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Summary: Need for Speed Rivals inserts gamers behind the wheel of both sides of the thin blue line, daring them to cross that line as either a cop or racer in order to gain any advantage in the street’s ultimate rivalry. Players decide between two distinct career experiences, each with its own set of high-stakes challenges, rewards, pursuit tech and cars. The intensity of the action is enhanced as a result of AllDrive, a feature that destroys the line between single player, co-op and multiplayer. Through AllDrive, friends are connected to one racing world where their races and chases can collide at any time.
Rating: E10+
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Developer: Ghost Games
Genre(s): GT / Street
Cast Credit
Andy Davidson AI Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Mikael Rudberg Senior Development Director
Richard Cook Environment Artist
Alex Thomson Technical Gameplay Director (Ghost UK)
Steve Anthony Senior Producer (EA Vancouver)
Russ Brown Director Of Product Development (Viseral)
Chris Roberts Senior Gameplay Designer (Ghost UK)
Gregg Daly Senior Environment Artist (EA Vancouver)
Chris Battson Senior Vehicle Development Director (Ghost UK)
Robert Pitt Software Engineer, Build (Ghost UK)
Alan McDairmant Director Of Product Development (Ghost UK)
Ken Cropper Senior Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Matt Harris Autolog Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Craig Sullivan Creative Director
Neil Manners Lean Cinematic Artist (Ghost UK)
Toby Nelson Online Technical Director (Ghost UK)
Richard Thomassen Senior UI Technical Artist (Ghost UK)
Matthew Clarke Software Engineer
John Abad Software Engineer (Viseral)
Alex Fry Senior Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Cliff Kondratiuk Technical Engineering Director (EA Vancouver)
Martin Korda Pursuit Dialogue (Ghost UK)
Jim Perkins CG Supervisor (EA Vancouver)
Fernando Castillo Computer Graphics Supervisor (EA Shanghai)
Andreas Andersson Senior Software Engineer
Nick Dixon Audio Artist (Ghost UK)
Tobias Carlsson Software Engineer
Jiro Saito Voice: Special Agent Camerino (Japanese)
Brad Dixon Artist (EA Vancouver)
Simon Everett Software Engineer (Viseral)
Aki Morita Software Engineer (Hypnos Entertainment)
Eric Turmel Senior Software Engineer (Ea Vancouver)
Go Shinomiya Voice: Player Cop (Japanese)
Scott Harber Senior Technical Artist, World (Ghost UK)
Stephen Lucas Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Marcus Nilsson Executive Producer
Carl Henriksson Senior Artist
Ulf Borgenstam Software Engineer (Gameplay / UI)
Jonas Svensson Cars-DXP Software Engineer
Henrik Andersson Lead Vehicle Artist
Idries Hamadi Senior Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Jack Griffin Development Director, World (Ghost UK)
Brad Doan Studio Director Of Production (EA Shanghai)
Hafid Roserie Art Director (EA Vancouver)
Jenny Lee Software Engineer (EA Vancouver)
Masanori Takeda Voice: Helicopter Pilot (Japanese)
Michael Davies Software Engineer (Viseral)
Mathias Grunwaldt Audio Director
David Kruger Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (French)
Frankie Yip Artist (EA Vancouver)
Mario Hassert Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (German)
Will Staples Writer (Ghost UK)
Hochu Otsuka Voice: Player Racer (Japanese)
Kevin Wilson World Artist (Ghost UK)
Mikey O'Connor Voice: Helicopter Pilot (English)
Simon Edgar Senior VFX Artist
Johan Leijon Senior Cars-DXP Software Engineer
Mattias Adolfsson Senior AI Software Engineer
Christopher Kristiansson Artist
Johal Gow Associate Producer
Jamie Keen Senior Producer
Glenn Wrage Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (English)
