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  1. Apr 14, 2014
    Best MMO on consoles/PC with cross-platform play between both. Also the best Final Fantasy game to come out in years. This is a must buy for fans of classic Final Fantasy games and MMOs alike.
  2. Apr 14, 2014
    This is the best game currently available on the PS4. in my opinion. Very, very well done MMO with gorgeous graphics and TONS of stuff to do in the game. You will not be bored. You can solo most of the game if that's your thing, but you will need to group up for storyline dungeons (4 player group). Don't worry though, there's something called the Duty Finder that will automatically group you with others wanting to do that dungeon. Game is such a blast! Expand
  3. Apr 15, 2014
    First of the PS4 controller works great with this game you can tell the dev team devoted alot of time getting the controls right, next final fantasy 11 is one of my favourite mmo's of all time, FFXIV has topped it by a great margin, Eorzea is a magnificent immersive world with wonderful music that captures the final fantasy trademark, I spent endless hours in the beta and am glad to say I will be spending many many more in the full game, one fault I wish they would of considered though they could have had more npc's with voice acting. Expand
  4. Apr 14, 2014
    Excellent game, but I took off 2 points for the overpriced monthly subscription price.

    I don't mind games with a monthly fee (esp mmo's), but if we're already paying $40 for the game, there is no reason to charge an additional $15 per month. $5 would of been fine, and you probably would of gotten more people to buy it.
  5. Apr 15, 2014
    Best MMO on consoles/PC with cross-platform play between both. Also the best Final Fantasy game to come out in years. This is a must buy for fans of classic Final Fantasy games and MMOs alike.
  6. Apr 17, 2014
    This is my first mmo game as I have been a console gamer for many years (unless you want to count Defiance, but... let's not.) and I am blown away by the awesomeness of this game. As a long time Final Fantasy fan (VII and up...XII was my fave) I was really looking forward to this. Expectations destroyed!
    I played the Beta phase A and I hated it... I couldn't read anything because the
    text was so tiny I felt like I was going blind trying to read it and I only played it for like 3 hours. I am so glad I gave it another shot! I play alot of games... I mean alot... and part of that reason is I get bored easy so I play a little of this game and a little of that game and move on, but this game has captured me. The text size is fixed and once I got the hang of all of the systems and the new controls (to me, a console gamer) and understood not to run around in circles trying to shoot an arrow (who knew) and finally got some badass gear, I fell in love with this game.
    It was about hour 5 of gameplay but every hour after has been so freaking sweet. I've generally had a bad attitude about mmos because it seems like you're constantly having to talk to people and interact with non npcs and it just seemed like a bother, but this game lets you play alone most of the time and when you are required to group for a dungeon or raid it does it for you! You get mounts, pets and other awesome customization items. I don't even want to think about how many hours it would take me to level 50 all the jobs... but I'm sure gonna try.
    This game even made me think about cancelling ps plus and just by the sub for this... and I might...
    At first I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cancel after my first 30 days ( when I was sure I would be done with it) but they don't even charge you unless you sign up! I bought trials fusion this week too but haven't even touched it. That's saying something.
    If you like RPGs, customization, playing alone or with friends, awesome graphics, grinding, a good story, switching from weapon to weapon, magic, crafting, xp, final fantasy or if you were scared to get into an mmo... this is the game for you. It is almost perfect. I can't think of any negatives. This game will consume you. Get it.
  7. Apr 15, 2014
    This game is simply awesome! There is a lot of content and tons to explore. It mixes some old school Final Fantasy with a whole new real time fight system, all blended together into an MMO. I think this is the best PS4 game out right now in my opinion. Graphics are good, not stellar but I'm not complaining. The music is by far some of the best I have heard coming from a game. Easter Sunday is coming up soon, and guess what? There are easter eggs and banner decorations all over Gridania (One of the cities in the game). These are just the little touches in an MMO game that makes you smile and enjoy the scenery as you are playing. The interface and user controls with the touch pad took a while to get use to. It was a bit confusing at first knowing what window did what and how the controls worked. After a few hours, you get the hang of it but that is my only negative. Great game, buy it! Subcription.............who cares? Buy it! Expand
  8. Apr 25, 2014
    So addictive that I cant stop myself from logging in everyday, join a friendly FC and you will have a blast :D This is a must buy for fans of classic Final Fantasy games and MMOs alike.
  9. Apr 16, 2014
    **Let me preface this by saying that I am not a regular MMORPG player**

