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  • Summary: In a world where technology and mythology are one, a young rebel and his ragtag crew are unwittingly drawn into a holy war being waged by the bloodthirsty General Faulkner and his mercenary forces. Guide the charasmatic Bastion as he realizes his destiny to lead the rebellion against the Junaris Kingdom, and to save the people of his world from an eternity of oppression. Lead powerful squadrons of robotic warriors into battle and take complete command of their actions. Smite your foes with cleaving swords, piercing spears, and sizzling magic spells. Use the terrain to your advantage and maneuver your forces into superior combat positions. Witness the results of your tactical decisions in glorious 3D combat sequences. Expand
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  1. Not even Working Designs' loving attention to minite detail can hide the average-at-best strategy RPG elements of "Vanguard Bandits".
  2. 65
    It's well-done insofar as it does exactly what it's expected to do, and it scores points in a way for doing something hardly anyone else bothers with anymore, but I doubt anyone who doesn't happen to have an interest in the genre it occupies should have any interest in it at all.
  3. The game often shows its age, especially graphically, but never feels antique; what it lacks in visual style it makes up with charm.
  4. The colorful manual includes a Strategy Guide as well as comprehensive details on the combat, exploration, and role-playing aspects of Vanguard Bandits.
  5. Essentially, Vanguard Bandits is a series of battles linked via a fairly tedious story line. This could have been acceptable if the battles themselves were well implemented but sadly they’re not.
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  1. NathanS.
    May 7, 2006
    Vangaurd Bandits is one of the best games Iv'e ever had the privalage of playing. It challenged my tactical skills more than any other game I've ever played.The first time through I died three times and wound up at the bad ending! I was so mad! Then I reallized that there was more than one branch. This is my fovorite game out of my selection of 87. I would and have recomend this game to every gamer I know. Expand