Pascal Germain Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (French)
Matthew Eng Concept Artist (Tibron Artworks)
David Taylor Senior Art Director
Catherine Schell Production Coordinator (Ghost UK)
Chris McKinney Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (English)
David Harries Software Engineer (EA Vancouver)
Martin Green Software Engineer
Andreas Brinck Senior Software Engineer
Greg Lutzer Senior Development Director (EA Vancouver)
Pete Hodbod Senior Gameplay Designer
Cody Ritchie CG Supervisor (EA Vancouver)
Lee Sullivan Senior Lighting Artist, World (Ghost UK)
James Warren Lead Audio Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Anton Migulko Lighter
Carlos Villarreal Kwasek UI / Motion Graphics Artist
Konstantin Karasik Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (Russian)
Elena Chebaturkina Voice: Dispatch (Russian)
William Lee Development Director
Carola Berens Gameplay Designer
Todd Morin Gameplay Scripter (EA Vancouver)
Eduardo Agostini Art Director (EA Vancouver)
Karen Fu Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Matthew Ma Art Specialist (EA Shanghai)
Luke Carpenter Software Engineer (Viseral)
Andrew Lacey Software Engineer (Viseral)
Glen Stuart Software Engineer (Viseral)
Karlo Hackenberger Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (German)
Jamie Currie UI Artist (EA Vancouver)
Joel Akerman Associate Art Director
Patrice Baudrier Voice: Helicopter Pilot (French)
Sophie Riffont Voice: Dispatch (French)
Testa Alessandro Voice: Helicopter Pilot (Italian)
Gobbi Angiolina Voice: SATNAV (Italian)
Bolognini Andrea Voice: Player Cop (Italian)
De Cesarei Jenny Voice: Tutorials (Italian)
Benedetti Marco Voice: Player Racer (Italian)
Kevin Hsu Senior Environment Artist (EA Vancouver)
Adrian Huang Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Bruce Huo Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Robert Vernick Director Of Product Development (EA Shanghai)
Li Yunfei Art Specialist (EA Shanghai)
John Blythe World Artist (Ghost UK)
Xu Dong Track Designer (EA Shanghai)
Sergey Chikhachev Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (Russian)
Johnny Boldt Software Engineer (EA Vancouver)
Elisa Alvarez Gomez Localisation Audio Capture Specialist (EU/LATAM)
Kelvin Toh Localisation Producer Assistant (EU/LATAM)
Tim Gibson Lead Engineer - Gameplay / UI
Filip Karlsson Technical Director (Engine)
Jonatan Nordenstam Environment Artist
Iker Aneiros Localisation Software Engineer (EU/LATAM)
Albertini Stefano Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (Italian)
Ferrini Renzo Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (Italian)
Gilles Morvan Voice: Special Agent Camerino (French)
Patrick Bethune Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (French)
Vincent Ropion Voice: Player Racer (French)
Diomid Vinogradov Voice: Player Cop (Russian)
Konstantin Dneprovsky Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (Russian)
Danil Scheblanov Voice: Player Racer (Russian)
Juan Arroyo Voice: Player Cop (Spanish)
Ricardo Escobar Voice: Helicopter Pilot (Spanish)
Yuhko Kaida Voice: Reporter (Japanese)
Christian Holmqvist Technical Director
Vanesa Lorena Tate Franchise Audio Director / Senior Sound Designer
Leanne Loombe Producer
Mat Thomas Producer
Nicholas Shewchuk Associate Producer
Tatyana Dyshlova Development Director
Patrick Honnoraty Development Director
Maxime Corbion Software Engineer
Jonas Hulten Software Engineer
Andreas Lindqvist Software Engineer
David Skyfall Software Engineer
Nan Wei Software Engineer
Jonathan Janesjo Technical Director (Gameplay / UI)
Michael Andersson Lead Gameplay Engineer
Mikael Nilsson Lead UI Engineer
Matthew Barnard Software Engineer (Gameplay / UI)