    I purchased this game while it was on sale for 10USD during a PS 3 sale, figuring what the heck, no harm no foul. It was interesting on PS3 but was greatly held back by hardware limitation. Basically I saw potential and was thrilled to see that it would be a full upgrade for ps4 a few months later. Flash forward to
    the early access weekend. I played this game pretty much all weekend and I can say that it is very fun. I did not feel the need to grind that has kept me away from many mmorpgs in the past. Literally everywhere you go there is a quest, leve, or dungeon to take part in. You never feel like you have to go out a farm creatures for hours on end to gain exp. This to me was a major plus as I have not felt obligated to put in hours to advance in the game at all. The one point mark off is the same as many user reviews, the lack of voice acting, while you may read all of the dialogue, I find myself skipping most of it. This however does not detract from the experience as its easy to piece together the story without reading the massive book of dialogue that is present.

    Overall the graphics are great
    The controls with the ps4 controller are outstanding(if they make more mmorpgs that use this format, I would def play the genre more on ps4)
    The game if over all fun.

    I would recommend the purchase, or at least a look if you are not a regular MMORPG player such as myself
  10. Apr 22, 2014
    This really is a beautiful game if you stay with it and give it a chance. It seems too complex, dull, and hokey at first. It's absolutely not for the casual gamer, who wants an ordinary campaign or a game they can jump right into. It takes time, but it pays off into an engrossing massive fantasy that relishes in your freedom of gameplay. After 20 hours, you should have a decent understanding of most aspects of the gameplay and be into the main quest. What was complex will become second nature, enabled largely by the intuitive PS4 controller. What was hokey or dull becomes very alive with solid lore that stays very true to the Final Fantasy classics. The game seems most influenced by FF I, II, and III (in the west). If you played these games when you were younger, you'll delight in seeing their evolved return in MMO form. There are so so many things that you can do -and perhaps the greatest achievement of the game- is that most of these things are actually quite fun. Navigating becomes realistic, combat becomes more strategical, and even things like crafting become truly entertaining in their gameplay. Being able to quest with every class on the same character really makes it interesting. Another great achievement is that it does not feel grindy or like you have to farm. Again, there is so much to do- you can just let your character explore or you can plan your objectives with goals in mind. The culture is excellent, join a nice Free Company, and the social element of the game also becomes a pleasure. The graphics on the PS4 are very good and really show the detail of the Final Fantasy artwork, which flows without delay everywhere you travel. The music is great and the lack of voice acting is, in my opinion, mostly a plus. I can't stand when you hear the same voice actors playing different characters in a game. Also, I can read much faster than they speak. Perhaps they could have been improved with some more voice acting in cut scenes, but for the most part, I prefer it as it is. With all that being said, there is nothing particularly mind blowing or ground breaking in the game. It still has its frustrations and repetitions, particularly in side quests. The plot is your standard Japanese anime about good versus evil, other dualities, and the need for balance. The dialogue is mostly well written and there is a ton of dialogue content. Personally, I hate the ye ole English style of the dialogue. The subscription price is warranted for the content updates. It's just a solid Final Fantasy MMO. You can really choose to do whatever you want in this game. Nothing is forced.I t's a great game to enjoy for many hours - ultimately, for the freedom it gives. Expand
  11. Apr 19, 2014
    Meant to add in the fact that the way the class and job system works is great. Only having to create one character to play all classes and jobs is pretty good.
  12. May 9, 2014
    Let me start off by saying that this game is awesome. I didn't know it was an MMO. I tried World of Warcraft 3 different times and didn't get it. When I realized this was a MMO, I got sick and thought, "What did I just blow my money on." I decided to give it a try. I'M SO GLAD I DID! This game is so fun!

    It took awhile to get the layout of the HUD and buttons to my liking, especially
    how to customize the target cycling, but once I did, this game became very engaging. I'm not the type to sit and play for 3 or 5 hours straight. I do 1, maybe 2 hours tops and this game plays to that style as well. I'm a solo player too, and it gives me the option to pair up with other players that are at the same point I am in the storyline, so I don't have to pout over the fact I don't have any friends (online).

    THE ONLY reason I took off a point is because of the HIGH $15/month subscription fee. I don't see myself paying this for more than 2 months unless they lower it to something life $5/month. Even if I don't finish the story, the steep price tag on the monthly will cause me to cancel it and get on the internet to find out how it ends. Who knows, I might change my mind as I get further in.

