-ego to explore an amazing array of futuristic destinations. You can follow the single-player missions which will be part of an ongoing persistent set of chapters in a gigantic epic story, explore vast open-world areas to work on upgrading and unlocking new powers and concentrate on a variety of multiplayer arenas to battle other players. Outstanding graphics, visual & audio design and groundbreaking gameplay all add up to a thrilling start for this new franchise. This is essential if you are a serious gamer, see you starside Guardians... Expand
  39. Sep 9, 2014
    Not sure if the Playstation Network having issues, but this game should have an option to play offline. For a game that is billed to have a "cinematic experience" all I have experienced is the in-ability to play it. I'm sure this review will change once the server issues are fixed, but with no single player offline, it really hurts the overall package.
  40. Sep 9, 2014
    Give us written AND vocal chat otherwise stop doing pc games only for **** consoles ... i played wow since release and like other 20 mmo games so i'm kinda experienced player ... i work every bloody day ... i go home and i can't play the way it's meant because people like me are hard to find when i have spare time. My friends have other consoles witch aren't in any way linked ... well this is really a **** game that many bought just because it's september and still some months to play actually good games ... DON'T BUY IT! Expand
  41. Sep 11, 2014
    Destiny isn’t a bad game if you like sci-fi shooters, you’ll get a good 20 hours of enjoyment out of this. But that’s really all, its hyped up social elements, persistent world, and multiplayer gameplay, are its biggest failing, best part of the game is the final song:
  42. Sep 9, 2014
    This is the kind of game I've been wanting ever since Phantasy Star Online went offline. I've been dying to play this, loved the alpha, loved the beta. And have been loving every bit of the game itself since it came today. I know there are a lot of angry XBone fanboys that are rating it low because Bungie moved on to better things on PS4 consoles instead of being stuck on old cheap hardware in the xbone. But they need to grow up. This game is amazing, great community so far on PSN. And plays wonderfully, Just like a Halo game, but better. Expand
  43. Sep 9, 2014
    I feel i am still playing beta / somebody wake me up / wtf !! When activision bought bungie all of hopes was destroyed /the graphic is good the sound is good the gameplay is good it is a normal game whithout story
  44. Sep 9, 2014
    I find it funny how everyone who voted blow 3 is either new user, either is downvoting every "good" title.
    So far game is decent. Singleplayer is little dull, but multiplayer is where this game shines. For multiplayer only I would give 9/10, singleplayer is no more 6/10. However, I completed only the first two planets, It might get better in the following planets or/where new patches will
    fix stuff up!

    Game is obviously must have, don't skip this one.
  45. Sep 9, 2014
    very short campaign for an MMO, Borderlands does not compare to the halo, too bad to play on a joystick, game I put a lot of expectations on this game expecting a new halo was no more anything.
  46. Sep 9, 2014
    The always online isue conectivity is a shame , you doesn't have the possibility to play onfline the story is dul and the games doesn't have soul. Borderland is way better than this one.
  47. Sep 9, 2014
    Whoa Whoa Whoa... 9?! 10!? Whoever is giving these kind of scores is just full of it.. Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed... These are games that one could argue that are 9s or 10s.. This game is realistically >5. And honestly I feel lied to with the marketing and advertising / hype behind this game. Shame on you and shame on me for getting as excited as I did and pre-ordering. I feel scammed. The story, interaction and general gameplay are ridiculously flat. My best advice is rent or borrow it first. Save yourself the $60. FLOP. Expand
  48. Sep 9, 2014
    All Hype and No substance. Destiny is like an High Definition remake of a bad game from the late 1990's. Avoid this game at all costs! The game also has a limited (and poorly voiced) story, bad controls, unbalanced multi-player and is loaded with bugs.
  49. Sep 9, 2014
    I feel like I've broken the oldest rule in the book and succumbed to the hype train badly for this one, I finished the story mode for this today and I was so disappointed that that was it. It seriously was like they ripped half the game out to sell as DLC and just filled the rest of what was left with uninteresting bullet-sponge boss fights to drag out the playing time. All you do once you hit the 20 level cap is grind grind grind (the SAME missions).

    It's so repetitive, the missions are linear masquerading as open world. You cannot talk to the other Guardians you meet in the world, there is NO proximity chat AT ALL

    The story of this was so fractured I look back on it now and it was really just a story about how Peter Dinklage can unlock or decipher everything for you while spewing a horribly cheesy script, I honestly kind of thought Bungie would release something better (expectations yada yada). There seriously was like barely any explanation as to who people are or what was going on, I'm not even sure there are any memorable moments in this game and the only memorable character I can think of is The Speaker and that is only because he sells some cool looking items which you need to grind for.

