• Publisher: Atlus
  • Release Date: Nov 20, 2012
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Universal acclaim- based on 685 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 35 out of 685

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  1. Dec 29, 2012
    Easily the best game for the PlayStation Vita and a strong contender for the best game of the year. Persona 4 Golden is a diamond in the rough of 2012.
  2. Nov 20, 2012
    The Persona franchise after 3 has seen re-release after re-release. First it was P3, then P3:FES, then P3P, then P4, now P4G. Every time they release a new one, they become that much closer to perfecting their gameplay formula.

    P4 is one of the greatest games of all time, with an incredible story and polish. The Golden improves on this formula once again, by adding a large amount of
    content, improving the visuals, and slapping it on the vita. If you have a vita, buy this game. Atlus is the best publisher/developer, and they deserve every penny and high metacritic score they receive. Expand
  3. Nov 30, 2012
    They've made a great game even better. I'm pleasantly surprised with how awesome all the changes to the game they've made have turned out (Chie's new voice actress aside). You can tell Atlus really cares about their fans when you realize just how much new stuff they put in the game. New content, characters, systems, streamlining, cool (and actually super useful) online feature would have been more than enough but they went the extra mile and included video and music unlocks so that you can re-watch any cutscene, view live concert footage of your favorite P4 and P3 songs, watch trailers and more. If you've played P4 before play again and enjoy the new features, if you haven't get ready for one of the best games of the decade. On a side note I was lucky enough to get a hold of the premium edition and recommend anyone even slightly interested in it to try and pick it up. The clam shell face cover is super cool and sturdy and unintentionally works as a nice stand. The hard pouch also looks cool and accommodates the vita with the face cover perfectly while holding 3 vita cards. Expand
  4. Nov 21, 2012
    i dont write reviews much, but this game is too awesome not to review it
    i played persona 3 fes on psp and loves the crap out of it, but persona 4 is even better
    dont know how they managed it, all i know is that ima spend countless hours playing this
    this is the reason to get vita lol
  5. Jun 2, 2013
    Best game of all time! Persona 4: Golden has everything you can hope from a videogame. It takes a weeks, months or even years to see everything that Persona 4: Golden has to offer. Buy this game!
  6. Nov 30, 2012
    Atlus never fails to impress with the Persona series. I loved Persona 4 on PS2, but I always felt like the story and characters were slightly better in Persona 3, especially in later FES and Portable versions. But with P4G, Atlus has managed to add greater depth to every element of a game that, by all rights, was already a modern RPG masterpiece. There's a lot more to do, from mini-games to new Social Links, and even if you've beaten the original, the new story content will often make you doubt what you think you know from previous playthroughs. There's no greater RPG experience to be found on Vita, period. Expand
  7. Nov 20, 2012
    I just started playing this game today and it is amazing! The style is so entertaining, the story is great and the music is some of the best music ever in any game. It is a must play!
  8. Jul 11, 2013
    I never played a Persona before, closest I've got was Devil Survivor Overclocked on the 3DS which wasn't a great hit for me, tbh. But this is dang. Definitely one of the best, if not the very best, J-RPG I've ever played.
  9. Mar 10, 2013
    Great recreation of an all time classic, with a lot of new features. This game is probably the best jrpg you will ever play, by itself more than enough reason to buy a vita
  10. Apr 7, 2013
    Never have I experienced such a fulfilling game in all my 14 years of gaming. With an 80+ hour completion time, several types of gameplay, and impeccable storytelling & characters, I'm genuinely shocked this colossal game is a mere 3.1 GB. It's an RPG, but the choices you make have a much larger outcome in the end than what is conventional. You can choose from multiple jobs, hobbies, girlfriends (or boyfriend, I think), friends, extracurricular activities, sports, books, weapons... the list goes on and on. Cinematics make me feel happy at times and sad at others, I'm sincerely worried about the characters (this may have to do with how much time is spent with them), and it almost feels like I have a complete other life. I was weary of buying this t first, because it honestly looked kind of stupid (a Japanese RPG where you go to school? Really?), but Christ almighty was I ever wrong about that. This is by far the best PSV exclusive I've ever played, and the best PSV title period behind Snake Eater. And at the lower-than-regular price of $29.99, you're really getting your full money's worth. Expand
  11. Nov 24, 2012
    currently the only reason to own a vita. This game takes the ps2 version and just improves everything. Nothing was taken out and even more stuff put in. More Links, more personas, more cutscreens, more voice acting, more everything.
  12. Dec 9, 2012
    First time I played Persona 4 on PS2. It was my first Persona game from Shin Megami Tensei series. And I liked it a lot. It was a rare case when I wanted to keep playing a very long RPG game and did not feel tired or bored over some time. Plus it felt totally different from all CPRG games I've played before. Persona 4 Golden brings a little bit more content carefully integrated into original story, nice story closure (in case of True Ending), 'very easy' mode that allows to enjoy the game without excessive grinding. Persona 4 Golden was the third time I played Persona 4. And, I think, not the last one! Expand
  13. Dec 31, 2012
    To start, I HATE turn-based RPGs... especially JRPGs. I tried... I really tried to get into the Final Fantasy series but failed. The turn based system really drives me nuts. That being said, I own a PS Vita and realized quickly that it was a paper weight due to the lack of good titles on the Vita (Major prayers for 2013). Due to all of the reviews for this game I cracked down and bought it, and I can't believe I dished out 40 bones for a JRPG... actually, I take that back, I can now believe it. I am only 4 hours into this game, and yes the intro was 2 hours long, but I have to say, I am completely hooked. I am a below casual gamer, meaning, I play maybe twice a month, and I am bringing my Vita to work just to play this on my lunch. Yes, I am 34 years old and taking a PS Vita to work. I don't care. This story is addicting and the gameplay is actually really innovative (Can I say that for a game that was made years ago?). Buy it, get through the intro. Just expect a 2 hour intro when you buy it and you will like it. Just know the intro is necessary for the game. LOVE IT! Expand
  14. Feb 21, 2013
    When I heard a kickass RPG was coming to the Vita I was ecstatic, especially since it is an area that needed filling in the Vita's library. I watched reviews, felt the buzz of the USA and of the Japanese audience; then finally I gave in and imported it and this is my review of the game. Will it be Golden or will it be the coal in your stockings?

