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  1. Feb 11, 2014
    Haters will always hate. Toukiden nailed the things that the popular Monster Hunter series didn't give to Vita. The story of the Slayers is definitely one of the things that surprised me, not expecting that a monster hunting game like this would have a decent one. If you're a gamer who's into graphics then Toukiden wouldn't also disappoint you. Far surpassing the graphics of any monster hunting game in any handheld device out there, this one is the best in my opinion so far. Don't mind the people who hates this game. A large sum of the Monster Hunter community would hate this game because it's annoyingly more appealing in some terms. Giving a very low score wouldn't change how good this game is. Expand
  2. Feb 11, 2014
    Toukiden is a great game.If you like this kind of games,you have to buy it.It's son fun and interesting.Psvita is a good place to hunting games as:Soul Sacrifice,Ragnarok Odyssey,God Eater 2,Freedom Wars and Toukiden.
    I recommend you this game.You will have hours and hours of fun,and Toukiden has online multiplayer too,.
  3. Feb 11, 2014
    What a amazing game. it looks so great! and i can create my own char. Yaaaay :D thank you tecmokoei for Toukiden! now i have a amazing game for my PSVita :)
  4. Feb 11, 2014
    I will review this game with a grand 10. It is wonderful to see that there are still companies that put laziness aside to take full graphical quality of a modern video game device. Sure Toukiden was inspired from games like Monster Hunter, but in my opinion Tecmo Koei managed to cover a field that Capcom franchise failed to do, after all, I was getting tired of fighting and fighting monsters without a story in the background. However, I'm still a big Monster Hunter fan. Toukiden is agile, has beautiful graphics, good insights from the point of view of battles and the concept of Mitamas brought something very interesting for this kind of game. It must be a game changer for PS Vita, or at least, it should be. Expand
  5. Feb 11, 2014
    Bringing out THE BEST from several Hunting Genre games while incorporating its own unique gameplay mechanics makes Toukiden an impressive new IP. The graphics is incredibly stunning and well detailed. Furthermore, they even tried to push the Vita to its limits by making it cope up in terms of frame rate (the first Japanese demo had horrible frame rate drops and TK did a good job fixing it).

    This game deserves a sequel --- No, not the Capcom move kind of sequel, like what most hunting games are pulling off now.
  6. Feb 11, 2014
    Exactly what the Vita needed.People stating that Toukiden is a MH clone may be right,but that doesn't mean that it isn't better than MH in all sorts of ways,because it is.
  7. Feb 16, 2014
    this is one great game, monsters that are quite difficult to kill, characters you can really start to like and a story that is quite good, if you are a fan of Dynasty warriors or samurai warriors you will love this game
  8. Feb 16, 2014
    Toukiden is currently the greatest monster hunting game for vita. Beautiful graphics, a good story (this is what Monster Hunter series doesn't have), many monsters to slay, weapon&armor XP, and mitama system that allows many combination of play style. Lobby system for online play is neat and quick. I have played another hunting games on vita (soul sacrifice, ragnarok odyssey, etc) but this is the one that looks very similar to (and as good as) MH series. The companion AI and revive feature is a great help for some people, but for me this makes the game too easy. Overall is a great game, i know there's not much great game for vita so now you can start cleaning the dust and then charge your vita for this 60+ hours adventure. Expand
  9. Feb 17, 2014
    Just like the Joe Cocker song "Up Where We Belong" we had to give this a 10. It's a VITA must-haz & more importantly it's wizard-level design, lush soundtrack, addictive gameplay & actual story make this game stand heads and shoulders above the tome of Monster Hunters. Obviously you can't have the demonic egg before the demonic chicken, but let it be known that this d-egg hatched a game with a wifu/husbando for everyone which as @tecmokoeieurope candidly states are all "very f*ckable." Whether you're an OG, OP, BIG D veteran, or a tier 1, pampers plus, googly-eyed baby boy - players of all skill levels can positively contribute in a way that's rarely seen in games via multiplayer (up to 4 players ad-hoc or online). It's a beautimus engrossing game that you could joyfully spend 40+ hours on to complete or 80+ hours to platinum. In summary, this ain't no middle-of-the-mall hack and slash, it's an elite boutique lifehack and slash fulla deadly brides and grooms. Expand
  10. Feb 24, 2014
    I'm 30 hours into the game and I haven't finished the story and I don't know how much content this will give me, but I'm hooked with the game and I'm very happy to see it in Vita.