    It's like one great big escort mission for your Ghost.

    Let's just hope that the Bungies 'Biggest Game so far' and it's proposed 10 year life span change things up a bit, because I can't see a good majority of people buying this expecting a grinding sim.
  50. Sep 9, 2014
    Get fetch quest, run and gun with other players to end point where you can only play on your own and can't respawn and defend against waves of enemies. Repeat.
  51. Sep 9, 2014
    For those who say "Destiny seems pretty empty for an MMO" I say this to them...


    Bungie and Activision have said that it isn't a damned MMO from the beginning. It's supposed to be you against the hordes of the Darkness making you into a LEGEND. I used to think that was lame but now I am a believer.
  52. Sep 9, 2014
    I played the game and is very good, competitive coop etc. The graphics are beautiful the weather is beautiful and team play is very funny epic launch.
  53. Sep 9, 2014
    Sure, a lot of Destiny feels and looks well crafted, but that doesn't save it from being a very dull experience in the end.

    The Good:
    First of all the game "plays" very well. The Halo heritage is very much present, where close combat, dodging and weaving are integral to the experience to a larger degree than in many other shooters. It's a fast paced and very satisfying way to play an
    FPS(in my humble opinion at least). The visuals are nice, from a technical standpoint it's nothing revolutionizing, but it's still very pretty. The music is gorgeous and often helps kick moments in the game up a notch.

    The Bad:
    All of the above only get you so far though. There isn't much in the way of story or variety. It's largely moving from point A to point B, often through the same re-used maps. As it's designed for multiplayer you never really get the heroic moments you would in a tighter singleplayer experience. And when it lacks the soul and constant banter of games like Borderlands there just isn't much left. Everything you have at that point is grind, and when loot and gear is sparse as well when compared to games like Borderlands and Diablo the experience drags on even more.

    The online aspects of the game also feel odd and uneven. It's an always online game, but outside of playing pvp or with friends it feels largely superfluous as you only ever share open zones with a handful of people who usually mind their own business.

    It is perhaps early to say where this game is headed, but I kinda wish I could have gotten my money back for now. My time is better spent on other things than this game in its current state.
  54. Sep 9, 2014
    Destiny's fanbase is proof that hype is all you need. If EA made this, you'd all give it 0-3 ratings but it's got Bungie's name on it so it's the best thing since sliced bread? Hypocrisy. Dinklage phones all of his lines, the writing is abhorrent, the gameplay itself is a blander, slower Borderlands and there's zero replay value outside of PVP, which should've been the prime focus given the developer's previous work. You can't just give it a 10 because they spent half a billion dollars on it. That kind of money is how much it cost (in today's dollars) to build the FBI. Are you telling me Destiny is on par with that kind of investment? If so, you'll need more than "it's got loot and shooting" to justify that. "Oh no, the Vex/Hive/Cabal/Fallen are coming for the Dark Shrike Sword Boneslayer Thing, let's shoot at them." That's the whole game. Expand
  55. Sep 9, 2014
    It's awesome, i don't understand all the hate. I've been playing since the beta and althought it might not deserve a ten it sure doesn't deserve a score as low as 7.0 ow bellow.
  56. Sep 9, 2014
    overated and boring game, repeatable brings nothing new to the scene. you will be hyped about it, but just as watch dogs, this game is boring, and repeatable.
  57. Sep 9, 2014
    Make no mistake: This is a Halo clone. There is just no way around that. Anyways, the game is very typical from a space shooter point of view. The attempt at MMO is different but has a long way to go. It's not a bad game, but if you're tight on money you may want to save it for another game. This is definitely not the Destiny we thought we were waiting for. I will continue to play it but having more players in the world won't change the poor gameplay itself. Expand
  58. Sep 9, 2014
    Deja Vu is the feeling you get when you touch Destiny. This obviously is not Bungie's game. It has zero passion or soul in it.
    Rather than feeling like its own game or entitiy, it feels like an amalgam of other games you know very well, which ruins the immersion.

    The entire vision of this game seems like something publishers came up with using statistics and market research to maximize
    profit, dlc opportunity, and player grinding time - an amalgam of mass-appealing game elements stuck together. Too much deja vu for me, having played Halo, Borderlands, and Mass Effect extensively.

