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  • Summary: Do you have what it takes to get the biggest bass in the pond on your hook? Do you know the right lures to use in ever changing water conditions? Can you battle the bass and lure im in? Or will he break the line and be the one that got away???? If you think your up to the callenge,
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  1. In the end this probably should have been called Generic Bass, a more fitting term.
  2. You may find yourself saying things like "well, it was only ten bucks..." at various points while playing the game, but the fact is there are worse games than this that cost a lot more.
  3. Looks like a guppy of a fishing game indeed.
  4. It is both generic and boring!
  5. For fishing game fans that really enjoy simulation-style fishing games with all of the extras like boats and vast areas to explore, the game will undoubtedly fail to please.
  6. 50
    Just don't expect an extremely deep fishing experience and you'll be fine with this title.
  7. A terrible fishing game that sinks right to the bottom of the pond.

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