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  • Summary: The enchanting world of LUNAR comes to life once more in the enhanced PlayStation game console version of the classic RPG sequel. Join freewheeling Hiro and the adorable Ruby, a thousand years after the events of LUNAR: Silver Star Story, as they work to unlock the secrets of the Blue Spire... and the strange young girl they found within it! But be careful - dark forces are trying to revive the evil Zophar, and immerse LUNAR in darkness forever. Journey to distant lands in the search of the Goddess Althena, who may be the only one powerful enough to stop Zophar. Along to way, you'll meet exciting new caracters, fight vividly animated monsters, traverse snow-covered mountain peaks, and crawl throught slimy dungeon depths as you wind your way toword the terrifying climax! LUNAR 2 features almost an hour of detailed animation sequences and over 90 minutes of dialogue packed onto three CDs... so what are you waiting for? Go ahead, you deserve to be the hero for once! Collapse
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  1. The tiny characters are vividly illustrated and animated with surprising aplomb, remaining remarkably expressive despite their diminutive stature.
  2. If one can get past the rough exterior of this title, they will find a diamond inside that rivals any of the modern role playing games.
  3. Lunar 2 is a template for what sequels should be. While not pushing the graphical limits of the Playstation, the involved story and excellent soundtrack are wondrous.
  4. Absolutely wonderful, and a gaming experience not to be missed. Working Designs has done an amazing job overhauling the title and presenting it in one of the most complete and thorough packages yet released. An excellent story and enjoyable play mechanics combined with stunning presentation equal one must-have game.
  5. 90
    It may not be the flashiest RPG of the year, but it's definitely one of the best, with its solid combination of terrific gameplay and a compelling story.
  6. 80
    Instead of hiding behind a cloak of seriousness, it extracts qualities from simple themes that redeem it as a charming, fun game. So what if it was made years ago and it looks like crap now?
  7. The Lunar series sits alongside "Dragon Quest" and "Final Fantasy" in the pantheon of role playing, and Eternal Blue is Lunar 2's final and best incarnation.

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  1. Sep 9, 2013
    Do you love JRPG's? DId you ever? Then play this. Consider that this game came out in 1994 for the Sega CD, so you probably never heard of it back then. At that time, this game had an hour and a half of full anime style animation, and an hour and a half of spoken dialog, six years and two generations earlier than the juggernaut Final Fantasy had it's first spoken dialog. It's too bad that the original came out for Sega CD because by the time it was reworked for PSX, LUNAR was graphically dated and didn't get the praise that it highly deserved as one of the best RPG series of all time.

    Why is that? Well, it's the writing and the likeable characters that do it for me. Working Designs put great care into their translations, and they were leagues better than the competition at that time, with none of that awkward stuff common in 1990's JRPG's. That, combined with a far bigger adventure than the first LUNAR, make it an incredible journey and game. The music of the series is also incredible, and I still have it on my computer. Check out Star Dragon Theme and compare it to the quality of other games of the 16/32-bit era.

    If you can still play through games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, or any other of those classic JRPG's, I highly recommend the Sega CD or PSX version of LUNAR Eternal Blue.

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