    The Verdict: Persona 4 Golden takes one
    of the best RPG's of all time and makes it even better, adding hours of bonus content for the player to enjoy. This is a highly recommended purchase and is one of the most enjoyable games of the last year. It is definitely worth buying for those dedicated Vita owners. Over 80 90 hours for the first play through of the game, which is great for those who search for longevity in a game, but it might be daunting to those who wish to sink in less hours as the game has a quite slow start. Interesting Combat that keeps your mind constantly thinking of how to stratergise. School life has never been so fun Great Voice acting, Witty Dialogue and effective social links and stories. Addictive, be sure you haven't forgotten to go to work or school
    ! Not enough explanation of the fusion system for beginners Great, catchy tunes to nod along with as you play GAME STATUS: MUST BUY Game Score: 10/10 GOLDEN
  15. May 22, 2013
    This is the first Persona game I have ever played all the way through and I must say that I am absolutely obsessed with this game. It has a massive amount of story and dialogue without being boring and the turn based battle system has a more lively feel to it than rpgs of old. If you like amazing games then this is for you.
  16. Jan 26, 2013
    The best vita game.Great gameplay,graphics and a lot of things to do.A must buy for everyone how has or wants to buy a vita. Everything about this game is perfection.
  17. Dec 14, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden is a phenomenal game.

    The characters are incredible, memorable and amazingly written and voiced. The story carries throughout the 75+ adventure, with some amazing twists and exciting developments. Combat is strategic and challenging...

    I could rattle on and on about P4G, but I won't. You can see, along with tons of other customers and fans, that P4G is a

    Absolutely a masterpiece.
  18. Nov 23, 2012
    In hard mode this game is amazing, your have to be very tactical and cant make a wrong move, I like challenging games like this. The music is great, my favourite is "back of the TV", and "Magatsu Inaba" theme. The story is excellent, its one of those games where you keep going even into the night, just for the story. i dont want to ruin if for you, but I will just say the story is on the same level as "Death Note" and "Gladiator" . I thought the social link system is very unique, it made me feel like I am the character. Buy this game, and you wont regret it. 10/10. Expand
  19. Nov 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Definitely a well developed game with major enhancements, providing hours and hours of content ofr any Persona fan to enjoy! There is so much to talk about this game but I would like to focus on the characters, story, and music. The characters are clearly 3 dimensional, each having their flaws and inner selves they don't want to show to people. You feel like there's something about them that you didn't realize when you see them at first hand. However, getting to the inner core of the human psyche, it's quite fascinating. Next, story. Story is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to Persona games. It starts off with a transfer student from the city moves to Inaba for a year and finds out there is something going in Inaba. Murders happening when the fog appears. Then everything builds off that and really goes into depth the story and each character has their own part to share, even the protagonist. Finally, the music. The music has some new additions. Way different from the original Persona 4 but once I got to listening to the soundtrack, it was really enjoyable. Really liked how they didn't try to rearrange the score throughout the majority of the game. I would recommend this game to any JRPG player who needs something to do for a while. Expand
  20. Nov 21, 2012
    I picked this game up based on positive reviews. The way the game was described made me very interested. I loved my PS1 and PS2 because of all of the wonderful JRPG games. When I had a PS1, I picked up Final Fantasy IX and thought it was the best one in the series and enjoyed it even more that FFVII! It is sad that so many others missed this game because it was released when the PS2 was already out. The same is true for Persona 4 I guess. It was released in 2008, long after I even thought about my PS2. I am grateful that they decided to remaster and re-release this amazing game. I am about 4 hours in and I had trouble putting it down. It is epic. The game is a combination of traditional turn based strategy, anime cartoon story, and scooby doo style mystery solving. Another all time favorite game of mine is Shenmue and this game shares some of the best elements of that game for me. You get to explore town, have social interaction with others, go to shops, and everything is based on time, so when you go back to your house, you end the day by going to sleep in your bed. The game constantly gives you decisions to make that will affect the outcome of the game kind of like mass effect. This could encourage me to replay the game very easily. The graphics aren't as impressive as uncharted for the vita or other games of that caliber, but it is pretty because of the art style. Kind of how World of Warcraft was able to stand the test of time without looking very dated. The anime cutscenes also look great on the Vita's sharp screen. Finally, I will talk about the audio. There is already a massive amount of voice acting I have come across and haven't even scratched the surface from what I understand. (I hear it can take up to 100 hours to play through the game if you take your time). And the music is soooooo catchy!!! I listen to mostly rock and hate pop, but this J Pop that they play is great! You know it is good if you start humming the songs in your head. All in all, I am impressed so much that I put down the game to write my opinion on this game. That says a lot. I cannot stress enough how much you should play this game. Go buy it! Expand
  21. Feb 22, 2013
    I haven't played the original game but hearing how much praise it got I bought this game (At a very high price in my country) and it still doesn't feel like I wasted any kind of money, this game not only was good, it sets the definition of good! This is one of the best games I've played in my entire life and, at the moment, is my number 1 favorite game.

    It has unique concept, it
    involves supernatural activity (That might not be a plus for you but for me it is!), The characters are charismatic and interesting in many levels, the aesthetic design looks cool and the HD uplift makes it virtually ageless, the story is interesting, gives you emotional weight and most importantly for a game narrative the events are driven by the actions of the main character controlled by the PLAYER! something many JRPGs and indeed many games in general ignore.