Tom Hulton-Harrop Software Engineer (Gameplay / UI)
Mattias Thell Software Engineer (Gameplay / UI)
Steven Tyson Software Engineer (Gameplay / UI)
Jonas Wikstrom Senior UI Artist
David Crooks Software Engineer (BioWare Montreal)
Jame Mouat Lead Designer
Stefan Mikaelsson Gameplay Designer
Yoni Rabinowitz Gameplay Designer
John Wikberg Gameplay Designer
Reza Hedayati Assistant Designer
Luke Herbert Assistant Designer
Marcus Mills Assistant Designer
Karl Brostrom Senior AI Software Engineer
Royne Borrud AI Software Engineer
Maxime Bordes Vehicle Artist (Ghost UK)
Maxime Bordes Vehicle Artist (Ghost UK)
Andrew Manches Gameplay Designer
Yuta Nakamura Lighting Director
Jan Almqvist Senior Artist
Ronnie Klevbrant Environment Artist
Carl-Johan Helgesson Environment Artist
Pontus Bergengren Level Designer
Kyle Buck-Thompson Level Designer
John Carter Lead Technical Artist
Alessandro Ardolino Senior Technical Artist
Jimmy Johansson Senior Technical Artist
Johan Lindstrom Technical Artist
Anders Hakansson VFX Lead Artist
Daniel Reidler VFX Artist
Lizette Stenqvist VFX Artist
Adam Carlson VFX Software Engineer
Anders Moberg Online Software Engineer
Lars Pensjo Online Software Engineer
Attila Uvgun Online Software Engineer
Sebastien Hillaire Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Sean Donnelly Software Engineer, Gameplay (Ghost UK)
Richard Geldard Software Engineer, Gameplay (Ghost UK)
Ian Lambert Software Engineer, Gameplay (Ghost UK)
Angel Munoz Berbel Software Engineer, Gameplay (Ghost UK)
Matt White Software Engineer, Gameplay (Ghost UK)
Joshua Hancock Software Engineer, Gameplay (Ghost UK)
John Stanley Junior Gameplay Designer (Ghost UK)
Mike Cornwell Senior UI Artist (Ghost UK)
Alex Bailey AI Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Paul Phillpot Lead Vehicle Artist (Ghost UK)
Bryn Alban Vehicle Artist (Ghost UK)
Mark Bridges Vehicle Designer (Ghost UK)
Ben Hall Lead World Designer (Ghost UK)
Michael Sharpe Senior Technical Artist, World (Ghost UK)
Vivian Zhou Senior Technical Artist, World (Ghost UK)
Jorge Pimentel Lighting Artist, World (Ghost UK)
Massimo Bongiorno World Artist (Ghost UK)
James Charlick World Artist (Ghost UK)
Rob Griffin World Artist (Ghost UK)
Ben Keeling World Artist (Ghost UK)
Robert Lancaster World Artist (Ghost UK)
Joseph Patience World Artist (Ghost UK)
Ben Sidwell World Artist (Ghost UK)
Mirza Jasarevic VFX Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Peter Bliss Software Engineer, Build (Ghost UK)
Robert Ilott Software Engineer, Build (Ghost UK)
Garry Casey Lead Autolog Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Gavin Rouse Autolog Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Kieran Crimmins Cinematics Artist (Ghost UK)
Adbul Gamiet Cinematics Artist (Ghost UK)
Nick Hanks Cinematics Artist (Ghost UK)
Tom Mortimer Cinematics Artist (Ghost UK)
Pete Panton Cinematics Artist (Ghost UK)
Kam Wan Cinematics Artist (Ghost UK)
Joe Goodwin Cinematics Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Dan Vary Cinematics Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Craig Court Software Engineer, Tools (Ghost UK)
Robert Perren Software Engineer, Tools (Ghost UK)
Dominique Devoucoux Audio Producer (Ghost UK)
Dominique Devoucoux Audio Producer (Ghost UK)
Enos Desjardins Audio Artist (Ghost UK)
Jody Kenkins Audio Artist (Ghost UK)
Pietro Paletti Audio Artist (Ghost UK)
Doug Cooper Re-Recoring Sound Mixer (Ghost UK)
Nathaniel Daw Audio Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Jay Steen Audio Software Engineer (Ghost UK)
Steve Browell Car Sound Recordist (Ghost UK)
Tate Post Voice Over / Sound Design (Ghost UK)
Charlie Sadler Additional Recording Engineer (Ghost UK)
Sian Smith Sound Apprentice (Ghost UK)
Vanesa Lorean Tate Original Music (Ghost UK)