    I strongly suggest you do not support a future industry of generic FPS games.
  59. Sep 9, 2014
    I'll never undestand why they didn't put an npg, some dialogs, some story!?
    How can a mmorpg (or something that require permanent online) be without a story?! The gameplay is pretty solid but i don't have a reason for keep playing. I really don't care about the world around me that seems like a world of space-art-screenshots!
  60. Sep 9, 2014
    You might as well just play Borderlands 2. This game is a waste of $60.00. It's a combination of Borderlands and Halo, but without any of the fun. Little to no interesting story or characters. The character customization leaves a lot to be desired. The only saving grave of this game is Peter Dinklage and the graphics. Otherwise, it's just another mediocre shooter that feels like it's trying to be Halo, but with horribly repetitive quests/missions that makes the game bland and uninteresting. Re-visit the same locations over and over in "Old Russia" and fight the same types of enemies. Sense of character progression is missing and nearly existent, despite the skill tree. It's missing all of the charm and fun that games like Borderlands 2 deliver on and feels like another generic shooter that's trying to be an MMO (eg. Defiance). With the limitations on voice chat, it leaves you feeling as if you are playing alone or with A.I. and without that MMO "feel" or interesting story to speak of, it ends up feeling like you're playing some fancy Free-To-Play shooter like Warframe. Expand
  61. Sep 9, 2014
    The game controls are good, but not great. No matter what you cannot turn around that quickly. In a few hours already caught up to the beta and now the game is repetitive as hell. It is a very polished shooter with the similar robots on every planet with 1 location. The exploration is limited by invisible walls all the time so give up trying to explore. Sorry, the game should be a $30 arcade game.....but after spending another $100 on DLC the game will be worth $60. Expand
  62. Sep 9, 2014
    Just a bordelands with good grapcish, this game is not good, and i buy it NO singleplayer offline is totally insane, how can I love the game without a clue what the story is! since i do not have friend to buy this, its so hard to enjoy it
  63. Sep 9, 2014
    To much hype for this game and as always nothing special, it would be good game for ps4 premier when it was not much games to play, but super unbeliveble ann incredible game is not at all this game, nothing original simple game.
    Not for reason producers restrict rewiews before release, money from pre orders, todays game bussnes and promotion cand do a lot today.
  64. Sep 9, 2014
    Here is what i think of Destiny so far: Pros : - Lovely visuals, - Great combat mechanics, satisfying controls, solid gameplay, - Rich character customization. Cons : - Repetitive gameplay with bland quests, - No true single-player experience, - Not much enemy variety, - The story is there just because it is, more of a fill in than an actual fleshed out story,

    - The music, or better yet, the lack of an interesting musical score except on some rare occasions when we can actually hear some build-up compositions.

    It is a solid 7/ 10.

