Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. Arc The Lad Collection is a love affair with the single most impressive packaging I've seen in ANY media, that includes music and DVD's.
  2. Simply too great a package for any RPG lover to be without.
  3. 88
    Working Designs has done its fanbase a kind service with this one, and in exceptionally classy style.
  4. Think of the Arc the Lad Collection as a well loved trilogy of your choice - but instead you have the good fortune to play it all at once instead of waiting years for the series to complete. Then add a couple spin-offs and the ever important behind the scenes looks.
  5. With the classic strategy gameplay and trademark Working Designs writing, anybody with a taste for RPGs will find more than a mouthful here. [Jan 2002, p.88]
  6. The complete Arc The Lad experience (including extra goodies) is an otaku's dream come true. [Jan 2002]
  7. Expect well over 120 hours of play from this bundle, and the three main titles truly are worth your time.
  8. 80
    Arc I is too short; Arc II is rewarding but drags on a bit; and Arc III looks bland. The overall story, though, makes all three worth playing in the long run.
  9. I'm really amazed at just how much there really is in this collection. [Jan 2002, p.144]
  10. Even if you've never played a strategy RPG in your life, Arc the Lad is the perfect starting point: it's not overly difficult, it features an easy-to-use battle interface, and the variety of gameplay increases with each chapter in the series.
  11. Despite the limited appeal of Arc Arena and personal hang-ups with the story and lack of character depth in Arc II, when combined into one package, this series shines as a high-watermark for the RPG genre.
  12. A solid collection that is worth a look, provided the price is right.
  13. Hardcore RPG fans should add another star to the score and reserve a copy immediately. [Feb 2002, p.52]
  14. These games just haven't aged as well as the Final Fantasy or Lunar series. [Feb 2002, p.168]

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