    I highly recommend this game.
  13. Apr 17, 2014
    I never review games because for the most part I don't really think anyone should care about my personal opinion on games, I think that everyone should be able to make an educated decision on their own based on their own preferences and whatever information is available to them from whoever their trusted resources are, and there are plenty on the internet.

    That aside, I felt compelled
    to write this.

    Two reasons, and I wont go into very much detail on the first. Number one, this game is absolutely awesome. I'm not even an MMO fan, but this game is the game I wanted desperately for FFXIII and FFXIII-2 to be. It had that Final Fantasy feel that I have been feeling without for many years and it was nice to see it again. There are a million reviews about what is good about this game and I will just leave it at that.

    Number 2, and the most important part of this review. I downloaded this game a few days before it's official release on the PSN and pre-ordered it on the SE official page. First off I uploaded the two 12 digit codes given to me on my receipt to the PSN and still couldn't play it. That was because unknowingly to me, my PS4 did not upload the licenses I was entitled to from my PSN purchases. It took me a few hours of forum searching and one unanswered trouble ticket to SE to find on my own, with no warning of this issue whatsoever. That's fine, I'm a capable adult and I'm relatively resourceful. Three days of outstandingly fun gameplay later, I'm looking forward to getting back on, and.... "No valid service account is available to play FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn". It's been 36 hours and I just finally got an acknowledgement that my trouble ticket that I put in for this error has been received and I should get a reply "within 2 days".

    Now, I'm a firm believer that any game that doesn't work should be default receive a "0" ranking. But I was having such a good time with it, and I'm legitimately sad that this issue has happened that I had to be real and come to an approximate middle ground for my rating. Apparently many people who bought this game from the PSN in Europe are having this problem and a few people have actually gotten through to SE and received a work around. I have not. So in conclusion, do your research. From what I understand, most people who bought physical copies are not having this problem. People who bought the game from Amazon and a few other places found work arounds. I'm one of the few that cannot. I encourage you if you are an MMO and/or FF fan to play this game. Like I said, when I was actually in the world, I was enjoying it much, much more than I anticipated. Just don't end up like so many of us who have put money and time into this product and are victims to SE's customer support.
  14. Aug 27, 2014
    It is currently the best MMO for the console market right now. I have been playing the game for about a year now on PS4 and, it has been definitely worth the subscription. If you are tired of an outdated WOW, this is the best MMO on the market. Gameplay, graphics, and content are amazing. The story is a little lackluster, but who plays MMOs for the story?
  15. Apr 29, 2014
    didn't like FFXIII nor am I a MMO player, but FFXIV really suprised me ..OO

    things I loved in Skyrim are all found in FFXIV: beautifull, vast, open landscapes, with gorgeous day/night/weather changes..; a wonderfull soundtrack (not like the one from FFXIII, but more like FFXII's OST)..; plenty, plenty, plenty of things to do (and you can play many parts of it solo), motitvation
    level/class system ect.

    besides having great (and many) enemy artdesigns..and the charcter editor (with plenty of suite/armors, which you can color) gives us some of the most beatutiful, cool and cute player characters designs of any RPG so far...

    sure there's no voice chat over the game (but there are other means of chatting), and there are not many ingame synchros,.... but when strafing through those panoramas, having plenty to do, you wont mind at all..

    seems as if, this game has become what many where hoping for from TESO, which couldn't deliver.. (didn't expect FFXIV to be so epical..., only at the begging, as a MMO noob, there was a lot to understand/get used too, but once you get over that start phase and into the "wild", it will gripp you as much as Skyrim did back then...)
  16. Jun 10, 2014
    I absolutly love this game! I am almost at level 15.
    Pros; MMORP with good graphics on PS4, Emotes were amazing, chocobo music was enthralling, great story line, and amazing combat!

    Cons; the map functions were very frustrating at first, some controls are very unnatural. It really feels like a port from P.C. (which it is).
  17. Jun 3, 2014
    Wonderful MMORPG! 2 points off for the frustration involved in signing up and the immense amount of gold spammers on the servers. The developers need to enact more effective methods to prevent these accounts from continuously sending you spam messages. Other than that, a really great game with an awesome story (a rarity among MMOs)
  18. Apr 28, 2014
    @Zuldo That mentioned that your Beta characters wouldn't transfer if you played Beta #1.... (If you played Beta #2 they should have, but honestly why would you want to play an already leveled character? I think that's boring.. especially since your paying monthly) Now to my review.... For the price of the game and the monthly fee I was very strict going into this one so....