    And it's addictive too, collecting personas, finishing quests, developing relationships, and a large ETC. makes this a game not only to replay once or twice. It's the sort of thing meant to be conserved until Armageddon strikes!
  22. Mar 20, 2014
    I never had the chance to play P4 on PS2. I first picked up Persona 2 for PSP on Vita and really liked it so i decided to give a go on the others too. So i bought P4G and a new era of JRPG loving started for me. This game is so deep both on a gameplay and a storytelling level that it made me wanna finish it 100% and do everything, a thing that i didn't usually do with JRPGs. It is a unique masterpiece among its kind that will be in the top ten games for years to come. Its a must for JRPG and anime fans, so don't hesitate. I cant wait for Persona 5!!!! I hope is as good or better but P4 has set the bar to high. Expand
  23. Dec 5, 2012
    10. just 10. it actually beats the ps2 version. it will blow your mind. the voice acting is awesome and the story is to, my view of it is like poke'mon mixed with final fantasy but more complicated but more awesome.
  24. Feb 27, 2013
    I took me a while to realize this, but I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite game of all time. I try not to say that without thinking it through but there is so much love put into this title it hurts. You can play it for hours so immersed you will forget there was ever a world to go back to. Everything screams story, gameplay, art, perfection. It's golden. I know it is hard throwing down 200+ dollars on a Persona machine, but now after playing the game twice with 70 something hours. for me it makes sense. I really want you random guy/girl reading this to get this game it deserves to be played. Expand
  25. Dec 11, 2012
    As someone who played through the first Persona 4 for the PS2 more than a few times, and as someone who bought the Vita, mostly for this game, I have to say that this game definitely lived up to everything I was expecting. First, even the most seasoned Persona 4 vet will find a ton of new stuff in this version. There are tons of new cutscenes, new S. Links to accomplish, the classic after battle card system has been brought back to ease the burden of trying to level, which was one of the biggest issues of the original. On top of that, there are brand new things to do at the end, including an exclusive dungeon to play through, provided you complete the new S. Links that are in the game. On top of these new things are the classic things of the original. The characters are great, the story is great, the battle system has always been a classic. They added alot of new things to what was already one of the best RPG's on the PS2, one of the best RPG consoles of all time. This is easily the best game on the Vita and, to anyone who has never played this game before, I can honestly say this game makes a compelling reason to buy the system outright. Buy this game, or even the system for this game, and you will not regret it one bit. It's easily one of the best games of the year and something I recommend to any RPG lover. Expand
  26. Jan 3, 2013
    First of all, I didn't play Persona 4 on the PS2. When the original game came out, I wasn't interested in turn based RPGs, or into Japanese games. The true is still the same today, but this is a game I've heard so much about that a friend got it for me for Christmas. Honestly, it's one of the most enjoyable games I've played since the Mass Effect series. I'm having issues putting the game down.

    I'm not going into the story much, but the story is addicting and I enjoy building my relationships with my friends. I honestly find that very addicting, and it's cool thinking of the possibilities of different outcomes with your friends depending on your choices. NOw the combat is nothing revolutionary as it's a turn based RPG, but it's satisfying and fun unlocking new attacks and Personas to use. Finally, my favorite aspect is how long the game is. There are so many ways to level up certain aspects that increase your friendships with the people around you, then you can work on your combat skills with all of your teammates. If you enjoy a long game with a good story and deep character development, then you have to check this game out.
  27. Feb 16, 2014
    A great addition to the series, the Persona spin-offs are fast becoming more noteworthy than the core SMT titles they are attached to. Golden is a remake of the PS2 classic of the same name, Persona 4. Any newcomers to the series will find 4 a much more forgiving entry to Persona games than 3. With a lighthearted story to contrast well with the darker portions of the plot as well as gameplay you can feel like you have more control over, Persona 4 and the VITA port P4: Golden makes heavy effort to draw in new players in the series and does it well.

    Combat is done turn-based style, with the twist from previous P3 entry in that you can control your allies' attacks and techniques if you so choose. This simple addition makes P4 a much more forgiving title to new players.

    The story is engaging, with a strong focus on bonding with characters to help drive your investment in the world. Though it is a direct numerical sequel to the Persona spin-offs and makes a few references to older games, P4 still keeps the story open and accessible to new players.

    One of the largest draws to me is since it is a port of a ps2 game, and a long one at that, the game feels sufficiently worth the money to get on the VITA. The biggest gripe I've had in a long time for hand held games lately has been the low playtime. P4 can take a very long time to complete if you allow yourself to get lost in it's depth, particularly with the leveling and social system.

    If you have a VITA and wish to play a solid JRPG, then it is difficult for me to see how you can go wrong with P4: Golden.
  28. Apr 17, 2013
    Persona 4 is just brilliant. I loved the PS2 version an this one is even better! Honestly, I was afraid that new exclusive to VITA stuff would suck, but it is exactly the opposite. It is amazing how they fitted a brand new character to this game, without messing the story up. The soundtrack is beautiful with some new tracks and remixes.This one game fully justified buying a PS Vita console.
  29. Feb 25, 2013
    This Game is a masterpiece classic, from the amazing story that contains (psychology, philosophy, etc.) and grateful gameplay with sometime tedious mechanics for learn on how to use it, this game is flawless. I easily recommend this game to anyone that like RPG'S and adult games like Catherine (from the persona team), Virtual escape: last reward, Heavy Rain.
  30. Jun 28, 2013
    The Persona franchise after 3 has seen re-release after re-release. First it was P3, then P3:FES, then P3P, then P4, now P4G. Every time they release a new one, they become that much closer to perfecting their gameplay formula.

    P4 is one of the greatest games of all time, with an incredible story and polish. The Golden improves on this formula once again, by adding a large amount of
    content, improving the visuals, and slapping it on the vita. If you have a vita, buy this game. Atlus is the best publisher/developer, and they deserve every penny and high metacritic score they receive. Expand
  31. Jan 18, 2013
    Amazing game, my first JRPG and I could not put my vita down for weeks after purchasing this game. Over forty hours of gameplay at least, and every second was excellent. I most likely will dive back into New Game + mode in the next few days.
  32. May 6, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden is outstanding in almost every way that matters to a JRPG. After thinking on the matter for a month after completion, to let the honeymoon feelings settle a little, I'm ready to say that this is now my #1 JRPG, ever. The game I'll tell people is the best JRPG I've ever played.

    The main story was interesting. The themes were interesting. The characters, even some
    insignificant side ones, were well thought out, and developed. The battle system, being a SMT title, is addictive and has good depth. The art style is vibrant. There's a very large amount of quality voice acting. The soundtrack is full of energy, has a deep number of tracks, and was generally excellent.

    Everything looked awesome on the Vita's OLED, and it was convenient to be able to play this sort of game on the handheld... and for a cherry on top they included all kinds of bonus content like original character art, and music videos...

    I love this game.
  33. Jul 6, 2013
    This game is an experience. I have always liked the persona series, and I won't lie, I didn't think this was going to top Persona 3/FES/P3P... I was wrong. This game has an intense and engaging storyline that had me hooked, playing this game into the small (and large) hours of the night. I clocked nearly 60 hours on my first playthrough and went back for more. The battle system and story are great, but the real surprise comes from the social system. Half of the game is played as a (relativley) normal high schooler filling his days with activities and friends it can get so absorbing and interesting I had marathons of this game where I would go well over five or six hours without fighting anything completely absorbed into the game.

    This game is a hands-down must play. If the art and culture style of the game don't seem your type, and you skip this game solely on looks you are missing out in a once-in-a-console-generation experience.