Ed Kilham Technical Engineering Director (EA Vancouver)
Andy Routledge Technical Engineering Director (EA Vancouver)
Cedric Cailloud Senior Software Engineer (Ea Vancouver)
Khalid Khalkouli Senior Software Engineer (Ea Vancouver)
Harvey Thompson Senior Software Engineer (Ea Vancouver)
Dave Weedon Senior Software Engineer (Ea Vancouver)
Ricahrd Armer-Petrie Software Engineer (EA Vancouver)
Charles Barker Software Engineer (EA Vancouver)
Barbara De Luca Software Engineer (EA Vancouver)
Brandon Cauthers Software Engineer (EA Vancouver)
Jim Gusa Senior Environment Artist (EA Vancouver)
Sebastien Linage Senior Environment Artist (EA Vancouver)
Darren Housden Artist (EA Vancouver)
Steven Huang Artist (EA Vancouver)
James Kiang Technical Artist (EA Vancouver)
Chris Vondruska Technical Artist (EA Vancouver)
Gustav Hagerling VFX Artist (EA Vancouver)
Donghwan Kim VFX Artist (EA Vancouver)
Nathaniel Johnson Lighter (EA Vancouver)
Jordan Watt Gameplay Scripter (EA Vancouver)
Michel Bidart Animator (EA Vancouver)
Tristan Beaulah Sound Designer (EA Vancouver)
Katharine Teel Development Director (EA Vancouver)
Laura Gorval Production Coordinator (EA Vancouver)
Adam N Joseph Development Director (EA Shanghai)
Paul Houlders Art Director (EA Shanghai)
Su Yin Assistant Art Director (EA Shanghai)
Scott Russel Assistant Art Director (EA Shanghai)
Zhu XiLin Project Lead Artist (EA Shanghai)
Zhao Yan Lead Technical Artist (EA Shanghai)
Deng Zheng Fang Lead Artist (EA Shanghai)
Zhou LinRun Lead Artist (EA Shanghai)
Zhang Jinliang Track Designer (EA Shanghai)
Jimi Zhang Concept Artist (EA Shanghai)
Wang Liang Concept Artist (EA Shanghai)
Lu Dian Lead VFX Artist (EA Shanghai)
Gong Yan Technical Artist (EA Shanghai)
Shen Jie Technical Artist (EA Shanghai)
Artyano Liang Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Chen YiJia Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Chen Zhongming Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Gao Hongbo Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Hu Chunchen Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Ke Jing Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Lina Li Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Liu Zhanbing Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Lu Fei Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Sissi Tian Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Su Zhe Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Tony Miao Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Wang Dannan Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Wu Jiahuan Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Xu Guo Xian Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Zhang Chuchuan Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Zhang Wen Liang Environment Artist (EA Shanghai)
Rodrigo Garcia del Olmo Localisation Producer (EU/LATAM)
Julian Cho Localisation Producer (EU/LATAM)
Marion Maury Localisation Producer Assistant (EU/LATAM)
Javier Carazo Infestas Localisation Software Engineering Project Lead (EU/LATAM)
Danilo Guerrero Rodriguez Localisation Software Engineering Project Lead (EU/LATAM)
Jose Carlos Fernandez Manoval Localisation Software Engineer (EU/LATAM)
Daniel Romero Localisation Software Engineer (EU/LATAM)
Jose Pablo Hernandez Localisation Audio Engineer (EU/LATAM)
Falk Stuenkel Asses Localisation Specialist (EU/LATAM)
Nasu Yuhei Asses Localisation Specialist (EU/LATAM)
Atticus Lai Asses Localisation Specialist (EU/LATAM)
Corey Garnett Technical Director (Need For Speed Network)
Lily Li Associate UI Designer (Need For Speed Network)
Ben Medler Technical Analyst (Need For Speed Network)
Anders Carlsson Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Anders Tornqvist Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