    - Graphics are amazing, PS3 and PS4 versions do not compare graphically or framerate wise.
    - A lot of stuff to do
    - A lot of class choices

    - Like I said in good "A lot of stuff to do", for someone like me that can also be bad if I'm trying to do too much at once lol.. I can't multitask :X
    - Doesn't feel too interactive with other users really.... Everyone just walks by you without a hello or gesture... Seems kinda like a SP game just full of more functional npcs lol (No I don't expect this all the time but it just makes the game seem not like an MMO.. WoW was more "chatty" per say..)
    - Doesn't seem worth the $15 a month, thankfully I got a free month free. Deciding if I want to do a month or two but than this game will probably sit on the shelf unplayable collecting dust...
  19. May 27, 2014
    This game brought Square Enix out of ther money hole. This game is awesome. You can have one character level in every class which benefits you because you can use certian skills with every class making you even stronger. I would give it a 10 but like all MMOs, they get very annoying toward the end for your final gear and very repetitive.
  20. May 10, 2014
    Registration is the most confusing fluster cluck of sheer stupidity that has ever existed. I returned the game without ever playing. Not even going to play it ever, a huge waste of time like that isn't worth my money. I am flummoxed that something like this can exist in this day and age. Customer support is horrid.
  21. Jul 5, 2014
    Let me first start off by saying this is a good game. I have a lot of respect for Square Enix resurrecting this game after it's failed attempt a few years back. Most MMORPG's fail in my opinion because they do well in one area but lack in all the others. This is a well rounded MMORPG experience that will be a safe buy for any MMO or Final Fantasy fan. My main dispute with the game is the main quest line. I couldn't help but not care about any of the quests in this game except the final ones. You have to prove yourself a lot which in hindsight is expected, but the way they make you prove yourself is stupid. For instance, before you are allowed to fight a harder boss, you must first kill something that is incredibly easy. They try to hype up what you are doing as something difficult but it really isn't. Just time consuming. The game didn't offer me enough challenge or variety when it came to this aspect of the game.

    I wish MMO's would realize that dragging the progression of a story on and on in attempt to milk dollars from players is a thing of the past. At least it should be. Why not create a shorter story line experience that doesn't beat around the bush and stop forcing players to do meaningless tasks? Why not offer other content that is as satisfying and fun in order to help players level up? None of the dungeons I played really wowed me, as well as the gear received. The queues were surprisingly long considering how many people are currently playing it. I didn't walk away feeling accomplished for looting a rare drop like I have in other MMO's such as WoW and SWTOR. I never felt like I had an advantage in this game when it came to gear because it never seemed like I killed enemies any quicker with or without better gear.

    I know it seems like I just s*** on this game, but I did enjoy my experience with it. I'm hoping that other companies would look at what Square Enix did and implement the same effect in remaking some failed titles. *Cough* Mass Effect 3 *Cough* *Cough*. Anyways, 7/10 is a fair score for this game. Good job Square Enix!
  22. Jul 31, 2014
    Best Final Fantasy game I have played in a long time. Lots to do to keep you coming back, the subscription fee is not too bad when you consider the new content released regularly and the comparative price of map packs / Season passes on games with annual releases like Call of Duly.
  23. Aug 16, 2014
    First off, I want to state that MMORPG subscriptions do not bother me, as long as they are not exorbitantly expensive. As I received the game as a gift, I'm not going to comment on its price either.

    Now, on with my review.

    The story is fairly solid and well written, but also the overall theme and elements of the story are typical of the series. The leveling experience is easy, with a
    lot of alternate methods to use to help mitigate the monotony of grinding. The game's replayability is very good, as you can level every class and job on one character.

    The endgame is very diverse, if a bit shallow in depth. Currently it's a trivial affair to gear up in raid-level gear and begin raiding literally within a few hours of hitting level 50.

    But the major flaws in the game are very evident as well...

    Crafting is needlessly overcomplicated and perhaps the most tedious and downright infuriating system I've ever experienced in ANY game. In order to even have a chance of successfully crafting top-end items in high quality, you are almost forced into having every crafting class maxed out... which is a terrible game design decision that SE has made.