    I would go as far as saying this game alone justifies the purchase of a Playstation Vita.
  34. Nov 26, 2012
    This game is amazing. I am thinking about quitting my job to play full time. I have never played any of the Persona games, I guess I am an idiot. The story is great, the graphics are gorgeous on the Vita, and the voice acting is pretty well done. The game is so detailed and there is so much to do that I almost need to make a calendar to keep track of all that is going on each day of the week. If you have a Vita and enjoy RPGs you need to get this....NOW! Expand
  35. Jan 25, 2013
    If I could give it an 11 out of 10 I would. I rarely beat games that have more than 50 hours of game play, I beat this one twice totaling 150 hours. The story was fun, the game play was well done (I did play it one step above "normal though") and the choices you make actually did matter.
  36. Apr 4, 2013
    this is one of the best JRPS's I've ever played, I recommend anyone buy this! although Persona 3 will always be my favorite, still you should totally get this!
  37. Jan 17, 2013
    As the PS2 was nearing its end and its big bro, the PS3, was on its way in, Atlus released its most ambitious project to date - Persona 4. It was arguably one of the best releases on the PS2, and still stands up to the test of time.

    What happens when you take that amazing game, and put it on a handheld? It's even better. With its HD assets, slight changes to quest systems/menu
    interactions/etc, new scenarios and huge amount of voice acting, it's a truly incredible piece of work. This game is worth your time. No questions asked. It doesn't matter if you're an RPG fan or not, this game has something for everybody. Expand
  38. Aug 24, 2014
    To define the word perfection and the idea of a perfect game would be simply PERSONA 4 GOLDEN. I had always looked down upon JRPGs and never understood their appeal even though I watch anime and read manga. I finally took the chance of buying a vita just for this game and would like to say that this has blown me away. This has imo the best characters ever in any video game, I am truly in love and would have to admit that I was in tears when the game ended.
    English voice acting is also perfect (maybe minus Teddie) and the humour is amazing. I have since bought the DVD's, the art-book and also the ps3 once again so I can play the other Persona games. 70+ hours in one week, beautiful game and would love to thank Atlus for introducing me to this genre.
  39. Feb 1, 2014
    This game is a real systemseller, I truly believe there is no such other game on PS Vita. It's really massive, it has A LOT of top notch made content, there is no point to explain all the advantages of the game, I just say that all Vita owners should buy this game at any cost and all the others should buy PS Vita to play this fantastic game.
  40. Dec 18, 2012
    Why i give a 10? i have played persona 4 on PS2, and play it again in PS VIta, simply this game is masterpiece i dont feel bored or repetitive, in P3 and P4 PS2 ifeel bored when it comes to leveling character
  41. Jan 17, 2013
    This game is amazing ever heard a till a week ago. I though all JRPG was stupid with crazy cheesy stories and boring gameplay but not Persona 4 I played 12 hours of it and I can't stop. Simply the better game on the vita, no the better game on anything handheld period. If this game was $100 I still buy it. It's awesome a 100 hours game and a new game plus with a different ending my game favorite game of all time. The 14 people who dislike this game on metacritic I going to slap you all cross your **** ass head Expand
  42. Nov 20, 2012
    how can any one waste this great game the story is very impressive and the graphics too i really love this game and i can not play my ps all stars battle royal because of this game
  43. Nov 24, 2012
    What can I say? This game was a head to head on P3 in the PS2 era, but this version makes it the best in the SMT series, even more than the spin off, Catherine! P4G marks the full beginning of the Vita era, that hopefully will get more outstanding JRPGs as this masterpiece...
  44. Nov 21, 2012
    I never really got the chance to play the original of Persona 4 for the PS2. I have however played Persona 3 FES for the PS2, as well as bought P3P for my Vita on the PS Store. I loved Persona 3 everything from the cast of characters, to the upbeat but lovable music. Persona 3 had a very lovable and unique quality that made it stand out among the JRPG lineup on the ps2. Once I heard that Persona 4 was coming to the Vita, It was like a godsend. There's a slew of new content on this remastered game. Persona 4 takes everything that you loved about the previous game and improved even further so. The graphics are now top notch, and it proves to be one of the best games the Vita has to offer. This game is nothing less than perfect for JRPG fans, a godsend if you will for those of us who have been waiting for a JRPG to hit our Vita's. We can only hope to see more of the genre hit our favorite handheld in the near future. Expand
  45. Nov 20, 2012
    A perfect recreation of an all time classic, with amazing extra features this is something you don't want too miss, defs the reason to own a vita for those yet to pick one up.
  46. Nov 20, 2012
    Least-hyped of the holiday season Vita releases, Persona 4 Golden is by far the best game available for the system. Atlus has refined their formula to a razor-sharp perfection, and calling it a Director's Cut would only short-change the work that has gone into this 2008 PS2 game. The changes aren't just cosmetic either; fundamental inclusions have been made (Rise assists in combat, the shuffle system is more in-depth, new events, social link, and areas, scooters!).

    The game does start slowly, with a couple hours of setting and plot establishment before the first gameplay kicks in. After that, nothing gets old, and the battery often ran out before I was finished with a session. If you own a Vita, you need to buy this game. If you don't own a Vita, Persona 4 Golden makes a (possibly the first) compelling case as it is also easily the best RPG of the season, and a serious contender for best JRPG in existence.
  47. Tay
    Nov 20, 2012
    It's never helpful when people recklessly rate a game a perfect 10/10. My score (10) comes after playing many hours and being consistently amazed by the depth of gameplay, the unique and fun content new for the Vita system, the AMAZING visuals, and care put into the game.

    The Persona games may not be right for everybody, but as for me: P4G is the best RPG I've played in the last 12
    months. It's an AMAZING game and worth every point I gave it. Expand
  48. Nov 21, 2012
    Persona 4..where to start? Let me just say that the game is quite possibly the most original thing you'll ever find yourself playing story wise, a TV world that you travel in to to fight monsters? Encounter shadow forms of your inner self? Awesome!

    Atlus has utterly perfected an already perfect game with Golden, the new features like being able to go out at night and giving you more
    months to play with add so much to an already long game, the combat is incredibly fun, and the music? Don't get me started, sublime.

