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  1. Nov 20, 2012
    for anyone interested in 4-player brawlers this is a must have, with over 1000 unlockables, a cool roster with some awesome Rivalry battles, (Ratchet & Clank vs Jak & Daxter). Game has already confirmed 2 free characters dlc add ons for 2013. This is no budget title, with characters from Dante, to Raiden, to Big Daddy's appearance with all the original VA and new dialog. I was sceptical of Super kills, and one rare item that kills, but honestly it makes this game a completely original game and Santa Monica, SuperBot, Blueprint and Sony should be commended for making a truely great competitor for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Expand
  2. Nov 20, 2012
    Amazing game on the go, the only bad thing is that the vita's screen is not as comfortable as a tv, but that's obvious. Getting 2 games just for buying one is amazing, it does have story mode and tons of unlockables
  3. Dec 8, 2012
    The most unbalanced game I've ever played. I really tried I have over 140hrs in this and most characters have 30 or more moves but the people who are on the top leader boards just spam the same two or three attacks until lvl 3. Sly, kratos, and sackboy are easily the strongest character in the game by far. have both of them on your team on 2v2 and its and unbeatable team.
  4. Nov 20, 2012
    I'm the biggest Smash brother fan, and I gotta say this game is 10000000000% better than Smash Brother. Nothing in that game can beat this one. It's just so amazing! Supers check, amazing characters check, awesome stages check. It's the whole package.
  5. Nov 20, 2012
    Mixed reviews is good to show to everybody that they are just personal opinions and not the truth. This game will please anyone, like me, that loves tha Playstation brand. Amazing game. 10/10
  6. Nov 20, 2012
    sonyfanboy92 rate this amazing with score equals 2 just 2 and when i see his review for cod black ops he rate it 10 as me but he writes in his review shoot zombies and their is no zombies in the game that mean he is a big liar and he does not have vita
  7. Nov 20, 2012
    Plays like a budget title. You don't win by beating your opponent, oh no. You win by pressing random buttons until your special meter builds up and then if you land a special you gain a point. Sounds like a chore, and it is. it's a lifeless game, all the characters have the same fall animations, the menus look like a bargain bin game. They're actually asking full price for this. Buyers beware. -No Story mode -15 character -all from the PS3 era. Go out and play Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, it's a much better smash bros clone for the PS3. It also has a larger cast, a story mode, and various multiplayer modes Expand
  8. Dec 27, 2012
    Sad attempt by Sony to clone Nintendo's successful franchises. I have owned Play Station, Play Station 2, and I can't name half the characters by looking at them. Sad part is, a bunch of them aren't even Sony characters in the first place, so what's the point? I wish Sony would focus on making their own IP's instead of trying to copy someone else. Nothing new here whatsover.
  9. Nov 20, 2012
    very good game i am playstation fan and the game really fun i always use drake and cole and i am pretty happy with kat its very fun to choose her thank you sony this is very solid game for any vita owner
  10. Nov 20, 2012
    the price and the cross buy features are nice especially with overprice crap like COD vita but after that is just a super smash clone with nothing new, just another prove that sony dont know what to do with the market anymore.
