• Publisher: Atlus
  • Release Date: Nov 20, 2012
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Universal acclaim- based on 688 Ratings

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  1. Feb 1, 2014
    This game is a real systemseller, I truly believe there is no such other game on PS Vita. It's really massive, it has A LOT of top notch made content, there is no point to explain all the advantages of the game, I just say that all Vita owners should buy this game at any cost and all the others should buy PS Vita to play this fantastic game.
  2. Dec 11, 2012
    As someone who played through the first Persona 4 for the PS2 more than a few times, and as someone who bought the Vita, mostly for this game, I have to say that this game definitely lived up to everything I was expecting. First, even the most seasoned Persona 4 vet will find a ton of new stuff in this version. There are tons of new cutscenes, new S. Links to accomplish, the classic after battle card system has been brought back to ease the burden of trying to level, which was one of the biggest issues of the original. On top of that, there are brand new things to do at the end, including an exclusive dungeon to play through, provided you complete the new S. Links that are in the game. On top of these new things are the classic things of the original. The characters are great, the story is great, the battle system has always been a classic. They added alot of new things to what was already one of the best RPG's on the PS2, one of the best RPG consoles of all time. This is easily the best game on the Vita and, to anyone who has never played this game before, I can honestly say this game makes a compelling reason to buy the system outright. Buy this game, or even the system for this game, and you will not regret it one bit. It's easily one of the best games of the year and something I recommend to any RPG lover. Expand
  3. ERB
    Jan 23, 2014
    This is the King Of PlayStation Vita games.The game play is fun the story is great and interesting.Persona 4 lives up to the hype we were all expecting and importantly it surpasses the hype.Buy this game now and play it.This game is the number 1 reason to buy a PlayStation Vita.
  4. Feb 27, 2013
    We're now a year into Vita's life-cycle, and Sony has built up a pretty robust library of standout games for it's latest handheld system. Indeed, the likes of Gravity Rush, LittleBigPlanet, Rayman Origins and Uncharted: Golden Abyss have clearly demonstrated the massive potential that Vita promises. While upcoming titles such as Killzone: Mercenary, Soul Sacrifice and Tearaway, look set to only build on the foundations laid down by those great games. And now, three months later than our North American friends, Persona 4: Golden has finally arrived on European shores. And boy was it worth the wait. Altus' sublime J-RPG blows every one of those previously mentioned titles clean out of the water, staking it's claim as Vita's finest game to date in the process. With a ton of user reviews here on Metacritic already, I won't bore you by going into all the why's and wherefore's, but I will say this: don't waste any more precious time, just get yourself down to your nearest game retailer and grab yourself a copy of Persona 4 Golden today (or, if your memory card can handle it's hefty 3.2GB filesize, maybe even download it directly from the SCEE digital store like I did). So what are you waiting for? What's that, not got a Vita? Get one! This is the best excuse yet to get a Vita, and it's first true system seller. And it's an absolute belter! 10 out of 10 all day long. Expand
  5. Nov 20, 2012