    Persona 4 is by far my favourite game ever, and not only that, is currently leaps and bounds the greatest game on the vita system. The vita's saving grace is here, tune in to the midnight channel tonight!
  49. Nov 22, 2012
    I have been a big Persona fan since the first 2 installments was released on Playstation1 many years ago, and even though I liked the uniqe dungeon qrawel elements in the originals featured I really enjoyed the new sim and persona elements of number 3 and 4 when they were released. I have played them alot, and would honestly prefer it if Atlus focused on making Persona 5 instead of so many remakes. Its a damn great nonthereless, whom all should play, if they are a fan of JRPG style games! Expand
  50. Nov 22, 2012
    This game is EXACTLY what the vita needs right now. A great game that actually gives vita owners what they paid for. Everything about this game is PERFECTION!
  51. Nov 23, 2012
    I honestly can say that Persona 4 has to be of the greatest RPGS ever made if not the one of the best games ever created.... With that being said I would have to put this up with any final fantasy ever made including FINAL FANTASY 7. So yeah I definitely think you should buy this game if you haven't already.
  52. Nov 25, 2012
    Persona 4 Golden is an incredible game! Amazing visuals and story make this a difficult game to put down. Not to mention, the music is very catchy and fits the overall feel of the game perfectly.
  53. Nov 26, 2012
    I loved and even though I've beaten Persona 4 three times, Golden is a game that renovates and builds on the original with new events, characters and Personas. I loved the final fantasy franchise and I'd stick this game on par with my favorite final fantasy game (FF9). There's less load times, greater variety to do, and heck you can sneak out in the nights just like Persona 3. This is probably the most fulfilling game I've ever played, keep in mind I love a bunch of non-jrpgs like AC series, Uncharted series, but not once have I ever felt for any characters as I have in this game, it's truly an art that should appreciated for what it is amazing. Overall the best vita game I own, and one of my favorite games of all time. Expand
  54. Nov 26, 2012
    Revisiting an old memory. Seeing old friends, and having something new to talk about. This is what you get from Persona 4 Golden. Atlus Co. did an amazing job porting one of the best PS2 generation of games, and I should say, A port is more than what this package is. Social aspects. New links, new ways to explore, new mini games, Trophy support making that Oh so inevitable second (or third) play though about as full fulling as the first. The Vita's OLED screen shows the magic of Inaba and the TV world pop out and look like new again, all of this and more makes this game THE reason to snatch the powerful handheld up. Making this one of my favorites of 2012. Expand
  55. Nov 29, 2012
    Persona 4 Golden is a port of the original Persona 4 from the PS2 to the Vita. It's chock full of new content ranging from an improved system to new areas/locales to explore. Graphics look sleek and sharp on the vita, and the lines really do pop. For returning Persona 4 players worry not, Golden boasts loads of new content and while not the game-changer FeMC that was in P3P, is still enough to keep you interested and surprised at the additions made into the game. If you've never played Persona 4, or any Persona game in general, and you like RPGs in any form. Well, go buy the game now! You shouldn't be wasting your time reading reviews here, with around 60+ hrs for the first run through, your getting lots of value for your money. Throw in a great story and battle mechanics, P4G stands to be one of the best Games out there, regardless of genre. Expand
  56. Dec 21, 2013
    I rarely give anything a perfect score. But Persona 4 Golden is as close as it gets. The story is fantastic, the characters are brilliantly portrayed and you feel a real connection to them, the voice-acting is pretty much the best I've seen in a videogame, the gameplay is superb, and for a PS2 port the graphics are good. This isn't only something that will appeal to JRPG fans, but to ANY gamer out there looking for an amazing experience. Expand
  57. Nov 29, 2012
    This is an amazing game. I bought a PS Vita just for this game and I am 100% satisfied. Do not lose the chance to play one of the best RPG ever made. I am sure you won't regret it.
  58. Dec 12, 2012
    Persona 4 Golden is a must have if you have a PlayStation Vita. This game hardly feels like a remake of the original game.
  59. Dec 14, 2012
    An absolutely fantastic game! While Atlus seems to know how to improve upon a great game, there are still tiny quirks that bother me a bit. Things like unmoving mouths during speech and the fact that the people don't seem to know what anti-aliasing is bother me a bit, but no game is perfect. The fact remains that this game is a fantastic RPG with well-written characters and a combat system with enough strategy and flair to keep battles interesting even after you're 50+ hours into this title Expand
  60. Dec 26, 2012
    Best Portable game ever? Quite Possibly. The latest etnry into the series only shows improvement on the already well done job from earlier entries into the series. It makes full use of the powerful processor on the PS Vita, so everything you liked about the PS2 original stays the way it is with improvements added. The story is well done and will keep you on the edge of your seat, the already popular social links return with new additions, and some more voices are added to dialogues. A must have for the PS Vita when compared with the lacking library of the handheld, and I would recommend it to anyone I know. Expand
  61. Jan 3, 2013
    I have never played a Persona game before and I was delighted to find that Persona 4 is unbelievably good. I haven't enjoyed an RPG this much since Final Fantasy 8. The gameplay is solid, the RPG mechanics are hardcore and the battles can be tricky. This was one of few games that I really enjoyed grinding levels on.
    The real reason this game is good though is the Characters. I genuinely
    wanted to help out the annoying kid, flirt with Yukiko or go on a beach trip. The issues that are covered with each character are deep and can be challenging as a player.
    I have got about five games waiting for me to play them but am going to go for the new game plus before starting them.
  62. Jan 8, 2013
    Serial killers and a drag queen pageant? Count me in! I've never actually played through any of the previous Persona titles, but this one had me hooked from the start. Although it is about as good as any game can be, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the actual combat system is at times a tiny bit stifled and certainly derivative... but any reflection these complaints have on the score are made irrelevant by the superior characters and terrific plot. I don't think I can remember a game that has made me laugh so much! Not to say there aren't some tender moments, but I think it is safe to say that Persona 4 is an action comedy. Throw in a murder mystery, a killer-on-the-loose, great extras and tons of optional missions, and you've got the game of the year. Every day's great at your Junes! Expand
  63. Aug 24, 2013
    Let me start off be saying that I typically do not care for JRPGs, but this game that I thought might take several months to beat is so deep, so well-voiced and so content-rich that I couldn't put it down, plowing through the whole story (70 hours or so) in just a few weeks.

    Any game that can make you excited about reading a book or attending basketball practice must be doing
    something right. The voice actors are phenomenal. The dungeon-crawling gameplay is challenging but fair (with a few minor but completely unavoidable exceptions). The story can be a little absurd at times, but it is a hell of a lot of fun to work through.