  11. Dop
    Nov 20, 2012
    Im enjoying the game but is nothing beyond extraordinary, especially for the pointless singleplayer expirence and the limited roster with some disappointing characters that dont live up to the ps history. smashing people against the walls and the tension to build the lvl 3 bar is fun, more if u put some friends in, but after that is just more of the same SSMB old formula, simple because it doesnt have enough variety. Expand
  12. 4DI
    Nov 26, 2012
    You know. It ain't half bad
  13. Nov 21, 2012
    I was not particular interested in this game since the announcement, a friend of mine gave me a copy as a gift to me and I had no choice but trying it. Well its not a bad game. Its nice to c we have an interesting collection of all the memorable environments and characters in a game. Best things I found about the game is the interactive arenas. The characters are quiet balanced and its interesting to try the different move lists with each character and master your skills. However, the game is flawed. its shame to see they did not provide a good single player experience, it seems like the single player is just a training area to improve your skills for the multiplayer. Next when you move to multiplayer the real fun began. The multi is really good experience. I am happy to see the few last games of vita including this and MW, LBP are offering console quality multiplayer experiences. The graphics are not really nice in PS3 as well but overall both versions looks similar, frame rate is stable and the graphics suits the mood of the game. What you pay for this game u get it back. Not that much expensive like overprices games with stupid contents of sega era (COD VITA). and you get crossplay/buy for your PS3. well i guess this game is a must for every SONY BRAND LOVER ! and its sure a beautiful game on vita. i even found it more enjoyable on vita than the PS3. The experience is totally same but it just feels like its better on the go .... pick this game if u like combat games, it will not disappointing you otherwise a better choice is obviously BlazBlue - MK and then STxT Expand
  14. Nov 20, 2012
    This game is far from perfection but I´m optimist with this. We already have 2 new characters FREE next year, if the Dev company continue the support this game will be HUGE. With a LOT of new characters, stages and new features. If you buy this game please continue the support buying the DLCs.
  15. Nov 29, 2012
    I'll keep it short and simple. It's a fun game with great mechanics, but everything that surrounds it is sub par. The menus, the trials, and extras, are all there but they lack a level of polish you would expect of a AAA game. If you love Sony, or like fighting games I would pick it up.
  16. Nov 23, 2012
    Very solid game, in fact the game I'm enjoying the most on VITA right now. I should first admit I didn't expect anything out of it. I wasn't even a Smash Bros fan to begin with (even if I played the hell of the "Subspace Emissary" mode, back in the day). I found something really 'fresh' in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, not sure how to explain. The stages are beautiful, clever and inventive, the characters have a LOT of moves, and it's a totally different experience than Smash Bros if you go past the interface and look of things. For starters, it's not about throwing your opponents off a stage, but try to stack as much kills as possible before the timer runs out. I haven't been frustrated a single time. This game is just plain fun, in fact I can't even think of a single annoying thing. Once again, no game is perfect but 10/10 are for games that are the best you can imagine for a 'given' system. Well PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is what any PS VITA title should be. I really didn't expect a lot of it, and ended up being surprised because I expected a Smash Bros clone, but found something totally original and fun. PS: got this 'for free' together with the PS3 version, what a great deal - I can't believe it actually runs & feels as good as the PS3 version. SuperBot outdone themselves on this one! Expand
  17. Nov 28, 2012
    This game completely exceeded my expectations. I recommend it to anyone who loves fun! It's addicting and can get pretty competitive if you play online or with friends next to you.
  18. Nov 24, 2012
    This review is mostly pasted from my PS3 review however thats an acheivement for Vita in itself as all the functionality of the PS3 can be found here and in some instances the Vita actually does it better than its big brother counterpart. The Vita version is particularly great due to the online working so well from it as I've actually had more successful matches faster on Vita through WiFi than I have on my PS3 through Ethernet which is to say something of the Vita version. The game weighs in at 1.6GB compared to the 5.9 of its PS3 counterpart but lacks hardly any of the punch apart from slightly worse graphical power. However this game is an impressive feat and the cross play I cannot stress enough is really god fun especially when its frame for frame the same as the PS3 version and Cross buy. That's why this game pushes slightly above the 8.5 (or 8 on Metacritic scale) I gave the PS3 edition the portability is great and the touchscreen makes navigating faster. Pasted review below with updated Vita scores:
    An superb take on the brawler genre! Whilst it does have its problems including character balancing issues (Kratos in particular is still a bit of a nuisance.) and at times it feels as if all the skills you've learned in the trial modes don't quite pay off online, as a whole its a great games. Now there are obvious comparisons to SSB but I suggest that's where you stop with artistic concept. The gameplay mechanisms are so different that to go into this expecting SSB is a big mistake. Unlike the team Sora's title this game tries to find a middle ground between party brawler and serious fighter, which leads to its distinctiveness but also it's downfalls. As stated above learning a full set of moves and how to implement combos might work out effectively for the most part, especially in 1 V 1 but not so much with 4 brawlers on the screen, which is disappointing but not the end of the world as they will still come in handy when your not pelted to the other side of the screen. Finally to get my last to 'bad' points out of the way, the presentation of the game defiately lacks finesse. Bare menus, often WTF VO's for the intro and a slapdash approach to many of the rival battles is slightly disapointing and is a low note. The 'Last boss' is also very disappointing, fair enough I didn't want a boss as hard as Seth or Shao Khan but I did want a boss which wasn't just a collection of fighter from the game it is quite underwhelming and I belive it might have been better to take the Seth approach in having a single boss with the move set of a few of the characters from the game, it just seems like a missed opportunity. With all of this said the game really shines with its seamless cross play functionality and cross save functionality which run flawlessly (albeit without cross trophy support currently). Also some of the deeper depth is great and whilst I moaned a bit about it earlier its certainly nice to have some deeper skill under the hood the the mechanics. The roster is nice and varied and actually I find the close ranged characters better despite many complaining about the long rangers. But most of all its great fun especially in MP, and if you have a whole group of your friends in a party on Vita and PS3 it is an absolute blast to play. Presentation: 7.5
    Graphics: 8.5 (on the PSV scale of graphics as the graphics are not better than the PS3 but are so close)
    Longevity: 9.5
    Overall: 9
  19. Dec 31, 2012
    The game is not that bad with people saying it's a ssb clone. IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE it's just sony's turn to do it with PlayStation characters. The game is fun with your family or friends. But there are some cons about the game. There are glitches in online, people using op characters such as kratos, raiden or dante. The game just doesn't really feel like a ssb clone to me. My excuse is also they made the supers only to kill people so no health....Just killing people with supers. I can't really get a game in 1st anyway because people using the op characters and people who just don't try other characters. The game deserves a 7/10 though it's not great enough to be a ssb clone but a good one to say the least. Expand
  20. Sep 29, 2013
    Great fun, especially with friends. A lot of characters to select from, and you can also buy more from the store. I love the Vita version but on the PS3 it's equally fun (cross-play is supported).
  21. Jan 17, 2013
    A ton of fun! Just as fun as SSB without the need to own a Nintendo console for just that game. Multiplayer is pretty balanced except Kratos being super-overpowered. Arcade mode is fun and its quick and easy to find matches online. I wish there were more characters, but that doesnt detract from the experience.
  22. Nov 26, 2012
    Two words: Mind. Blown. Wow, I must admit, my expectations and excitement for this game was very low throughout the year. I saw footage, wasn't blown away. Heard the character roster, wasn't blown away. Then, I played the beta. Only four characters, but I still started to get a feel for the game and what exactly Superbot was trying to accomplish. It slowly started to make sense. Sounds weird I know, especially with a game that appears on the surface to be rather shallow. Build meter. Super. Rinse and repeat right? When you first pick up the sticks, understanding what exactly you're supposed to do may feel a little foreign if you haven't done this kind of thing before. But MY OH MY once sink your teeth into it, once you figure out the little nuances and the variations of playstyles depending on the character you pick (characters you're fighting against) AND the level you're fighting in (trust me, it matters) what you discover is a game of mighty depth. A game with gameplay so addictive I have not stop playing for one minute since last night at midnight. It's incredibly fun. Incredibly addictive. Incredibly nuanced. Superbot has pulled off the impossible. They actually made a GREAT FIGHTING GAME combined with a great social experience. Four on Four chaos is how this game was meant to be enjoyed. Even if it's just you, or you and a friend playing, add two AI characters into the mix because when it's four on four the fun factor quadruples to astronomical heights. Ok, whew, now back to the action. Oh, and thank you Superbot. Thank you. Expand