    But hey, this is just my opinion.
  65. Sep 9, 2014
    Not worth your time. After all the hype and investment you would think this game would at least be enjoyable, let alone content to keep you busy. I would advise holding off on this game until more content is added or you can pick it up on a sale if you can't wait.
  66. Sep 10, 2014
    Very disappointed. Destiny feels like Halo type/era multiplayer maps that are connected by the MMO type game interface, this makes up the entire game world. Relatively small "open world" maps for each planet, ONE map per planet. Graphics are in the same league as Halo graphics overall. Take a look at the sky and you will see 2d clouds moving by, not even up to date with most all games out now that at least us 3D looking clouds. I DO think there is a ton of fun in this game to be had if you approach it as playing the same planet maps with the same mobs doing the same fetch quest type things, over and over and over as you level up in each area. For example Earth seems to be just one map, where objectives are in different parts of that same map AND the map is not all that big, definitely NOT an MMO type map, more along the lines of multiplayer maps. Along that same issue, this is NOT an MMO open world game environment, its very confined to above said maps. You don't "travel" anywhere as in MOVE in/through space, you simply transport from location to location, map to map. I expected so, so much more based on advertising, like actually exploring large open spaces that weren't crammed full of the same mobs from mission to mission, playing the same maps from mission to mission, with the only thing changing in my level number and equipment. Expand
  67. Sep 9, 2014
    Solid, quality game. Great competitive-cooperative gameplay, sci-fi atmosphere, very nice visuals.
    Still this game feels over-hyped, not best in using created atmosphere, uncomfortable with absence of offline mode.
  68. Sep 9, 2014
    I didn't really like the game, it's practically doing the same quests over and over again, and the multiplayer is beyond boring and stupid. I do not recommend this
  69. Sep 10, 2014
    This game is just eh. Story is cliche and confusing, not clearly stated. The missions don't seem to be linked in anyway, and if they are, it is not obvious. Combat is very easy and I had no problems with the enemies, even on the harder difficulty, except for the bosses, which are essentially bullet sponges that deal way too much damage..The game at this point is very small and takes place in on a few areas, causing one to visit the same area multiple times for the same missions. There is no true single-player experience, with other players always being in the same "zone" as you. Unfortunately, PVP is horribly unbalanced at this time, with certain weapons being one shot kills and others seeming acting as squirt guns. However, the game looks really good, and can be enjoyable with friends. Overall, I'd say pass on this game at the $60 price tag, and maybe get it later. Expand
  70. Sep 9, 2014
    repetitive and uninspiring. I played the beta and was on the fence with this game but decided to buy it anyway hoping perhaps it would improve on release. It really fails to live up to its hype, I can't see this FPS lasting.
  71. Sep 10, 2014
    I played this game now for 20 hours, and all i can say, the worst thing about it is the balancing.
    Everyone plays with the Warlock, because Nova Bomb is simply stronger then other super-abilities...
    Also you cant play singleplayer or local coop, you have to be online.
    Its kind of fun, but it really doesnt deserve this massive hype, its a good game, but nothing more,
    i would give it a
    7, but i am pretty sure the meta will bve so high, i think its a good thing to counter this. Expand
  72. Sep 9, 2014
    This review is based mostly on the open beta, but from I've heard they are very similar. This game had promise but it just feels like "eh". It has some stuff, the movement is nice and fluid, basic combat is simple but still finds way to be times. Though if one word were to be used to sum up this game it would be "Borderlands". Go into an area, kill the dudes move onward. Now notice I love the hell out of Borderlands, but Destiny has that lack of spirit. It sets up things that doesn't go anywhere. With your talking flying helper thingy, and the character sometimes speaking, you'd think we'd get some banter, but no not really. And the news that Old Russia is the only explorable place on earth is just **** Come on, 500 million dollars and you have the first planet with almost nothing. Boss battles are either pathetic or extreme. They have to find some form of balance between fast shooting and MMO, but all that means is hide in a spot a shoot at the weak point, then run out for ammo eventually. Also minor complaint, but I can't stand the "Bungie" way of naming things. You know where everything is just named after something instead of just being original. In conclusion the game is little more than an overhyped Borderlands Halo hybrid that lacks in both of the games best aspects. It's a well known fact that something that can do multiple things, will never do those things as well as something focused on a single thing. This game is certain to not make it's 500 million dollar budget back. Expand
  73. Sep 9, 2014
    It's clear that at least half of the negative reviews are from people who haven't played this yet. I dunno why people do that.
    It's a great game, very playable, and for those who don't know, you can invite people to your fireteams by just looking at them and clicking R3.

    Play it, it's good fun.
  74. Sep 9, 2014
    I come to the game without any Expectation, Tell the truth-I did not follow the game until two days ago.
    didn't play beta,so i come to the game today clean from any point of view.
    so far i love the game,the true fun is with friends! or even meet people in the game and join them to the party and play.
  75. Sep 9, 2014
    Mediocre. Looks and plays like a last gen game. Halo 4 on 360 looks way better than this. Go play that game instead. Avoid Destiny. Its not a good game
  76. Sep 9, 2014
    The game play is really repetitive, even for a MMO and there is not such a thing a ¨open world¨, dont expected to like a Skyrim is more like a Final Fantasy XII.
  77. Sep 9, 2014
    Don't recommend this. It's like WOW meets poor COD maps with nods to Killzone and Halo but it does not deliver it's promise. Too much fuss about how it looks, they forgot to add a story. It's too repetitive, boring missions and enemy patterns are too similar. You can't talk in multiplayer, the multiplayer is very poor. Campaign goes like this: go to tower, buy ammo and armor, go to do a mission where you fight 200 enemies while your ghost looks at something, get a reward, go back to the tower and repeat. I'd recommend playing Killzone... Expand
  78. Sep 9, 2014
    Talk about OVERHYPED!! to say this game was a disappointment is an understatement.....terrible Borderlands clone that isnt anywhere near as good or fun as Borderlands.......the game is just simply not fun & overal very boring......still in disbelief i wasted £55 quid on this game
  79. Sep 10, 2014
    I was excited for this game, but overal the controls are slow, and are not too great. No Singleplayer offline is a silly approach. The Grinding aspect of this game, and "Dungeon" running theme just doesn't go well with what this game has to offer. Borderlands would be a much more Rational choice if you wanted an experience that is overall refined.
    This game is provided me with nothing to
    make me "WOW". This game does not suck, But it is no way, game that will increase standards, and the average graphics, with the lacklustre game play, and Unsatisfying game makes his a 3/10 Expand
  80. Sep 9, 2014
    The hype for this game definitely was of such proportions. The game doesn't stand a chance to live up to it. The missions are a disaster. They are all similar for example.
  81. Sep 9, 2014
    FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!

