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  • Summary: In a world obsessed with safety, with potential danger around every corner. A world where the once lowly Crash Impact Dummy has risen to a position of great importance amongst us, responsible for crashing, smashing, checking and re-checking everything from lemonade to escalators; CID has been chosen for the mission of a life time. A chance to crash and smash with real purpose, to battle the most fierce robot villain, a chance to rescue the most beautiful girl in the world… a chance to do something amazing! With high speed crashes, turbo-charged weapons, kung-fu fighting, mind-boggling puzzles and level systems and more monsters than you can shake a super-charged fire-blazing bazooka at. Join CID to save the world, the day and the girl in this years most daring adventure. CID The Dummy – Save the world, the day and the girl! [Oxygen Games] Expand
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  1. By the end you'll want to unbuckle CID's seatbelt and drive him into the nearest brick wall. [July 2009, p.76]
  2. 48
    I really wanted to like CID, his character brings back memories of when cartoons were allowed to be politically incorrect and dangerous, but his game is just too broken to recommend.
  3. Creepy level design, inaccurate controls, and a ugly art design: Cid the Dummy is a videogame that even the platform fans won't appreciate.
  4. The game is much more frustrating than it is fun, and the very small glimmers of hope offered in the opening moments are quickly plowed under by the title's myriad flaws and lack of anything that might make it an even remotely compelling experience.
  5. With bad controls, a terrible camera, and an unforgiving life and checkpoint system, don't expect to play this one for very long.
  6. 32
    Maybe one to keep the kids quiet for an hour, but beyond that this is among the more worthless PSP games out there. A laughable idea executed equally pitifully. Cash should not be exchanged for this.