  23. Feb 9, 2013
    I don't think PASBR will win against the big daddy Smash Bros. but its a good addition to this type of the fighting genre. It's just a fun yet simple formula with a short catalog of characters that in my most sincere opinion many of them feel unnecessary to a game that is supposed to be very Sony like for example, here we have Raiden, Big daddy that by no reason this guy came first when the Xbox 360 was growing then Dante and Heihachi. And I mean many of these characters started in with the PS back in the day but they are starting to feel multi -platform in this generation the other complain is many of these characters the ones naturally from Sony are forgettable and I mean forgettable in terms of popularity why no Crash or Spyro in favor of Toro while is a Sony character is still not so relevant But anyway other than that the gameplay is very intriguing with a responsive style well checking it I'm glad Sony made this and I'm very glad they have found a clever style for their own family Expand
  24. Feb 8, 2013
    This is a DIFFERENT game than Super Smash Bros. It is not a clone, but definitely draws from the original idea. First, the biggest WOW factor" for me is the cross-play/cross-buy between the Vita and PS3 version. This is an idea that is fantastic. Not only is the value of the purchase significant, but the whole idea is something I've been waiting for awhile now. The character roster is doable. It is not going to satisfy everyone. You will always have those "where is this character?" and "why didn't they include this character?" people, but the amount of playable characters is sufficient for a first go-around. The characters feel like you took them directly out of their original games and put them into the battle arena. What I mean is that they characters actually feel like they do in their own games, which is something I can't say for Super Smash Bros. The story mode is lazy with really no substance. It's the biggest detractor. They had a huge opportunity to blow any Super Smash comparisons out of the water with a superb single player story, but entered the same pitfall and ended up actually considerably worse than its prime competitor. The unlockables are great, but still not as solid as Super Smash. I had spent many hours with SSB Brawl that had more meaningful and varied unlockables. The games biggest gameplay difference is the Special Gauge. Once this meter fills up, you perform your special which is the only way to get kills. This style will grow on you, but it makes character selection more heavy on their specials than the normal combat moves. The game seems to focus on online play, which is definitely fine by me. It's fun and connection is pretty seamless. Overall, I'd definitely recommend it. Expand
  25. Apr 9, 2013
    All-stars plays exactly like the PS3 counterpart, which is impressive. However, the smaller screen real estate on the Vita makes it much harder to see what is going on, especially when the game gets frantic with four characters attacking on screen at the same time, which is often. Other than that, the game has been supported with numerous updates which served to fix most of the problems with character balancing and the addition of some characters through DLC has helped, but this game should have shipped with more characters in the first place (at least 25-30). Hopefully this will be fixed in a sequel, as well as adding generally more famous characters to make the game more relevant. All that said, the game is fun with friends and worthy of your time to learn the move-sets of the characters and see how each one plays. The arcade mode is quite lackluster, utilizing mostly stills for cut scenes and very little explanation as to why the characters are there or fighting each other. The online mode has been frequently buggy but when it worked it is competent, but many players choose the same over-powered characters leading to not much variety. Overall, it is nice to see many characters from the history of Playstation coming together, and I am excited for a sequel to see what changes they can make to improve the game. Expand
  26. Dec 12, 2012
    The game game is solid, the multiplayer is great - when it works. I participated in the Beta, and it seems that there are even more problems than when I played it back then. It takes FOREVER to find a match, and when it finally does connect, about 25% of my games lag/disconnect. I'd rate this much higher if the multiplayer wasn't so broken.
  27. Nov 23, 2012
    So after playing this game since it's release I must say I'm impressed at what they got. the gameplay is smooth, simple and fun, the graphics are rich for both PS3 and Vita and you got yourself a good selection of fighters with more to come later.

    I'm not going over what this game is, you probably know anyway so let's get to the point. battle Royal is like Brawls but with it's own
    style. The more you take on enemies the more you charge up the bar down below fr a special. When that's charged you can kill your enemy if you hit them. There's three different versions of your super attack and each takes time to charge.