    Persona 4 Golden ! golden .... really gold, you can name it , best vita game ever. Vita was lacking RPG games, unfortunately Ragnarok Odysee was quiet disappointing and only game was to pick up so far was Disgaea 3. Well the w8t is over, Persona 4 is released in English. Persona 4 is not the usually RPG game. The gameplay mechanism is divided between a Classic RPG game and life simulation where you meet people and you go through your daily life just like a high school student. Compare to PS2 version there are tones of new exteras here, hours and hours of new story, new locations to explore and hang out and many other things that I do not want to spoil for the fans. The gameplay is really addicting and even after few years still it feels fresh and innovating, Graphics are however a bit date but overall the color scheme is beautiful and the boosted graphics are good enough for the vita screen not perfect. Persona gives you about 100 hours of gameplay and it worth every single penny u spend on this game. The game has console like production values and its no difference with a console game. Its shame to see the game is not available to be released on other regions untill 2013 but u can import it. no online pass ! I have to say Atlus has done an excellent job and if u ask me .... this is the best game ever published for vita. highly recommended for every vita lover n Persona series fan :) Expand
  6. Oct 11, 2013
    I like JRPGs but this just wasn't my cup of tea. The game is beautiful and the sound is awesome. But progressing Personas through the social link system made me cringe. The 4 hour tutorial was a little much even though it eased me into the game. But if you like building relationships with people in general you'll have a blast.
  7. Sep 23, 2013
    amazing. just, amazing. not only is the turn based gameplay fun, but the story is deep and engaging as well as the characters. you spend time with them which improves your bond with them which helps you create personas and help in battle.the game has five difficulties, which range from very easy to very hard, and ng+ which lets you customize your difficulty.
  8. Dec 21, 2013
    I rarely give anything a perfect score. But Persona 4 Golden is as close as it gets. The story is fantastic, the characters are brilliantly portrayed and you feel a real connection to them, the voice-acting is pretty much the best I've seen in a videogame, the gameplay is superb, and for a PS2 port the graphics are good. This isn't only something that will appeal to JRPG fans, but to ANY gamer out there looking for an amazing experience. Expand
  9. Sep 9, 2014
    One of the best if not the best RPG of all time. The characters, npcs and setting is unmatched. The story is a believable masterpiece with lot of plot twists and multiple endings. All characters fell alive and have their own stories / personalities. The game-play is a mixture of rpg and daily live sim. Your decisions matter. You can make friends (= gain additional / better abilities), work (= make money), learn for school (better exam results) and much more. Except for some events it is totally up to you. For me this game alone is a reason to buy a vita. Expand
  10. Jan 17, 2013
    This game is amazing ever heard a till a week ago. I though all JRPG was stupid with crazy cheesy stories and boring gameplay but not Persona 4 I played 12 hours of it and I can't stop. Simply the better game on the vita, no the better game on anything handheld period. If this game was $100 I still buy it. It's awesome a 100 hours game and a new game plus with a different ending my game favorite game of all time. The 14 people who dislike this game on metacritic I going to slap you all cross your **** ass head Expand
  11. Jun 17, 2013
    The only JRPG I've tried was Final Fantasy and I hated it. I was running low on Vita games, so I gave this game a shot.
    This game is superb in all aspects, especially on gameplay. It's so fun and addictive. I've had it just for the weekend and already spent over 7 hours. Graphics is OK, nothing special, but still the game gets a high score from me.