    So, after playing the alpha and then the beta, it felt like Bungie was on track for a GREAT game. I never played HALO, but I read where there is a lot of comparison to HALO. After playing the final build for 12 hours or so, here's my take.

    THE GOOD: Beautiful Graphics, Smooth Game Play, Free Loot to Find Hidden all over the Map, Free Roaming Environment, Great
    shooting mechanics. That's.....about it.

    THE BAD (soooooo bad)...

    GEAR: You can't drop/share guns with friends, Requirements for higher level (rare) gear are ridiculous to accomplish (unless you have no job and no's going to take a while). It does feel like ammo drops more frequently since Alpha/Beta, so that IS a plus.

    MISSIONS: REPETITIVE GRINDING MISSIONS (OMG). You can fall asleep going from mission to mission. I'm not even kidding.

    STORY: There is NO story. You go from location to location to complete a random (and often tedious) task. And you can expect to visit that area at least 500 times for more random tasks.

    PUBLIC EVENTS: The public events are not balanced for the player levels on the map. I participated in two events and couldn't complete either one because there are a half dozen players on the map, and they all kept getting killed from being severely under leveled. Fix it.

    INTELLIGENCE: Bungie said they tweaked and balanced the game. I don't see where. The AI is still very dumb. Creatures will see you, run behind a box and just keep peeking at you. This is something I thought would have been addressed but wasn't. Fix it.

    VENDORS: The vendors sell under-leveled gear, and NEVER...I REPEAT, NEVER sell gear at your exact level. This requires you to (a) hope that gear drops from a NPC that you can equip while grinding, (b) choose to either buy low or high at a vendor, (c) complete the story missions and take the reward gear as you KNOW that will be at your level. And the vendor refresh time is RIDICULOUSLY long. Fix it.

    In summation, this is a good start for the series but if it's going to play like (and compete with) Borderlands it needs to use some of the same elements that made that game so successful. Like many others have stated, this feels like another over hyped game that does not live up to expectations.
  82. Sep 9, 2014
    Not as groundbreaking or innovative as the hype would imply but that doesn't stop it from being a damn good game. The shooting feels very solid as you would expect from Bungie, the environments are large, look great and are fun to explore. The RPG elements are light but add a nice feeling of progression and it's always satisfying to level up or find a new gun.

    If you are a fan of FPS
    games and like or can put up with light RPG elements then this game is for you. Do not come into it expecting it to be a massively deep RPG because that is not what it is designed to be. I would say the depth of the RPG elements sits around the same level as Diablo 3. Expand
  83. Sep 9, 2014
    Destiny is one of the most bland and over hyped shooters I have ever played. This games story is an absolute joke and a major disappointment. Bungie created such a unique and interesting world and there is minimal if any background information on it. Most of my time spent walking around it's meaningless environments I can't help but think that this is some kinda of beta and the actual game with content will release soon. The only hint of a story line is the ghost character that narrates along with some of the most boring gameplay I have experienced.

    Gameplay is simply run to point A kill people, run to point B kill people and then fight a boss at C to magically and abruptly finish literally each and every mission. The repetition is so awful and each planet feels like a firing range scattered with bad guys who respawn in the same spots every few minutes. The gameplay is extremely uninspiring it could infact be the ultimate cliche of shooters since there inception. I can't understand how Bungie could release such a lame duck when compared to their previous Halo Franchise.