    Single player.....well, your not getting much. you get a short intro (slide show anyway.) you fight, get a animated scene with your random opponent then boss fight. To be honest, once you find your fighter for the game you can pretty much beat the arcade mode in a breeze even on the hardest difficulty but it's the online that makes the game fun. Going up against real players is what makes this game shine, it's fun, fast and you'll be quickly addicted to it right away. My only flaw with this game is different game modes since you only get either free for all or team death match. It would have been a little interesting to see more game modes like one with health or a collecting game where you collect the orbs and see who has the most at the end but who knows, maybe they might release something special for it down the road.

    In the end what you get is a great game for you and your friends to play and hey, if you purchase the PS3 version online you get a free Vita copy along with it. How cool is that?
  28. Jul 13, 2013
    The game as a wonderful list of characters from Nathan Drake, Kratos, sly cooper and many other all stars of the Playstation francise. The gameplay lacks many things the supersmash bros did correctly. Playstation All Stars had a terrible Arcade mode where none of the character liked each other, the moves were based on building up your power levels to perform a super move to kill your enemies as their is no ring outs or any other ways to die. Expand
  29. Nov 20, 2012
    Game's really fun. The graphics, sound, frame-rate are on par with the PS3 version. Cross-buy is a perfect reason to buy this game. Sadly there isn't anything sophisticated for "hardcore" gamers, but this game is fun anyways.
  30. Nov 24, 2012
    Excellent game Great graphics and sound
    Online works good All the characters are very polish
    Needs dlc like crash bandicoot, cloud , sephirot, scorpion, etx io, batman , journey with his maps. But is a great game a very addicted game.
  31. Feb 13, 2013
    Playstation all stars is a great game but got bad criticism for being like super smash bros,I on the other hand disagree with that,I have played non-stop and have enjoyed every bit,from the amazing line up,a brilliant online mode and the most repayability in a vita game,I believe if you say there's nothing to play on your vita and have not tried this then you have made a mistake,by the way,I have not board and I bought it at launch Expand
  32. Dec 14, 2012
    I really love this game, but in it this is a lot of disbalance. It plays like super smash bros brawl. I cant play it more than hour in a day. This game much more better, when you are playing with your friends. Its AMAZING!!!
  33. Apr 23, 2013
    Sure, it’s often compared to Super Smash Bros., albeit deservingly, but in this instance the student has surpassed the master. Not only has SuperBot Entertainment created a title that every Sony fab-boy (including myself) has been waiting for, but they nailed it. Like a carefully groomed, ass kicking bonsai tree, the attention to detail it has received provides its beauty. This is where All-Stars roundhouse kicks SSB out of the dojo.
    The care put into every character and stage, from gathering a cast of icons from all eras of Playstation that are incredibly spot-on to stages that transport you to childhood, has shaped an enjoyably quirky atmosphere for all to enjoy. The deep combat mechanics paired with the inclusion of loads of unlockables, online matches (duh) and tournament rankings keep you coming back for more. Well done, SuperBot. Bravo.
  34. Sep 2, 2013
    A very underrated brawler, think of it as Smash Bros for the thinking man. The amount of unlockables will keep you playing for hours! My only issue is online, there is no lag, but the people who play online are INSANELY good lol
  35. Sep 10, 2013
    With a pretty big character roster, pretty good graphics, and a fast and entertaining gameplay, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a easy recommendation for the younger audience
  36. Sis
    Sep 19, 2013
    One of the best games to get for the Vita. Many would say that just because this has the same ground concept, it's instantly a copy of Super Smash Brothers, but it isn't. It has a really original way of gameplay and You might even say that this is better than Super Smash Bros. If you have a Vita, but you don't have this game, then I feel sorry for you.