    Very recommended for all Vita owners!
  12. Dec 14, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden is a phenomenal game.

    The characters are incredible, memorable and amazingly written and voiced. The story carries throughout the 75+ adventure, with some amazing twists and exciting developments. Combat is strategic and challenging...

    I could rattle on and on about P4G, but I won't. You can see, along with tons of other customers and fans, that P4G is a

    Absolutely a masterpiece.
  13. Jan 17, 2013
    Unfortunately much easier than the original. Part of the fun of the original game was the difficulty of the major bosses and especially the final boss. This game managed to make it even easier to level up and dominate every single boss. I loved overwhelmingly the new additions to the game, but not a lowering of the difficulty.
  14. Dec 29, 2012
    Easily the best game for the PlayStation Vita and a strong contender for the best game of the year. Persona 4 Golden is a diamond in the rough of 2012.
  15. Feb 21, 2013
    When I heard a kickass RPG was coming to the Vita I was ecstatic, especially since it is an area that needed filling in the Vita's library. I watched reviews, felt the buzz of the USA and of the Japanese audience; then finally I gave in and imported it and this is my review of the game. Will it be Golden or will it be the coal in your stockings?

    The Verdict: Persona 4 Golden takes one
    of the best RPG's of all time and makes it even better, adding hours of bonus content for the player to enjoy. This is a highly recommended purchase and is one of the most enjoyable games of the last year. It is definitely worth buying for those dedicated Vita owners. Over 80 90 hours for the first play through of the game, which is great for those who search for longevity in a game, but it might be daunting to those who wish to sink in less hours as the game has a quite slow start. Interesting Combat that keeps your mind constantly thinking of how to stratergise. School life has never been so fun Great Voice acting, Witty Dialogue and effective social links and stories. Addictive, be sure you haven't forgotten to go to work or school
    ! Not enough explanation of the fusion system for beginners Great, catchy tunes to nod along with as you play GAME STATUS: MUST BUY Game Score: 10/10 GOLDEN
  16. Feb 23, 2014
    How does one even begin to talk about a game so overhyped? That is one of the main words I'd use to describe P4G. So many times I've heard "This is the best Vita game!" that I expected so much of it, it couldn't possibly have held up. Further more, Persona 3 is my favorite game, so Persona 4 would have to try real hard to impress me. Never the less I went in very optimistic about this game, understanding that it's something different. To sum it all up: too different, at least for me. But on an important note, I want you to know that I haven't let my feelings about Persona 3 get in the way of my honest review about Persona 4 Golden - what follows are my thoughts about the game as a single experience. Comparissons are just mandatory at some points, but bring nothing to my final score, as you will see in my conclusion
    Also, another side note, I can't have people talking about that this is the best Vita game - this is a port of a PS2 game, that got a bit ruined over the porting process. Think about it.
    On a graphical note, the game holds up. Nothing spectacular, but it doesn't need to be. Some of the new designs they went with look stupid, I found myself laughing out loud at them on a couple ocassions, which to me isn't a good sign. Overall on the polish standpoint it stands proudly alongside other entries in the SMT series - extremely polished and nicely stylised. I think the style they chose doesn't fit much, but I'll talk about that later on.
    This game sounds good too. I don't find the OST to be particularly strong, but it's fitting. However it does not manage to escape some stereotypes, though it tries to. But when it uses a stereotypes- it succeeds brilliantly. I have to mention that it has awesome voice work, featuring some of the best actors in the branch. There are some moments of awkward silence in this game that I did not get or like.
    The story of Persona 4 is a weird one in execution, not in content. I have to admit that after the amazing story of Persona 3, I expected this to be strong as or stronger than Persona 3. Persona 4 offers a mix of stereotypical characters (with a few exclusions, to my surprise) with bland origin stories, in favor of offering a more complex, dark and brooding plot. However, it's not as good as it sounds. The plot of the game isn't bad, it is simply badly directed - the game overall favors gameplay over story, which may be your thing - keep in mind that it's not mine. The plot seems nice and complex, but it misses a lot of opportunities to become stronger. The story has it's better moments, though - I got some solid laughs and even some soggy eyes at certain points. But in the end it's still a very slow moving story, that tries to end out with a bang, but ends out feeling rushed. To sum the story up: I found myself pressing the "Skip" button way more often that I thought I was capable of in a game of this caliber.
    To my surprise, however, this game shines on the gameplay standpoint. It offers a lot of activities to do, most of which are very fun and addicting. The main gameplay is very spiced up and not-boring as per usual with JRPGs (in my opinion). There are two major things I didn't like about the gameplay, which for the sake of spoilers, I will sum up into one, spoiler-free sentance: This game gives you NO hints for things it expects you to know and do, and proceeds to punish you for not doing them. To a gamer like me, who likes freedom of choice and rewarding story-driven gameplay, I found the gameplay boxing. A lot of times I said to myself "Immersion broken", because this game often reminded me that it's a game - something I don't want to think about while trying to be a part of the experience. Also, the overall bright presentation of the game ruins it at times too, being unfitting for the plot it tries to sell.