    This game is an absolute must-play for anyone, regardless of your preferences. If you have a Vita and haven't played this game yet, you're doing things wrong.
  64. Jan 8, 2013
    This game is perfection. The voice acting is simply amazing. The game-play and story telling are to die for. Anyone with a PS Vita must pick up this game. By far the best game on the Vita so far. This game goes in my book as, by far, game of the year for 2012. I have never experienced so many feels in a video game before; except maybe from P3P.
  65. Jan 18, 2013
    This is the best RPG i have played in a very long time. If you do not play this you are truly missing out, this game brings RPG's back to old school turn based fighting system while incorporating decision making to influence the story much like in Dragons age or The Elder scrolls Games. It is sure to quickly make its way into your heart as one of the best games you ever play with its dark story telling and adult situations. I give this game a 9.8 out of 10. :) Expand
  66. Jan 11, 2013
    Beautiful game with beautiful adds. Bravo Atlus. This is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous!
  67. Jan 15, 2013
    An excellent upgrade of the PS2 version, fixing issues the game had and a decent amount of new content. Writing is good, gameplay is strategic, and characters are fun. If you like JRPGs, get it. If you're not sure, get it.
  68. Jan 25, 2013
    I can't name one game other than Persona 4 that has made me go out and buy a new console. I first played Persona 3 Portable on my PSP and instantly fell in love with the gameplay. After 250+ hours of playing P3P, I wanted a new Persona experience. This led to my discovery of Persona 4 Golden and its exclusivity on the PSVita. The story line has a much lighter tone than P3 but it still enjoyable. The gameplay has remained intact as there is sort of 2 games in 1. 1 aspect of the game is Persona itself where you and your team go through dungeons fighting monster in a turn-based manner. The other aspect is a sort of sim-like game where you have ti manage your time between your friends and school life. This leads to a unique style of game. I did play Persona 4 on a emulator before buying the game on the PSVita and have to say that they did a considerable amount to the port. You have 2 new social links, a garden, a SOS feature (which to be honest makes the game easier and in my opinion more enjoyable), new cutscenes, and a brand new trips you can experience. For the most part they have taken Persona 4 which is considered one of the greatest games of all time and even made it better. However one major complaint I have is the new voice actor for Chie. The new voice actor sounds nasally and whiny. If you are Persona fan, rpg fan, or looking for a new gaming experience I would definitely buy this game. Expand
  69. Jan 28, 2013
    Everything is so right about this game. Solid gameplay mechanics, good visuals and an incredible cast of vibrant characters. This game was the reason I bought a Vita.
  70. Feb 16, 2013
    WOW!! How does Atlus make a remastered remake better than the original game which was already great. I completely stunned by how good this remake is, it's definitely a must own to any Vita owners. I've always been a fan of the persona series, especially starting from persona 2. Not only does this game meets the hype but somehow significantly surpasses my expectations.
    - Gameplay The
    gameplay mechanics are still the same as the original but Atlus added a couple of new functions to deepen the experience. They added 2 new difficulties (Very Easy and Very Hard) and have the option to change the rules and settings of it once you beaten the game. They added more rewards for doing social links with others especially with your teammates because they give you social link skills if you hit a certain rank. And Atlus added two new social links into the game, Marie and Adachi, both of which are interesting and have an interesting conclusion. Because of social link skills and abilities Rise is a lot more useful in this one than the original. She was only used for scanning, treasure location, and enemy locations but now she can protect you from fatal blows (once every battle), heal your HP and SP, gives you stat buffs, and can charge you up. There were lots of times when I shouted in happiness when Rise saved my butt. There are so much things to say about this game but I don't have a lot of spaces to write all of it. 10/10
    - Graphics The graphics are HD remastered, the characters are much clearer and nice to looks at. The animation cut scenes gets a HD remaster and they added new cut scenes with the new events. The visuals are a lot more colourful and pretty to look at (sometimes too colourful 10/10
    -Story The story is basically the same as the original except you get more events, two new endings, and two new characters. The story was always a hit and miss for me but it's the characters that really makes love the game. I actually felt like I was the main protagonist and the friends were believable and likeable too. 9/10
    - Sound The music is always catchy and upbeat as ever! And they also added new music which in my surprised made the game even more epic and enjoyable to play. The new Teddie voice actor did a great job in sounding like the original Teddie. Now the new Chie voice actor is a pass for me... just a pass (if I had to give her a score it would be 5/10) I mean sure she sounds like an annoying brat. The voice isn't actually bad, just badly timed voice acting. Though I do prefer the old Chie since that was the one I heard first. 10/10
    - Lasting Appeal It was GREAT!!! TV listing was a great addition, new events, gardening, the extra two months of free time, the funny 8-bit boss theme, and many more. I felt completely satisfied with the remake. 10/10 Of course this game isn't perfect and it is definitely has a few bugs but the goods significantly outweighs the bad points. It's actually one of the biggest reason I bought a Vita other than Gravity Rush. I would totally recommended it to anyone who is a fan of JRPG, Character-driven story, and who loves anime.
  71. Jul 23, 2014
    This is a great game. The story is unpredictable which keeps it interesting as well as the strategic combat. It does a great job getting you invested in all of the characters through their back stories and just hanging out with them. Not many games can make you laugh like this game and then make you this sad too. It definitely lives up to all the hype and exceeded my expectations for it. Highly Recommend!!! Expand
  72. Feb 10, 2013
    Unarguably one of the best JRPGs ever, Persona 4 Golden is a must buy game for both JRPG fans and for Vita owners. The story is compelling, the characters are endearing and believable, and the soundtrack is simply amazing as well. The gameplay consists of two sections; the school/social simulator and the dungeon crawling RPG segments. The battle system is intuitive and fun, and by the time you get fed with all the fighting, the school simulator acts as a nice change of pace, while adding more depth to each and everyone of the characters. There is also a lot of content in this game, ranging from a quiz show mini-game to videos of Persona soundtrack concerts. Lots of things have been added to the game as well including new cut-scenes, new events, new social links, and a few more. The story is very engaging and features some of the best voice acting in gaming, which is good as there are a lot of talking in this game. The only gripe I have is that the story wasn't as epic as Persona 3 in my opinion, but the characters are much more fleshed out and there are more numerous plot twists to keep people hooked too. A great game all in all with lots of extra content to keep many satisfied, this game is truly golden in every aspect. Expand
  73. Jan 18, 2014
    Persona 4 Golden is a wonderfully made game that is an actual improvement on the PS2 version. Its the extra details that really win one over such as the new levels, and cut scenes. Worth a second play through at least.
  74. Mar 5, 2013
    Absolutely amazing game and certainly 'THE GAME' for the Vita at the moment. If anyone was in doubt about buying a PS Vita, buy one to play this game.