    AI behavior is laughably brain dead and the only reason they pose a challenge is due to the number of enemies thrown your way or the amount of health the stronger types have. The only reason to ever play this game is to equip your character with better gear. Be prepared to repetitively play the same dull scenarios over and over just to get a better item. If killing the same enemies for hours to get a new gear piece is your idea of fun then you will be at home. The competitive multiplayer is the games saving grace but once again it is nothing to write home about. Everything in competitive multiplayer has been done to death as it offers nothing new to the table and I'm sure most players will put it down once that new game sensation wears off.

    Overall Destiny is a pathetic cash crab by Bungie in my opinion. I would be the first person to sing this games praises if actually was a real game. However as of now this game is an absolute joke and easily one of the worst games I have ever played.
  84. Sep 9, 2014
    Fun at first for maybe a few minutes but everything about this game is repetitive. The scenery and graphics are the only positive for me and even those aspects don't break any new ground.
  85. Sep 9, 2014
    This game is so bad it doesn't even Mario Party. Like that is just so dumb. It doesn't even have Sega Genesis compatibility. Like come on people, that is the very basic. Anyone who buys this game is a noobscrub.
  86. Sep 9, 2014
    The gameplay and controls feel excellent. I really enjoy the game. If you liked the Beta, you have to buy this game. I have total confidence in Bungie that they will continue to support this new IP and bring new stuffs to the game every now and then.
  87. Sep 9, 2014
    The positive reviews here are basically trying to justify their purchase, it's not a 10 game just because you spent so much money on it.
    The haters scoring 0 are equally wrong.
    Unfortunately, for the time being this is a mediocre, boring game and the average score of 5 (at the time of writing this) is about right. Yes the graphics are pretty, especially on a 10 year old PS3, but it's
    still a very repetitive shooter, where you're supposed to shoot tons of spawned enemies.
    To add more to the insult, this is on a console, where aiming is painfully crippled, compared to a PC.
    If they indeed wanted to focus as much on consoles, they should have though the core mechanics of the gameplay through a little bit more...
    I am happy to change my score and the game is likely to improve over time, but at the moment, there is no reason to rush out and pay the premium for a launch title.
  88. Sep 9, 2014
    This game will be played for a long time. It is exactly what i was waiting for. The Bungie experience. All the 0 review are either Nintendoautism or poor people that cant afford a nextgen console.
  89. Sep 9, 2014
    Definitely not the game changer we all thought it would be. Average gameplay and same shooter style that gamers have seen time and time again. Nothing revolutionary here.
  90. Sep 10, 2014
    I liked the intro, sadly it was all downhill from there....

    I can describe this whole game in one sentence; "You go down to a small enclosed area on a planet, kill all the enemies, press a button on a computer and then defend it" RINSE AND REPEAT!

    It doesn't even matter what Planet you're on either, they all feel the same but have a different colour tone. I was expecting a harsh
    environment on Venus and Lower gravity on Mars.... NOPE, all plays exactly the same, they might as well have based this entire game on Earth.

    No matchmaking means you have to run around on the tower for ages trying to get people to join up, or you have to play with friends, which tbh I have no friends with a PS4...

    The competitive multiplayer sucks, just generic and throw away

    There is very little content, most of which is copy and pasted, you'll beat the game within a day.
  91. Sep 9, 2014
    Great game. It's like Halo with better graphics mixed with some call of duty and RPGs elements. Lots of intense moments and a great sound track for each moment.Its like playing through a block buster sci-fi movie.
  92. Sep 9, 2014
    Game came out last night here in the states, and already are reviews for it? Hey I can do that too! To all those trying down the game without playing it, go back and play your candy land games, You candy asses.
  93. Sep 9, 2014
    the game is easy, if you have friends to play with. The game is complete and perfect. The voice chat is extremely limited, but in big picture is just awesome!!!!!
  94. Sep 9, 2014
    I am so suprised that many of these reviews are made by people that only give negative reviews on popular games or just made an account just to hate on this game, that is taking sides with Playstation in this console war.

    Anyweay, I have been playing this since midnight and I simply enjoy it. Battles are fun and hectic. Multiplayer is diverse and immersive. The worlds and locations are
    pretty and interesting. The RPG elements are enough to give me my own style. Enemies are fun to kill. Missions could have used a bit more variety. But what else do you want? It perfectly mixes different games in order to have its own identity.