    In conclusion, I think the only reason people are overhyping this game is because it's the only Persona game they've played. Don't let that fool you. But I have something else to say too: I'd rate an 8/10 as a sequel to Persona 3, because as we see in the bigger picture, the two are connected. I'ts not a good sequel. But it's a heck of a standalone 9/10 game. You owe it to yourself to play this game, because even going beyond the statement that it's worse than Persona 3, which I am going off here, I cannot deny the fact that it's a really awesome game that you should not miss. I still say it's not the best Vita game, because it's a PS2 game. I do recommend playing the Vita version, because long games are made for portables, but if you chose to do so - google things carefully, because overhype leads to overexposure, and spoilers are everywhere! Further more, be prepared to spoil some things for yourself intentionally if you want to get the most out of this game (talking about the thing the game expects you to know). Conclusion: Play Persona 3 first, reasons can be found in my Persona 3 review, also P4 is a sequel to P3 none the less.
  17. Nov 30, 2012
    Atlus never fails to impress with the Persona series. I loved Persona 4 on PS2, but I always felt like the story and characters were slightly better in Persona 3, especially in later FES and Portable versions. But with P4G, Atlus has managed to add greater depth to every element of a game that, by all rights, was already a modern RPG masterpiece. There's a lot more to do, from mini-games to new Social Links, and even if you've beaten the original, the new story content will often make you doubt what you think you know from previous playthroughs. There's no greater RPG experience to be found on Vita, period. Expand
  18. Feb 25, 2014
    This is RPG brilliance. Fantastic gameplay complimented by an intriguing story and characters put together in a beautiful-to-look-at anime style make this easily the the best game available on the Vita to date. It should come with a warning label due to how addictive it can be.
  19. Apr 7, 2013
    Never have I experienced such a fulfilling game in all my 14 years of gaming. With an 80+ hour completion time, several types of gameplay, and impeccable storytelling & characters, I'm genuinely shocked this colossal game is a mere 3.1 GB. It's an RPG, but the choices you make have a much larger outcome in the end than what is conventional. You can choose from multiple jobs, hobbies, girlfriends (or boyfriend, I think), friends, extracurricular activities, sports, books, weapons... the list goes on and on. Cinematics make me feel happy at times and sad at others, I'm sincerely worried about the characters (this may have to do with how much time is spent with them), and it almost feels like I have a complete other life. I was weary of buying this t first, because it honestly looked kind of stupid (a Japanese RPG where you go to school? Really?), but Christ almighty was I ever wrong about that. This is by far the best PSV exclusive I've ever played, and the best PSV title period behind Snake Eater. And at the lower-than-regular price of $29.99, you're really getting your full money's worth. Expand
  20. Feb 28, 2013
    Ok, let me start by saying traditional turn based RPGs are some of the games I'm most intolerant to, as I find them boring and can't go beyond 1/3 of the game before passing. I'm more of an action/adventure kind of guy, and coming from this background I can testify that this game is great. Don't know if it's the characters' charm, the well structured combat system or that pokemon "you gotta catch em' all" feeling that kept pushing me forward (even in the most tedious parts), but I've spent around a 100 hours playing and I'm seriously considering a second playthrough. Though I never played the original PS2 version, I've looked into all they changes they made for the VITA instalment and I'm shocked!! the additions merge so well with the original content that I can't believe the original version lacked them..... yes, it's that polished... and yes, it makes the original version seem incomplete in comparison. If you're like me and have serious reservations about this game because of your gaming background, do yourself a favor and at least rent it. Even if you don't completely dig the gameplay, if you're a fan of anime, chances are you're still gonna like the game anyways. Expand
  21. Aug 21, 2013
    This is my first Persona, and my first JRPG (Unless Kingdom Hearts counts).
    The story in this game is much, much deeper than it first appears. It has a whole load of interesting characters, who many of the player makes friends with. The Anime cutscenes look crisp on the Vita's screen, and the remastering of the game is more than an HDing. The extra content isn't tacked on, and is very
    well integrated into the game, I didn't realise a lot of it wasn't in the last game until I looked it up.
    Personally I find the dungeons to be a bit dull gameplay wise, but I can see why people love it. The social links and general things you can do out side of dungeons is very balanced, and those are my favourite parts of the game.
    Overall, this is one of the best Vita games so far, and I'm quite excited for P5.
  22. Mar 3, 2014
    I just want to start off by saying that I really wanted to give this game a 10/10.