    The first few hours just scratch the surface as the game sucks you into the story. Animation as you would expect is superb, and the Odd 'Cut Scenes' are brilliant and shows Anime at its best.

    As you play the game more and more, gain
    more power and more personas you find yourself playing constantly to see what the next challenge will be! From building your own characters strengths by social links to gaining more personas, or combining different personas to create even more powerful ones, is genius!

    Don't think, reach into your deep pockets and buy this game!
  75. Mar 3, 2013
    I was thinking of selling my Vita before I stumbled on this game but this game alone proves that games can be done right. This is possibly one the most polished and fun games I've EVER played, and I'm usually quite pessimistic about my games. You can check all the other reviews for the details I'm sure, and I don't want to be the 100th odd person to repeat about the good stuff, but if you're reading this -
    there is a reason everybody is raving about this game, so go out and buy it. It starts a little slow but man is it worth sticking by.
  76. Mar 22, 2013
    Questo porting migliorato di persona 4, iconico capitolo della serie nato alla fine del ciclo vitale di ps2 e oggetto l’anno passato di un adattamento anime, si appresta a portare su Vita un’avventura JRPG a metà fra investigazioni, soprannaturale e slice of life, con numerose aggiunte fra cui nuove Persona evocabili dai protagonisti, tanti eventi aggiuntivi ed un nuovo personaggio creato ad hoc. http://blackops2.altervista.org/guida-ita-persona-4-golden-in-italiano/ Expand
  77. Apr 15, 2013
    I brought this game after going to the store for no ni kuni and coming to the conclusion that it was sold out. I never played a persona game before, but i read some positive reviews about Persona 4 golden and was in the mood for a good JRPG. Now we are 3 weeks further and it's finished. I've spend nearly 85 hours on my first playtrough, and it was worth every second. Persona really sucked me up in his world. Never did i care more about game characters. I almost felt like a teen again, One of the best things about this game is the feeling that everything you do really ads to your character. the social-sim part of the game is great. You can interact with lot's of people in the game and you can develop several social links, deeper relations with other characters. Most of them are quite interesting and add to the main story.

    The dungeon's in the game are beautifull and various. The batlle system is just deep enough to stay interesting. Getting better persona by fusing them is really great. The story makes that you want to go further. the game has a cool style, after some hours you will defenetly fall in love. Cutscenes are stunning and give you the feeling that you have accomplished something.

    Playing this on the vita really changed my relationship with the console I brought it at launch, and i was already quite happy with the titles that appeared on it. This game only made the bound much stronger, for three weeks it was my closest companion (to despair of my girlfriend)

    For me this game is one love letter to gaming in general. It made me feel great, sometimes sad, other times messed up. It made me love Japanese games again. Directly after finishing this i brought persona 3. For a guy with the bad habbit of not finishing his RPG's because there's always something else to play, I think this proves how good this game was for me. And now let's pray for Persona 5 also coming out on the vita (i wouldn't want to miss the pause function for the dungeon segments).
  78. Apr 24, 2013
    Probably one of the best games out on the PS vita and probably for a long time. Persona 4 does so many things right that it be impossible not to enjoy this game. The game looks excellent on the PS vita screen and similar to the PS2 release awhile ago. As the game progresses you meet many different characters that help you throughout the game. The characters are well introduced and as you spend time with them you end up caring for them. But this wouldn't be possible without the the great voice acting put into each character. Even though the main protagonist is silent it doesn't really matter. Not only that but as your bond grows with them you become stronger and you can created stronger persona's as a result. Persona's are basically monster that help you in battle that are more powerful as you create bonds. The game play is really fun in persona and there are many personas a person can make. The story is great as you slowly get closer and closer to finding out who the murderer is. You can end up putting up at least 60 hours in this game and more if you put your time into it. So if you have a PS vita this game is well worth your purchase. Expand
  79. ERB
    Jan 23, 2014
    This is the King Of PlayStation Vita games.The game play is fun the story is great and interesting.Persona 4 lives up to the hype we were all expecting and importantly it surpasses the hype.Buy this game now and play it.This game is the number 1 reason to buy a PlayStation Vita.
  80. Sep 13, 2013
    Wow, just wow! Probably the best game of all time! Nothing comes close. Quality surpasses anything I've ever seen. People who dislike this game probably hate JRPG's. Western gaming culture will never come close to this.
  81. Feb 1, 2014
    With the brilliant soundtrack, especially ' the almighty ' likeable characters and addicting gameplay persona 4 golden is not only the best game on the Vita its the greatest JRPG ever made IMO.
  82. May 10, 2013
    One of the best (if not THE best) RPGs i've played in many many years. Persona 4 Golden is a must buy for Vita owners that did not play the original. The story telling and characters will make u sob when the game is over (seriously, u wish it never ends). Comparing to many great RPGs such as fire emblem, this one is more closer to the heart and you become more attached to the game world and characters. Expand
  83. Dec 27, 2013
    Persona 4 is one of the greatest games I have every played and now, Atlus releases the same game, enhanced, and with 30+ hours of content. I recommend anyone with a interest in RPG and story to buy this game.
  84. Jun 4, 2013
    It is very strange to see such a perfect game in JRPG genre today. It is not a secret, that japanese gaming is already dead, because of the games that look outdated, have a bad outdated gameplay and poor gamedesign. Times of Final Fantasy and Xenogears had passed long long time ago.
    In the PS2 era, ATLUS was the last japanese developer, that made really new thrilling RPG's. Persona 3, SMT
    Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, those titles were amazing, brining the modern and mature JRPG formula to the gamer.
    But at the end they failed. Releasing P4 on PS2 was a horrible mistake. Only 80 000 copies where sold, and thousands of gamers (exept fans) missed one of the greatest jrpg's of a decade.

    Re-releasing it was a right step. Re-releasing it on a portable device was even better.

    Now we have a great game on the go. there is no way to judge the gameplay formula of Persona 4. It is very peculiar.
    Characters are interesting and deep, dialogues are polished. This are not the things modern japanese games are made of.