    It seems to me that in some departments this game have been held back by the PSP version, because the stages look good but a little bland and lack textures, specially water effects. That being said, the
    graphics are very good still, the armors and weapons have different and distinct designs which look very interesting while keeping a Japanese feel to them.

    The game has a story, which is not great but it's entertaining and gives interesting context to the missions in the game and make it fun and interesting. The game is better for having it.

    Combat is really good, specially when you get to equip different Mitama (they add buffs, bonuses and different abilities) to a weapon and you learn to combine types of mitamas with a weapon that makes good use of their abilities.

    I've had some problems with the online multiplayer. It's easy to get random players to do missions but when you want to play with players you know, you have to create a lobby and a friend of mine never seems to find the lobbies I create and I can't find his. It worked really well with other people I know, and I don't know what causes the issues. There was a patch for the game today but I don't know if it has anything to do with the online game.

    Overall, I recommend this game for anyone who is interested in a Monster Hunter experience on Vita. It's not the same thing but it's a lot of fun. It strips down the grinding and difficulty (in the beginning) in exchange of fast combat and steady progress of the ranks. The enemies sometimes feel repetitive (specially the small Oni) but the Big Oni provide different opportunities for strategies, weapons and Mitama testing. Good game.
  11. Feb 19, 2014
    I've played every monster hunting game for Vita released in NA that I know of, and I was a huge fan of MHTri on the Wii, and I can finally say that MH has some worthy competition now. To be clear, Toukiden's only competition is currently on another platform. On the Vita, there isn't a better monster hunting game than Toukiden.

    I feel that the main criticisms that one could make about
    the game is that most of it is too easy. I prefer the difficulty of Tri, where the game can be difficult because you choose not to grind for better gear and therefore face tougher battles, or you could choose to grind for better gear until the battles were easier, but you probably spend more time grinding that failing and retrying boss fights. I much prefer having that choice over what happens in Toukiden, where the battles are decidedly easy until the game is almost over, and on top of that it's not difficult to keep up on gear without repeating any areas at all.

    All that means the overall experience in MH comes down to long periods of challenge ending in elation: "WHOO HOO I FINALLY BEAT THAT GUY!!" In contrast the Toukiden experience is more consistent and measured: "Well, that was pretty fun. Let's beat up something else." I personally appreciate both, but I think others could be turned off by either one. Sometimes that stretch of challenge in MH where you are grinding or can't beat a boss turns into frustration, and sometimes that measured gratification in Toukiden from beating up monsters turns into boredom.