    Persona 4 Golden (or the original) is a wondrous magical amazing game that every RPG enthusiast should play. There are many perfect aspects about the game, like the endlessly interesting story, the fun combat, the pokemon-like creature collection, the incredible social link system, the gorgeous menus, and
    the (mostly) beautiful music. I thoroughly enjoyed the themes of searching for truth, and many times I believed the game to be over when a surprising twist to the plot kept me playing for 80+ hours. However, due to a few minor shortcomings and one huge flaw, I could not give this game the score it deserves.

    The major problem with this game was the dungeon crawling. The randomly generated, multi-leveled dungeons just aren't fun. Each one has the same design, which involves navigating hallways to find chests and the stairwell to the next level. Unfortunately, after the first dungeon, it just became very repetitive and generic. It felt like a chore more than a pleasure. During the long sessions of the real world, I would actually dread having to go back to the grind. This outdated gameplay should have been redesigned during the initial stages of development.

    Other problems with the game range anywhere from many of the vocal-heavy soundtrack music (although this is mostly preference), to the overly-difficult to manage ability system. The latter makes Persona creation less than ideal for creating Personas with preferred abilities.

    Some things really aren't very clear either, such as the best ways to utilize the social links, and how to completely advance the story. A little more help would have been nice. Maybe I wouldn't have wasted several dozen days doing useless tasks. Also, I still have no idea how to catch bugs or fish.

    Regardless, the game is phenomenal and is currently the best game on Vita by far. 9/10
  23. Oct 2, 2013
    The storyline people have been raving about...well it's not that great. While it is unique and a different take than the average RPG, which I am very glad for, it's got a lot of boring and infuriating elements to it.

    The "heroes" of the story are the least heroic heroes ever. "Eh, let's wait a week to save that guy." "No need to rush in." "Let's stop and discuss this." There's really no
    men of action on the entire team and it's annoying.

    Then there's the high school drama part. If you like those cheesy Japanese anime comedy/dramas, ok then you'll love that. I for one hated it and found it a waste of time.

    The gameplay is a mix of a typical turn-based RPG and a Japanese dating sim. So again, if you like Japanese dating sims, amazing game for you...not so much for me. I do like the combat though, the persona system is pretty cool, it's a lot like Devil Summoner (another game by the same people with a better storyline) but in pure old school RPG format.

    Voice acting is good, graphics are OK, some of the music is good.

    It's a good time-waster, but hardly deserves the overwhelming praise it receives.
  24. Jun 2, 2013
    Best game of all time! Persona 4: Golden has everything you can hope from a videogame. It takes a weeks, months or even years to see everything that Persona 4: Golden has to offer. Buy this game!
  25. Dec 31, 2012
    To start, I HATE turn-based RPGs... especially JRPGs. I tried... I really tried to get into the Final Fantasy series but failed. The turn based system really drives me nuts. That being said, I own a PS Vita and realized quickly that it was a paper weight due to the lack of good titles on the Vita (Major prayers for 2013). Due to all of the reviews for this game I cracked down and bought it, and I can't believe I dished out 40 bones for a JRPG... actually, I take that back, I can now believe it. I am only 4 hours into this game, and yes the intro was 2 hours long, but I have to say, I am completely hooked. I am a below casual gamer, meaning, I play maybe twice a month, and I am bringing my Vita to work just to play this on my lunch. Yes, I am 34 years old and taking a PS Vita to work. I don't care. This story is addicting and the gameplay is actually really innovative (Can I say that for a game that was made years ago?). Buy it, get through the intro. Just expect a 2 hour intro when you buy it and you will like it. Just know the intro is necessary for the game. LOVE IT! Expand
  26. Jan 28, 2013
    Persona 4 is a great game, which completely shows how the Vita is the perfect place for a console-style experience on the go. With great story, characters and voice acting, and a fluid combat system, Persona 4: Golden is one of the best JRPGs I've ever played.
  27. Jun 30, 2014
    Just finished Persona 4 The Golden last night. I must admit that this game is a MASTERPIECE. I'll say it upfront, i'm giving this game a 10/10. I enjoyed the game very much.

    The story about a young boy who was sent to live with his uncle in the countryside, Inaba Town. He will have to live there for a year. The first time he arrived, lots of rumor about the midnight channel and people
    missing. What exactly happened in Inaba & what's our hero role in all of this? Play and find it out.