    While some may not agree with me, the lack of a basic service that most MMORPGs have, and is expected to be a standard in the genre... And that is character renaming. There really is no reason why this hasn't been implemented.

    TL;DR: FFXIV:ARR is a very solid game that is a vast improvement over its previous incarnation. But glaring flaws prevent it from becoming a great game.

    I'll remain subscribed, but only in the short term.
  24. Sep 9, 2014
    This is a really good game, maybe the best and richest and too much aspects... but... is very expensive!!! so is not so worth for the real money that must be inverted.
  25. Sep 13, 2014
    A realm reborn has a ton of content, a friendly player base, several fun classes to play, a fantastic crafting system, and most importantly, makes you want to keep playing for long after you purchase it. The game comes out with new content every few months or so that adds to the games story, therefore adding new quest, dungeons, and features that will keep you wondering what's next and will make you stay until you see. All of this is why I've put more hours into this game than any other ps4 game, and highly recommend this game to anyone seeking out a great gaming experience. Expand
  26. May 27, 2014
    Probably the best looking MMO out now. Even if you aren't that worried about looks, it offers enough content to justify the monthly charge. Great controls for a console. Every RPG player should at least give it a try.
  27. Apr 30, 2014
    A very enjoyable MMORPG. Some questing is repetitive, but most of these types of games will have that. I would recommend to anyone looking for an MMO on a next gen console. The online subscription is a bit of a drawback but if you are playing it as I am it's totally worth it. This is probably the best game out on PS4 right now and I look forward to all the hours I have yet to experience on it!
  28. Aug 15, 2014
    I never played the beta of this game, but in the first few hours I've played it, I found nothing remarkable. Now before anyone thinks 'But the game gets SO MUCH BETTER' that's a crock of **** if the game fails to captivate the player in the first few hours (which should be it's best moments of gameplay), then it has failed the rest.

    The first few quests I found myself doing were the
    worst: Fetch quests. I was told to go and pick up some items, or talk to some random NPC in the city, and these just dragged ON AND ON until I explored the whole city. I know the game is trying to convey a sense of exploration and meaning in exploring the city, but forcing the player and guiding them through linear tunnels of quests is certainly not a good way to make a first impression.

    Eventually, I finally got a quest where I could try out some combat. I thought that this must be the area where the game must shine, but instead it was mostly just cycling my 3 skills and dodging some telegraphed attacks, shown as little quarter circles and such on the ground you have to move out of or you take large amounts of damage .

    At about this time, I noticed that this game must have taken some huge inspiration from Guildwars 2 (One of my all time favorites), The telegraphed attacks, weapons changing gameplay, the FATE system, the personal story, and so on. However, minus the personal story, they seem patched on and no where near as competent or fun as the games role-model.

    I got to about level 10 when I stopped playing, and boy did it feel like forever. I was really bored and disinterested and level 10 is generally the area where MMOs should pick up but unfortunately Final Fantasy XIV didn't seem to be going anywhere special.

    Obviously this game is trying its hardest after its previous launch failure to be a great MMO, but it has completely and utterly disgusted me in the first few hours of gameplay, which is something no game, especially MMOs, should do. The only thing going through my head when I was playing this was 'I wish I was playing Guildwars 2, it does this so much better'.
  29. Sep 21, 2014
    Incredible. Everything an MMO should be... Endgame is a bit rough for anyone in united states due to the fact they do not have servers here.. latency is pretty rough... but it's still possible you just have to play a little harder then the rest. :)
  30. Apr 21, 2014
    This game isn´t bad. But it´s not great either. The world is limited, not that the world is linear, but there is simply too many invisble walls. The whole crafting system is nice, but ultimately pointless, as they require a big effort to level up, but the gear you find in dungeons are better. The story dungeons is the most retarded thing. Who thought it would be a good idea, to FORCEFULLY make people group up to complete the story? Not that I don´t like grouping, but I spent 2 hours trying to find a group with the in-built dungeon finder.

    The quests are incredible boring, and I simply gave up at level 34.

    Combat is boring, guild wars 2, Elder scrolls online, and many other MMO´s have much better combat. And while the game certainly tries to make it better, by you having to dodge skillshouts, it ultimately falls flat.