    I'll gladly buy a Toukiden sequel on the Vita, and I hope this puts pressure on Capcom to innovate and come back to Sony.
  12. Feb 24, 2014
    Toukiden far surpasses my expectations, and while it may need another iteration or two to reach the gameplay variety and depth of its Monster Hunter inspirations, it's off to a better start than any other "Hunting Party RPG" franchise thus far. The combat, character creation/customization, use of AI teammates for those wishing to play solo, and incorporation of new gameplay concepts like Mitama and Demon Eyes are all impressive advancements over its peers Monster Hunter, God Eater, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Soul Sacrifice. The graphics are among the best on Vita, and the story is more immersive and enjoyable than what you'll typically find in this sub-genre. I found myself actually caring about the NPCs and the village we were defending. There are plenty of things to do around town, from crafting weapons/armor and accepting side quests to growing a magical tree and bathing with NPCs for stat buffs. The affinity-based social system is more compelling than it probably deserves to be, and the ability to play through multiplayer missions using only AI allies is appreciated for those without Vita-wielding buddies (though online match-making is also supported). Detractors will cite some of the features of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and 3 Ultimate that Toukiden doesn't boast - better mission variety, verticality in level design, fishing and mining mini-games, and a much-loved focus on food... But considering all the new stuff that Toukiden brings to the table, I would not be surprised if some hunting party fans come away liking this one better, especially if they're as irritated as I am about Capcom's leap to Nintendo platforms. No matter how you slice it, Toukiden is legit, and while the game already offers 80+ hours of content (about 40 for a story run, double that for all the side quests and challenges) it looks like there's plenty of DLC coming over the next few months to keep you in the fight! Expand
  13. Feb 20, 2014
    Great game which you can find many features from Monster hunter and Soul Sacrifice, tough it is not an ugly copy-cat. New weapons, air fighting, soul of warriors, and great graphics make this game fantastic. Any Monster Hunter fans or haters should give this game a try.
  14. Feb 12, 2014
    As fan of the Monster Hunter franchise I'm really impressed with this game. Of course there are several similarities with MH, but as a different game it wouldn't be fair to judge it (or despise it) because there's a similar.
    Roughly, it's a hunting and gathering game, where you can go on quests alone, with NPC's or with other people (Ad-Hoc or online). You have to kill demons and gather
    their items to create new and more powerful weapons and armor and, of course, to save your village.
    Sounds terribly similar to MH, I know, but I've gathered some pros and cons relative to MH, so you can judge the game by yourself:
    - PROS:
    > Graphics. The scenarios, the characters, the demons, the effects, the battle style... Everything looks great in this game that uses the tremendous potential of this handheld. About that you can't reasonably complain.
    > History! Unlike Monster Hunter games, where you're thrown in a world and left to kill every moving creature without knowing why, this game has some history about the world you're in, the onis, the village, the characters and the mitamas. The history didn't captivated me so far, but is better having this than having none.
    > Combat! This one really surprised me. Combat here is fluid and a lot more intense than I've seen in MH. Fighting bosses is thrilling. The breaking system is awesome. If you wanna know more, just youtube for a gameplay and see for yourself what I'm talking about.
    > Mitamas. You can unleash the power of the fallen heroes to help at your journey. Each mitama has passive skills that enhance your character, along with 4 skills that you activate during the battle. There are support, defensive, offensive and healing skills. Those should be chosen with care to balance your team when fighting bosses.
    - CONS:
    > Gear? So far I've noticed a terrible lack of weapons and armor. There are so few options that basically you can make one for each boss, using it's materials. That's nothing compared to MH wide variety. Not to mention the armor skills...
    > Gathering. Just a few shinning points on the map. Very boring, they could have done better.
    > Items. You cannot use items during missions. I know you can use mitama to aid you in battle, but this limited the possibilities of the game. There's no mining, there's no bug catching, there's no potions, no bombs... Also, farming items is quite easy in this game (at least for me), sou you don't need to hunt that boss a hundred times to make his armor set. This last is a con for me, but not for everyone...

    There are other things that I could point out, but I chose to get further on this game to say more. However, I can say for sure that this game is a must have for PSVita. People (me included) can babble all day comparing this game with Monster Hunter, but truth is: there is no Monster Hunter for Vita and it will be this way for a while now. Monster Hunter fan or not, if you like action games, this game has everything to impress you too.
  15. Feb 12, 2014
    So far I am really enjoying the game. Really fills the whole left by the absence of Monster Hunter on Vita. The graphics are very sharp and clean. You do have to like a certain amount of farming, but so far the story is better than in most Monster Hunter games... but it is also generic. Fun game though!
  16. Feb 15, 2014
    I really don't understand why people prefer Monster Hunter over these other alternatives. I find them to be significantly better, and Toukiden is no different.
  17. Feb 11, 2014
    solid boss hunting genre game, if that's what you're looking for then check this out!
    amazing graphics!

    will be great when vita tv releases in usa. really excited for that. games like this will be around for a while imho.
  18. Feb 15, 2014
    Don't automatically hate this game due to it being very similar to Monster Hunter. Out of all PS Vita games trying to replace Monster Hunter after its movement to Nintendo consoles, Toukiden should easily fill that gap. Although it doesn't have as much depth as Monster hunter but it still holds it's own by having a more refined, slower version of the hack and slash gameplay from Dynasty Warriors. Also Toukiden has an actual story that unfolds as the player progresses much like in God Eater. The graphics are also AMAZING with the Dynasty Warriors look to it.