  37. Feb 1, 2014
    PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale is a good game. The rooster could've been better but I happy with it. The game works that you have a bar in the bottom of the screen. The bar is the Super Meter. When fill up you could kill someone. This is how will win. You have 3 Level Supers. The Super aren't how many people you will kill is more likely you will kill someone. Some character have super that aren't good, but when you kill someone with let says Jak, Sackboy, or others is so satisfying. This game is like Super Bros., but in reverse. Instead pushing them out, you straight up kill them. There are things you could unlock like outros, intros, taunts, a costume per person, icons, background picture, victory music, maybe something else if I remember. Stages are every unique. Instead having one stage, for example Hades, you get two stages in one, like Hades being primary to Patapon being secondary. The music are remix of the stage you're playing , but in the menus and the opening theme is original. I hope there is possible sequel to improve this because this game does let room for improvements. I said get it. Should be around $29.99-$39.99 in PSN. Getting it used or cheaper should be worth it. Plus if get the PS3 or PSVITA ,or vise versa, you get the other version free. So you this only buy this once and getting PSVITA shouldn't be a risk. So getting the 9 score seem logical. Is not best game ever. When I play with friends or family or by myself we always have fun with it Expand
  38. May 2, 2014
    I like this game, it succeeded in being its own thing. it didn't feel like a super smash bros rip off because of its take on controls and using a special move to defeat your opponents. was super smash bros better? yes. but it was still a lot of fun, even though I wish I could have seen characters like spyro and crash on the game but I guess there was some licencing issues or something with that. that last boss in story modes is a little lame though. Expand
  39. May 13, 2014
    Talk about disappointing. This game had so much going for it. Its Super Smash Bros with PlayStation characters, how could you mess that up? Well they did. Lets get into some positives first. The game play and combat system are good, Its honestly better than I thought is was going to be. Characters interacting with each other was entertaining. using specials was honestly the only thing I liked better than Super Smash Bros Brawl. I think there better than final smashes. That is about it. The first problem with the game is the fact that you already have all the characters unlocked. That means there is no true reason to even play the arcade mode. There is also a lackluster roster of characters, there are only 20 (24 with DLC). Also some of these characters don't even belong in this game (Big Daddy I am looking at you). Also one of the DLC characters you can buy the guy from Dead space. Again he does not belong in this game. Fighting is fun, but will start to get boring pretty fast, and will have you just going back to Super Smash Bros. PlayStation All-stars Is simply an inferior game. If you can get this game at a good price or just rent it. There is some fun to be had. Otherwise just stick Super Smash Bros. Expand
  40. Jul 6, 2014
    A very good game which includes many favourite PlayStation characters than fans have fallen in love with throughout the years. This game is a great amount of fun, especially when playing with friends, and ironically stress relieving. Fun for all ages, though it lacks some classic PlayStation characters such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Despite this, the game is amazing and worth the purchase at the local game store. Expand
  41. Sep 21, 2014
    people call this smash bros PS edition
    people call it repetitive
    I call it simple and fun

    shure..the all-star kill system is weird, shire the story is a fighting game cliche, shire its smash bros BUT IN THE END this game was ok. i felt the roster lacked of imagination but gameplay, good fighters, fluid but broken mechanics. I'm in!
  42. Oct 29, 2014
    The best game on Vita. With many great characters, stages, and content fo choose from you're looking at the best handheld experience you can have on the go!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. Feb 1, 2013
    It has all the aspects of a Super Smash Bros., but the fact that only super attacks can kill off a character make the game feel less strategic. Still, it is a fun game to play with a few friends on the couch or online.
  2. The game feels right at home here. While it may not exactly push the PS3 to its limits, seeing it run on the PS Vita's 5 inch OLED screen is still extremely impressive. The camera keeps track of the frantic action perfectly, and although a little impact is lost the fidelity of the whole package makes up for it. [January 2013, p77]
  3. Jan 14, 2013
    With the PS3 version being far superior, the Vita version is only for those who do not own their home console brother as on the Vita it's fun but not great due to the frustration factor.