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  • Summary: They've travelled millions of miles, across the galaxies, their mission was simple, "Pose as stupid creatures and study the habitat". The sheep soon forgot their mission and preferred instead to enjoy the sunshine and wallow in the lush green pastures. Now it's time for them to return home. Your task is to guide the Sheep back to their celestial ancestors, saving them from the perils of electric fences, shark-infested ice cream and combine harvesters. It's not as easy as it sounds, especially when your sheep flock off in the other direction!

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  1. Some incredible AI programming, a great sense of style, clever design and tons of replay value and you've got our new favorite puzzle game.
  2. It's great in small doses but may wear a bit thin when taking double shots.
  3. Quite fun in its execution with a good two-player mode and the ability to replay each level to attain near perfect scores and increasingly higher rankings, Sheep offers a lot of bang for your puzzle-game buck.
  4. 70
    Not as clever as "Lemmings," but also more intuitive and silly on a basic level, and capped off by a great two-player sheep soccer game where the animals kick around the football as the shepherd chases them around on the field.
  5. More likely to drive you insane than put you to sleep, counting these Sheep is a treat for die-hard puzzle gamers.
  6. We won't bleat around the bush -- in terms of shear gameplay, Sheep is a letdown.