    So go ahead and check this out. Especially those who don't live in Japan or don't know japanese and want a MH game for the vita. For those who do know japanese and/or live in japan go and get Monster Hunter: Frontier G when it comes out (or just get this anyways :P)
  19. Feb 13, 2014
    I was a big fan of Monster hunter series until it went to Nintendo consoles, and seeing that Japan is getting a PS3 MH title...i went to try this game and i love it. the story is deeper than MH, graphics are superior, but monsters are to easy when it comes to break parts, and killing them ...until now i have yet to die. I also love the upgrade system that doesn't cost you to hunt nonstop, the fact that your equipment gets XP is awesome...a solid 10 for me i will play this til another MH for vita or another Toukiden Expand
  20. Feb 15, 2014
    Monster hunter killer, this game is just gets better and better and better and better and better and better and better and better and better and better and better and better and better.
  21. Feb 16, 2014
    While the similarities w/ MH is very noticable, Tecmo Koei managed to create a very engaging game with faster combat compared to MH. Lack of weapon choices is offset by the staggering amounts Mitama and combinations. I personally prefer this over MH anyday
  22. Feb 18, 2014
    First off I hate it when people call all hunter games Monster Hunter Clones. Monster Hunter was not the first game I ever played with a similar game play formula. That said this game is outstanding it really scratches that itch I have had for a great hunter game on the Vita. The Oni in this game are fun to fight and some even change the way they fight half way through the battle which was great in my eyes. You can destroy Oni body parts and collect them to make new gear. The combat in the game goes at a quick pace and I love the fact that some weapons can clime the Oni. Also with the Mitama you can make your character play differently than anyone elses. The story is not the best but, it was still interesting to me. Now the graphics in my opinion are really amazing for a handheld and the gear and Oni are very detailed. Expand
  23. Feb 19, 2014
    Great hunter game. It actually has a story unlike monster hunter. Toukiden is really fun to play online with other people and definitely makes up for not having a Monster Hunter for the Vita. Graphics looks great and the music too. Get it if you haven't already.
  24. Feb 22, 2014
    To be honest I bought it because I was sure I will be playing good MH like game in better graphic than I have on my 3DS... and now I gave lower score because I am strongly disappointed.
    Game "wants" to be Monster Hunter and it fails on every level there is.
    Starting with graphic (!) don't ask me how come... comparing villages MH 3DS vs Toukiden PSV gives You pretty much a best example...
    On PSV it looks... cheap, poor, just worst - and let me remind that PSV has much better screen than 3DS where village in MH looks great).
    Storyline... useless and not needed.
    Character looks - in compare to MH... again - poor(!).
    I could write more things like: character movements or "combos" (I would rather call it "weird movements") but for me all of it comes to one thing only: HITBOX IS AWFULL. Honestly if we are comparing this game to MH series then I need to say - Monster Hunter Freedom 1 had better hitbox (even though it was faaaaar from perfection).
    So to finish my review I will write only this - like most of MH fans (and not only) I had huge expectations towards this game - and that was my mistake, I should have expected something bad... maybe then I wouldn't be so frustrated. Game while gives something "new" to PSV (since only MHFU from PSP is on it) does not bring anything to genre. If You like fighting - take Soul Sacryfice, if You like good story - Persona 4 Gold (or wait for 18 march 2014 for FF).
    I think the best ending would be this sentense: While Toukiden pretends to be as good as Monster Hunter it is far from it. Hitbox fails, graphic does not give chills. And while MH is a game for hundrets of hours Toukiden is only for tens.
  25. Mar 28, 2014
    Hands down the best monster hunter like game to date. Toukiden has solid gameplay, a great variety of armor and weapons, and tons of skills to use on the battlefield. The visuals are not ground breaking, but they are extremely sharp and look better than average. I personally love the monster/demon designs, insanely cool. I'd highly recommend this game to any hunter fan. GG, Vita has gotten it's first true MH-like experience, and it's kickass. Expand
  26. Feb 24, 2014
    I like Monster Hunter a Soul Sacrifice games and I very like Toukiden. Toukiden is easier and less complex, but it is a joy to play. The game-play is excellent. The graphics are superb. The battles with monsters are epic. Toukiden is best PS Vita game.
  27. Feb 11, 2014
    The eerie amount of similarities between this game and monster hunter is a little bit disturbing. The only place to start is to state that a game that plagiarizes bits of another game's engine and content. This title is a monster hunter clone without any of the real thrill of hunting the "monsters". The title is trite and boring and really leaves me wanting more out of my purchase. Probably one of the worst Monster hunter clones out there if you take into account the story mode.
    The only positive this game gets is the graphics which pushes the vita to the limit. I am rating this game very low due to lack of originality and lack of game-play elements comparing to the game it has copied.
  28. Feb 13, 2014
    Toukiden is a technical triumph. Easily one of the best graphics i seen on the Vita, clearly on a big console level. Combat is fun even if gameplay is repetitive. This is, clearly a very good monster clone. Soul Sacrifice, on the oposite side is a clear creative development so it deserves a 10. But, meanwhile we wait for Soul Sacrifice 2 (soon???) Toukiden is a very good time killer
  29. Mar 13, 2014
    Toukiden is very similar to the Monster Hunter titles in many ways but lacks a lot of the depth that monster hunter has. The are still a multitude of weapon and armor options just not the thousands that monster hunter brings to the table. However, Toukiden does a few things better than MH. The main thing being the combat. You feel much more capable in Toukiden in the sense that your character is strong. Your attacks never feel weak or 'bounce' off a monster. One of the things it could really use is more monsters. There is really only about 10 different bosses to fight so to speak (they do change the colour and elements of each of them but I wouldn't call that a new boss). In summary, it's good but could be better with more content but definitely helps fill the monster-hunter-shaped hole until Capcom gets their heads on straight and release MH for Vita. Expand
  30. Feb 25, 2014
    It's a perfectly good game, I was very surprised by the amount of usefulness the AI characters bring, and that you actually care about some of them if you play the Story Mode.