CJ Kihlbom Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Emanuel Andersson Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Ivan Navarrete Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Jimmy Nordlund Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Johannes Leuchovius Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Jonas Nicklas Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Kim Burgestrand Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Mattias Lundell Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Nicklas Ramhoj Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Robin Rundkvist Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Tobias Ekblom Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Tobias Lindholm Need For Speed Network (ELABS AB)
Michael Glueck Software Engineer (Viseral)
Diego Merayo Merayo Software Engineer (Viseral)
Fred Ehnow Software Engineer (Hypnos Entertainment)
Brandon Ehle Software Engineer (Hypnos Entertainment)
Nicjolas Hendricks Software Engineer (Hypnos Entertainment)
Steven Geer Concept Artist (Tibron Artworks)
Joe May Voice: Player Cop (English)
Charles Hegarty Voice: Player Racer (English)
Nell Mooney Voice: Reporter (English)
Stefan A. Frank Voice: Special Agent Camerino (English)
Jane Perry Voice: Dispatch (English)
Martin McDougall Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (English)
Jules DeJongh Voice: Tutorials / SATNAV (English)
Martin Kautz Voice: Player Cop (German)
Rene Dawn-Claude Voice: Player Racer (German)
Viola Sauer Voice: Reporter (German)
Tilo Schmitz Voice: Special Agent Camerino (German)
Gundi Eberhard Voice: Dispatch (German)
Peter Lontzek Voice: Helicopter Pilot (German)
Klaus Lochthove Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (German)
Manja Doering Voice: Tutorials / SATNAV (German)
Rafael Romero Voice: Player Racer (Spanish)
Belen Rodriguez Voice: Reporter (Spanish)
Carlos Ysbert Voice: Special Agent Camerno (Spanish)
Ana Olivares Voice: Dispatch (Spanish)
Gaby Jimenez Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (Spanish)
David Hernan Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (Spanish)
Elsa Pinillos Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (Spanish)
Alfonso Manjavacas Voice: Tutorials / SATNAV (Spanish)
Pierre Jacques Voice: Player Cop (French)
Laurence Dourlens Voice: Reporter (French)
Cathy Diraison Voice: Tutorials / SATNAV (French)
Fanfani Donatella Voice: Reporter (Italian)
Fuochi Tony Voice: Sepcial Agent Camerino (Italian)
Bertolas Renata Voice: Dispatch (Italian)
Ornatelli Daniele Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (Italian)
Thiago Fagundes Voice: Player Cop (Brazilian)
Sergio Moreno Voice: Player Racer (Brazilian)
Adriana Riemer Voice: Reporter (Brazilian)
Eduardo Bastos Voice: Special Agent Camerino (Brazilian)
Carol Godinho Voice: Dispatch (Brazilian)
Julio Monjardim Voice: Helicopter Pilot (Brazilian)
Marcio Vito Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (Brazilian)
Vinicius Barros Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (Brazilian)
Camillo Borges Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (Brazilian)
Linn Jardim Voice: Tutorials / SATNAV (Brazilian)
Olga Kuznetsova Voice: Reporter (Russian)
Mikhail Tihonov Voice: Special Agent Camerino (Russian)
Grigori Shevchuk Voice: Helicopter Pilot (Russian)
Olga Shumova Voice: Tutorials / SATNAV (Russian)
Yuhko Tachibana Voice: Dispatch (Japanese)
Toru Nara Voice: Patrol Cop 2 (Japanese)
Soichi Abe Voice: Patrol Cop 3 (Japanese)
Shonosuke Horikoshi Voice: Patrol Cop 4 (Japanese)
Miho Shinada Voice: Tutorials / SATNAV (Japanese)
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