    I recommend people to not listen to certain reviews here. Some people did not research the game enough to know that it is an online, shared world shooter. The real game starts at level 20 with the raids. The multiplayer and connections with actual people is suppose to be a big element that people do not understand. Plus, this game tries to innovate the first person shooter genre in ways that people do not understand yet. I am currently giving this a 9/10 after what I have played. But I intend to give at least 100 more hours into Destiny.
  95. Sep 9, 2014
    EDIT: Essentially excellent with friends, bland without them. It could be so so much more but there's still nothing quite like it. Upgrading my rating from an 7 to 8.5. The gunplay it superb but too many other things are lacking.

    If you can forgive the very uninspired art style and level design, graphics and gameplay are good but everything else is completely lacking. FFIV is a
    better MMO, Borderlines a better Co-Op game, and they're countless better SP and competitive MP FPS games out there. It feels as if Bungie was completely insecure in everything except the graphics and Halo-esq gameplay.

    Being Bungie I expected an epic story but it's not. It's very bland with horrible voice acting. Word of advice to devs thinking of using very well-known actors with iconic TV/movie characters as voice actors in games is a good idea. It's not. When trying to create a new character don't use someone who constantly reminds me of someone else. All I hear is a completely bored Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister). (Same goes for you MGS - it sounds like the actors try and take the character seriously...but they can't)

    Destiny tries to be several games in one but In the end Destiny is a pretty bad MMO, a horrible Single Player experience due to the bland story, level design and lack of set pieces or otherwise inspired graphics, and an average co-op game. Also, competitive MP can be had better elsewhere.

    It tries to be the jack of all trades and excels at none. And given the content, level design, and scope of the game it hard to imagine that the majority of the 500 million budget went towards making the game and not to marketing.

    The way I see it Destiny sells you 4 games for $70 (in Canada), but MMO's are free, the SP isn't worth anything, the CO-OP and Competitive MP are probably worth $29.99 each but neither game can compete with their better peers in each respective genre. All I picture when I play this game is that meme with the dog in a lab coat and glasses with the caption, "I have no idea what I'm doing", especially in terms of the the MMO and story elements.. That comes across here. They would have been better off making a Borderlands clone but with a great story... This game was not made with confidence, gameplay aside.

    If your playing alone don't even bother with this game and don't expect to make any friends as it's impossible to communicate with people. If you have TWO buddies it can be fun, but guaranteed someone is going to get bored with the repetitive nature and stop playing.
  96. Sep 9, 2014
    Great game! I will find myself playing it all day long! the multiplayer is very good, my friends are playing a lot too! thank you Bungie, ok I have to go now, time to play!
  97. Sep 9, 2014
    This is the same thing that happened to GTA V. People dont like hype for some reason and like to see great games fall. This game is nothing short of spectacular. DO NOT use metacritics for this point in time. Give it about a week and the score will go up. Just so many Douches these days thay feel like spamming the reviews.
  98. Sep 9, 2014
    Amazing game! It combines all of my favorite genres into one flawlessly. I played the Beta extensively and loved it, and this game has yet to disappoint.
  99. Sep 9, 2014
    Just got this game today, I have to say it is amazing !
    Ignore the low scores from both user and Critic Reviews. Bunch of haters!

    This game is a must have! A 10!
  100. Sep 10, 2014
    Garbage ... who makes an MMO where you cannot trade items with your friends? Bungie I guess ...

    Play Halo 2 instead. Better MP, story.

    Also the lore cards in Destiny ... to read them ... get this ... you have to look them up in a browser on your computer/tablet/phone. Why this crap wasn't available in game ... your guess = mine

Generally favorable reviews - based on 94 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 94
  2. Negative: 1 out of 94
  1. Nov 5, 2014
    What is most amazing of all is that despite its litany of weird little problems, Destiny is fantastic, its combat up there with the very best, the thrilling rhythm of its battles still not fading the 30th time through, and it has no single systemic problem that is not fixable. [Dec 2014, p.106]
  2. Oct 25, 2014
    Destiny is a flawed but still extremely fun first person shooter. While the Destiny universe itself seems intriguing, the storyline is told in such an incoherent manner that it's hard not to be turned off by all the technobabble. Fortunately the co-op shooter mechanics are absolutely perfect. The loot system can be maddening, but in a way it adds to the game's addictiveness. [Oct 2014]
  3. Oct 24, 2014
    Destiny is a good game. I know that ‘good’ is not exactly what we expected from Bungie (especially after so much hype) but that’s the word that comes to mind. [Nov 2014, p.44]