    Only some of the cutscenes have voiceover, making the rest feel lazy and imcomplete
  31. Jul 8, 2014
    This is the one game that I just keep playing and playing. It's amazing. An mmo on consoles that is good? Yes that''s right. The game has lots of classes and servers and it depends on what city you will start out in from what class you choose. This game just has fantastic quests and that addicting gameplay which makes you keep playing the game and that's all I need. The servers can get a bit rusty but sometimes it happens from lots of people being on the server. This game has a huge amount of content and 3 big cities to adventure into. I even liked the story that was somewhat interesting. I say just go buy the game if you don't have it on PC or PS3. Expand
  32. May 14, 2014
    I played this on PS3, PC and PS4. The PS4 version is the only one I enjoy but on PS4 I give it a perfect 10. The graphics are so much better, frame rates are great, and the touch pad makes all the difference with controls. If you have a PS4, thid is the only must buy title, until Q4 when ESO finaly comes out, maybe.
  33. Aug 9, 2014
    The graphics on this game are superb. I have loved the Final Fantasy series since I owned my first 8 bit cartridge. BUT the UI / Control System and Quest tracking on this game is a total mess. Thus, I believe 5 is a bit generous (I was leaning more towards 4.) In summary, a beautiful, unplayable console MMO.
  34. Jul 3, 2014
    I'm not a fan of these games but my gf I bought her have to have a PS+ membership then you have to have a FF membership! F*ck that....not to mention registration sucks...gaming is getting to the point where you can't have to register your life, pay fees for some crap you already bought and count on servers that crash...I couldn't even sell this BRAND NEW for ten bucks on e-bay...thanks sony...f*ck you. Expand
  35. Aug 1, 2014
    First of all coming from a big Final Fantasy fan, this is NOT what I expected..... If I wanted to play an on-line game I'd play Warcraft or Rift! This has stemmed away from the original FF layout. This is an ok version of the game don't get me wrong, but in my honest opinion, they could have kept the MMORPG to the computer. I'd prefer to play this on the computer versus the PS4 or Xbox. Sorry guys, I love the Final Fantasy Franchise and all, but I believe this is a flop on the game systems... Expand
  36. Oct 11, 2014
    In short...

    Pros: great music, nice characters, nice graphics. Dungeons are very fun, I really enjoyed them. Great storyline, you can raise every skill/class with only one character

    Cons: worthless crafting, you need to change outfit/spec every time you want to craft or gather, invisible walls everywhere, water is exclusively decorative, poor PvP, poor end of game content. Ah, and
    when I travel on an airship or on a boat, I like to actually enjoy the travel, not only seeing a cut scene. It ruins the sense of immersion. Expand
  37. Sep 9, 2014
    This game is literally the most fun I've ever had with an MMO. I love being able to play this on the PS4, it just works so well. This game is well worth the subscription fee, and I highly recommend it.
  38. Sep 13, 2014
    This game faces many issues; *The combat system is one of the worst I have seen in any mmo ever, very simplistic and boring. *Huge storyline but only a few scenes have voice acting. *The maps in the World feel small and there is no sense of danger at all. *The Fate system (gw2 minievents copy) is boring and not challenging. *The dungeons are to easy *There is no enough real endgame content, it is only one 8 man raid with 4 boss fights. (can only do 1 time a week)

    *The game has a lot of restrictions to favor casual players and keeping the game becoming obsolete because of the lack of real endgame.

    *The crafting system is obsolete since they have let ppl know that dungeon gear will always be better than crafting gear. And you need to level all the crafting classes to be effective.

    *The Customer Service is terrible and when they answer they send you a copy-pasted generic response with no help at all.

    Not all about this game is bad, it can keep you entertained till you realize it is not worth it, but I seriously recommend you to stay away from it.
  39. Oct 1, 2014
    An average MMORPG experience that will satisfy most fans of the Final Fastasy Series. Great for anyone looking to explore a new world, or perhaps indulge in a combat system that differs from most other MMO's on the market today. The main story quest's has it's ups and downs. I felt as if certain phases of the story were dragged on too long. Worth a try.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. Aug 26, 2014
    A solid, safe and well-made port to the PlayStation 4. Pretty visuals, hours of gameplay and solid combat makes this one of the best massive online games for console to date.
  2. Jun 19, 2014
    By adhering to the cookie-cutter conformity of MMO tropes, A Realm Reborn doesn’t attempt anything wholly new but shines in its familiarity.
  3. Jun 7, 2014
    The best Final Fantasy game in years and the finest MMO you can currently play on a console. [July 2014, p.72]