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  • Summary: Set sail on a gripping adventure in the New World with the beloved Straw Hat Crew in ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red. Dive into a wayfaring journey with fun-filled escapades, action-packed battles and powerful comrades in a whole new never-before- seen scenario. Play as members of the Straw Hat crew and progress through the episodic storyline with encounters against famous bosses like Rob Lucci, Caesar Clown, and more. Master a large variation of flashy combos and test your reflexes by pressing the right button at the right time to counter, dodge or otherwise interact with enemies. Enjoy endless playability by exploring the central town and taking on quests to assist the townfolk and gain more rewards and items. Collapse
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  1. Oct 8, 2014
    You don't have to be a fan to One Piece to enjoy it. Sure it helps, but I found it fun regardless.
  2. Jul 4, 2014
    The game looks awesome on PsVita but maintains its flaws even in this portable version.
  3. Aug 16, 2014
    Better than Romance Dawn, but not quite there yet.
  4. Aug 26, 2014
    Fans of One Piece will find that Unlimited World Red does a pretty good job at staying true to the source material, but those unfamiliar with the story and characters will find it difficult to follow along. The combat is pretty fun early on, but it doesn’t evolve enough to keep things interesting.
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  1. Aug 8, 2014
    This is my first introduction to One Piece franchise and I gotta say" im hooked. I had always saw bits and pieces of the the games and thought they looked awesome but never had the chance of trying them out. As such, I was a bit worried to find out that there weren't too many vita reviews but I decided to head to gamestop & see if they had any copies & took the plunge and to my surprise Its pretty good.This game is up there with Dynasty Warriors,Soul Sacrifice & toukiden the age of demons in terms of the type of combat & I really love the art & animation style for both gameplay & cuttscenes. Overall the game is fun to play and the story is very interesting from the pov that this is my first fray into the franchise and its characters.There is plenty to do in this game in both the main story mode,quests & Colosseum battle mode.It seems like a very solid port & has cross-save so whether you've played it on ps3 or for the first time on vita you will not be disappointed.. Expand