    Some weapons might feel a bit "button mashy" but if you hate that, just pick the Bow or the Gauntlets :P

    There are some similarities to other games such as Monster Hunter and PSO, if you liked either of them by
    all means download the Demo and consider that while in the Demo there is a limit of 3000 Haku (Currency) and 30 Item Slots in your box, these limits do not exist in the full game (Haku is unlimited and the item box holds up to 700 items AFAIK). Expand
  31. Mar 12, 2014
    I am currently on chapter 4 of the solo campaign and finding it difficult to pick the game back up due to the repetition. I was really hyped about this game when I first got it and couldn't understand why more of a big deal hadn't been made per-release.

    I will finish the game as I am enjoying the storyline and want to see how it ends. Unfortunately I do not think I will be trophy
    hunting or playing much multi-player as I will be ready for sending the game to my PC backup storage once the main story ends.

    There is no doubt that you will be able to pickup this game second hand in many game stores already with people loosing patience with the repetitive grind, so be careful when paying the full £30 price tag from the PS store.

    Some people (especially monster hunter fanatics) will get 100's of hours out of this game. For me the assets put in place to make the game re-playable are not enough to out weigh the tediousness and lack of differences between each world and chapter.

    I will not be spending more time than necessary with Toukiden. It is good for one play through to enjoy the story but there is only so many times you can enjoy killing the same AI model before it gets boring.

    You will get 20 hours out of the main story in Toukiden which is up there with most Vita titles currently so do not be put off by its poor re-playability factors.
  32. Mar 14, 2014
    El hijo supera al padre, es un Monster Hunter pero con las batallas tan dinámicas como las de Ragnarok, una historia muy profunda y unos enemigos bastante variados, BSO asombrosa y un estilo totalmente nuevo.
    llevo casi 100 horas jugadas gracias a su Online y me queda mas de la mitad de quest disponibles.

    10/10 y quien piense lo contrario, no lo ha jugado lo suficiente.
  33. May 20, 2014
    The game looks really beautiful. Theme is Japanese culture, with armour and to some extent weapons having the samurai look. The character combat stances and weapon handling fit really well with this theme too.

    But the strongest point of this game is the action. The combat is fluid and has some weight to it. Breakable limbs add some depth. You are not just dodging hits and hitting back,
    but you are at the most effective when hitting exposed essence parts of the Onis. This also adds mini-objectives to a long fight, since unlike Soul Sacrifice and Monster Hunter you aren't there for a 20 minute fight, but instead take the Monsters in milestones: first that limb then the other then the tail an so on.

    Many monsters also change their attacks when limbs are broken. A bladewing for example will stop flying and start hopping a lot more when one of it's wings is damaged, not that it makes it any less dangerous. And then of course there is the phase 2 that most of the Onis have when they are sufficiently damaged.

    Another big plus are your NPC companions, they are generally a big help. In Soul Sacrifice taking an NPC with you on a missions was more of a liability than anything else, in Toukiden it is other way around.