    Plus point:
    - This game has like every aspect to make the game enjoyable. First of all, a strong main story. I mean yeah, you are a high schooler who is a student at days while playing the role of a guy who can summon persona and whack the ass of Shadows? That's pretty much cool. And not just that, we got lines of strong supporting characters. You could unfold what happened in Inaba, searching for the truth or stop at the false truth, it's all up to you. Because the fate of the story is in your hand.
    - Social links & normal life! Supporting characters are not just supporting characters, you can actually bond with them and get extra side story. Our hero is a high school student, so it's just normal to have activities outside school. You can go on a date, hang out with your friends, find a girlfriend, eat at the restaurant, learn more about your friends, you can do part time jobs, read books, make lunch, etc. This makes the game just real and we can relate it to our life as well.
    - Music! Shoji Meguro is definitely a genius. He writes most of the songs for the Megami Tensei series and yes, this game has addictive music. The battle music, theme song, background music, it's just awesome. It makes you enjoy the game more than ever.
    - Persona 4 The Golden is like a complete edition of Persona 4. At first i thought just some extra scene and a little upgrade. I was wrong. The new shuffle system, extra scene of going skiing, going to beach, festival & stuffs? It's just awesome. New social link like Marie and her true story? That's just awesome. This is my 2nd time playing it and i'm still amazed by the new contents. Costumes, Riding Bike, 3rd Evolution. Epilogue showing how's your friend a year later, & etc. Thumbs up Atlus, just...awesome.

    Minus Point:
    - Seriously? None. But if i have to point it out. You can get the "True" True Ending only if you play it the 2nd time. Well, most people would love to play it again. But not for me, uh-uh. I don't like playing the whole game for the 2nd time. But by playing it the 2nd time, that means you can get the other Social Link that you haven't got the first time. Well it's all about perspective though.

    After all i REALLY....REALLY recommend you to buy this game if you own a Vita. This game is a masterpiece and you GOT to have this game. 10/10, nuff said & just grab the f*cking game.
  28. Feb 21, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden is a great slice of Japanese culture brought right to you in handheld form. It has all the elements necessary to create a great rpg experience, and enough charisma and charm to create a story that is driving and addictive. Beauty comes in simplicity, and Persona 4 capitalizes on this notion in almost every aspect. It's hard for me to give any game, let alone a great one like this, a 10 rating (especially since it is a port of a PS2 game). That's no excuse to overlook this title though, or you will sorely miss out. A fair warning to gamers though this game develops very slowly, and while it is likely that you will get sucked into the story if you are an impatient gamer you may lose interest fairly quickly. Persona 4 keeps things sweet and simple, so if you are looking for an action based rpg you may have better luck checking out Ragnarok Odyssey. A great piece of gaming though, and a fine addition to any PS Vita collection. Expand
  29. Aug 24, 2013
    Let me start off be saying that I typically do not care for JRPGs, but this game that I thought might take several months to beat is so deep, so well-voiced and so content-rich that I couldn't put it down, plowing through the whole story (70 hours or so) in just a few weeks.

    Any game that can make you excited about reading a book or attending basketball practice must be doing
    something right. The voice actors are phenomenal. The dungeon-crawling gameplay is challenging but fair (with a few minor but completely unavoidable exceptions). The story can be a little absurd at times, but it is a hell of a lot of fun to work through.

    This game is an absolute must-play for anyone, regardless of your preferences. If you have a Vita and haven't played this game yet, you're doing things wrong.
  30. Nov 20, 2012
    The Persona franchise after 3 has seen re-release after re-release. First it was P3, then P3:FES, then P3P, then P4, now P4G. Every time they release a new one, they become that much closer to perfecting their gameplay formula.

    P4 is one of the greatest games of all time, with an incredible story and polish. The Golden improves on this formula once again, by adding a large amount of
    content, improving the visuals, and slapping it on the vita. If you have a vita, buy this game. Atlus is the best publisher/developer, and they deserve every penny and high metacritic score they receive. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 61
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 61
  3. Negative: 0 out of 61
  1. Apr 18, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden is part detective novel, part teenage simulation and part asian RPG – all being important pieces which combine to create some of the most memorable and entertaining moments I’ve ever had with a JRPG.
  2. Apr 15, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden manages to make a classic JRPG even better. A definite buy for any Vita owners, and actually a good enough reason to justify the purchase of Sony's struggling handheld. [Apr 2013]
  3. Persona 4 Golden is a Tardis of a game. Initially, it seems cute and friendly and it hooks you with its murder mystery and time management focus. Once you get inside, it opens up exponentially, awing you with its scope. [March 2013, p76]