    Persona 4 is not the best in visuals. But graphics are nice, and overwhelming gamedesign does the rest.

    The game became better, bigger, and got in the palm of your hand

    Bravo ATLUS. We hope that it is not the last time. Looking forward for more installations in Persona franchise, modern, cool, and deep. And we wait for more PS2 remakes on VITA.
  85. Jun 9, 2013
    This is THE best game on PS Vita. Sure there is Uncharted and MGS collection and stuff, but you can find better versions on PS3. This is THE game that made me not regret buying a PS Vita. I was skeptical before I bought it because I was never a big fan of JRPG, but this game just blew my mind. If you don't have this game, then you don't really own a PS Vita. It's that good.
  86. Jun 20, 2013
    Original was really good,and this version is perfected Persona's franchise gameplay.
    I'm a big fan of Persona series,especially Persona3 which I still play.
    All in all,reason to get PS Vita, gets an 10/10,for it's perfection
  87. Jun 24, 2013
    This new rendition of a great classic, became the GREATEST one to date. Everything. I mean everything, that I wanted from an RPG game is here. I could never stress out how much I'm astonished by playing this... "thing" (is it a port? is it a remake? I can't describe its uniqueness). By all means, this game is legendary on all levels and attained a better position than its PS2 counterpart. With all the new features such as the "online mode" stacked into one already-great game, this updated version is worth my every buck. In short, I got more than what I paid for. Expand
  88. OoD
    Jun 24, 2013
    This game is pure gold. A ton of great new content added onto an already great game, and now its portable. A great storyline and very lovable characters makes this an amazing game. Overall, the reason to own a Vita.
  89. Jun 29, 2013
    Its a huge STEP UP! after playing persona 3 portable. Its also the deepest series in a franchise I ever played. I hope new fans of the franchise will stick to Atlus and see what news they have to offer.
  90. Jul 5, 2013
    Never before have I become so invested in an rpg, everything about this game reeks of style and charm, It is hard to explain the emotional impact of persona 4, that I think is the games greatest strength, if you have any anti-anime bias, its time to get over it, because you are missing out on a true classic...
  91. Jul 21, 2013
    The first time I heard about persona 4 was from a friend who watched persona 4 the animation and convinced me to watch it, needless to say I was hooked and when I heard it was based on a game I had to buy it. Getting persona 4 Golden was the best decision I made. This game has to be the best JRPG I have ever played in my life I am hooked. I definitely recommend this for anyone who is into JRPG
  92. Jul 24, 2013
    Oh my god, just completed the gameand i must say, this is by far the best game i've ever played. I have never seen a game with such dedicated and effort put into a title. Every dialog, scene and story is well pieced together and fits perfectly. The character designs are well thought of and never feels out of place.
    Despite being a re-release of the title for a newer console, Atlus has
    added plenty of new features such as animated cut-scenes and online features that definitely spices things up even for people who have already completed the title before. The game features over 70 hours of gameplay which would keep you entertain for weeks or months to come, with such interesting story, it never gets tiring. Expand
  93. Jul 9, 2014
    10/10 el mejor juego de todos jeje es neta no mames este juego es una vergototota asi de 8 kilometros para dentro de tu cola asi bien gigantesca y venosa y peluda, asi bien brillante vhorreando semen asi cccfffrchfhrfhrcfhr ssacando fuego, no mames comprenlo o pirateenselo sin un unos plebs **** jodidos de mierda pero en serio no se deberian perder esta maravilla, si tienes cancer o sida o cualquie rotra enfermedad terminal y ya te vas a morir, jugar este juego es la ultima cosa que debes hacer en tu miserable existencia Expand
  94. Aug 22, 2013
    Do you have a PSVita, and into JRPGs? If you said yes to both, Then GET IT!
    I just finished it then, but yea, 'don't think', just get it, you won't regret it...
  95. Sep 23, 2013
    amazing. just, amazing. not only is the turn based gameplay fun, but the story is deep and engaging as well as the characters. you spend time with them which improves your bond with them which helps you create personas and help in battle.the game has five difficulties, which range from very easy to very hard, and ng+ which lets you customize your difficulty.
  96. Sep 6, 2013
    A superb game if only more developers took inspiration from Atlus. Feels very original and is very immersive with excellent charact design and fun combat. A must on Vita
  97. Sep 17, 2013
    easily one of the best games on the vita, and a huge improvement over p3p in every sense aspects of the game

    the protagonist is not overpowered as he was compared to p3p and the other characters are much more useful in combat

    so many hidden secrets and love the social links

    it has a lot of replayablility
  98. Oct 8, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden is what i would call, is a game close to perfection (Yes, it is my favorite game of all time)

    I have not played any of the early realises nor have i played the original PS2 edition. It was just a coincidence i brought it. I had a PS Vita, which was lacking good games, I saw that P4G got great reviews, and i thought why not? And I don't like playing Turn Based RPGs, i
    brought it from pure curiosity.

    P4G opened my eyes to something new, i now find turn based gameplay more tolerating and I've fallen got an bigger eye open for games and Anime from Japan.

    I was laughing with the characters, crying, and i even got true feelings for them. P4G is a emotional rollercoaster that keeps you attached to the characters and the world all the way towards the end.

    The Good:
    - Amazing visuals
    - Great voice acting
    - Best writing in gaming history
    - Easy gameplay
    - 100+ Hours of gameplay

    The Bad:
    - You lose your life (The real one)

    I know this review wont be convincing, but really i beg you to try it out. Its the perfect console seller, so buy a PS Vita just for this game!
  99. Apr 7, 2014
    one of my all time favorite games! the vita version is by far a huge improvement on the ps2 version, if you haven't played this yet I recommend you do! it's fantastic!

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Critic score distribution:
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  1. Apr 18, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden is part detective novel, part teenage simulation and part asian RPG – all being important pieces which combine to create some of the most memorable and entertaining moments I’ve ever had with a JRPG.
  2. Apr 15, 2013
    Persona 4 Golden manages to make a classic JRPG even better. A definite buy for any Vita owners, and actually a good enough reason to justify the purchase of Sony's struggling handheld. [Apr 2013]
  3. Persona 4 Golden is a Tardis of a game. Initially, it seems cute and friendly and it hooks you with its murder mystery and time management focus. Once you get inside, it opens up exponentially, awing you with its scope. [March 2013, p76]