    The game is somewhat light on content when not fighting monsters. There isn't that much to do in the village, except spend money to feed the spirit tree and send your pet tenko on gathering missions. What's really missing are some long term collectables, something that will make you go back to hunting those monsters again and again just to get some rare material that you need, because other than 6 weapon types and some armour, there isn't that much what you can craft.

    But the game costs 20 € on PSN, and for that price I really can't complain, not with what Toukiden does deliver.
  34. May 25, 2014
    This game was pretty fun, but could become frustrating at times. I liked the graphics and story (although for this type of game I'm not too fussy about the graphics and story). Gameplay is pretty fun if you like hack and slash games with big enemies.

    This game feels like a simpler Monster Hunter game. In some ways it's a good thing, like how farming materials doesn't seem to take as
    long (you don't seem to need as much material to craft equipment) and there aren't very many gathering quests. Killing missions also seemed quicker (not as much running around trying to find the monster as there was with MH). On the downside, however, you can't buy/craft items to use on missions (such as the pitfall trap, stamina potions, or bombs), which takes away from the strategy. Instead you choose between a number of 'Mitama' types (each type comes with 3 skills you can use in battle) which decide what type of strategy you can use (it's a neat idea and some of the skills are pretty useful and fun). I like that the game has the same 'destroy and cut off certain body parts' goal as MH, but it doesn't have the same feel since 1) the parts need to be purified quickly or they will regenerate, 2) even if you purify a part, the demon can still use that part (it just becomes transparent), and 3) later on it takes much longer to purify body parts (if no one helps you purify, you'll usually have to cut the part twice before you can fully purify it).

    What I really liked about the game was that you can take up to 3 AI players in single player (kinda similar to the cats in MH). The only downside here is you have no control over them for their equipment or strategy (would be nice if you could tell them to help you break all parts, to help you purify dismembered body parts, or to use their skills). I also like being able to see the demons health whenever I want.

    What frustrated me was that some of the hits against me didn't feel fair (such as if I roll to dodge an attack but still get hit even if it looked like I was far enough away from the attack). Or sometimes I'd take damage just for being close to the enemy (away from where it was attacking). Basically, it felt like the enemy's range is larger than what you see (I'd get hit without seeing what actually hit me).

    Bottom line: As someone who loves the MH series, I thought this was a fun game and felt similar to a MH game, but it still didn't have the same draw as an actual MH game. Glad to have the game in my collection, but still wish there was an english MH game for the Vita.
  35. Jun 6, 2014
    Toukiden successfully emulates Monster Hunters massive boss fights but sacrifices gameplay depth for a faster pacing. Still it's a fun game to play with a great multiplayer.
  36. May 22, 2014
    I had never played a monster hunter game before, so this was all new to me. As there is a demo (which is greatly appreciated), I played that first before buying. First few missions were dull and slow which didn't encourage a purchase. It was only after more allies fought with you that I began enjoying it. They do not need baby-sitting and have quite capable AI. I bought it for £15 on a flash sale.

    The boss-battles are excellent making a good system of performing a ritual on severed limbs to defeat it. All while the boss tries to stop you, which makes for quite a challenge. As I have only played a dozen hours, I haven't felt the grind which is supposed to be apparent in most monster hunter games. But for the most part I have really enjoyed it. Just keep going till you get to the first boss-battle as that is where the game really shines.
  37. Jun 17, 2014
    Just a terrible Monster Hunter ripoff on the worlds worst handheld portable gaming console nothing to see here. The people who give it good reviews are just trying to support a dead console.
  38. Aug 17, 2014
    I like that Toukiden is close to like Tenchu z for the 360 but made a similar game for the vita. I am very impressed with the game. I think they should keep these kind of Japanese games going for the vita.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 44
  2. Negative: 0 out of 44
  1. Mar 28, 2014
    A touch of color, a few diversions, and some fresh ideas could really have gone a long way to making Toukiden something special. As is, it's merely pretty okay.
  2. Mar 20, 2014
    There's a few things here that make Toukiden: Age of Demons worth checking out. Whether or not you'll want to stick around depends on whether or not you need to scratch that Monster Hunter itch. If you do, bring some friends; it'll make the experience a lot better.
  3. A head-on collision of Dynasty Warriors’ combat and Monster Hunter taxidermy. Shines in co-op. [April 2014, p73]