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  • Summary: Cube is a strategy/puzzle game that challenges players to make their way through suspended 3D worlds of platforms and mazes. Cube offers single and multiplayer modes and allows players to create and share custom levels with friends. Each level is packed with obstacles and collectible items for players of all ages to enjoy. Players can explore Cube on impulse or take down total environments in one sitting. More than 13 different entities/triggers/hazards from "rolling bombs" to "sinker cubes" either helps or hinders your progress or use them to create and share custom puzzles. [D3 Publisher of America] Expand
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  1. Though the presentation might be weak, the core puzzles can't be praised enough. With a slightly clunky level editor and some very basic unlockables, it only gets better. Cube is by no means perfect, but it is perfectly enjoyable for puzzle freaks.
  2. An elegantly designed game, Cube also has a chill soundtrack, always a welcome facet in a puzzle game. [July 2007, p.85]
  3. An interesting and diverting puzzler although a budget price would make it more attractive. [Apr 2007, p.84]
  4. But much of the problem is the game’s antiseptic feel. Everything is just so geometrical; squares rolling along squares in front of a grid background. Cube reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon in which a man in a square office full of square furnishings asks his secretary to bring in something round.
  5. Beating levels felt more in the realm of schoolwork than satisfying puzzle action. Presentation is very bland and simple, but that somehow doesn’t prevent loading screens between every stage.
  6. Just don't think that because you enjoy games like Lumines, Mercury Meltdown, and Capcom Puzzle World you might enjoy this one; I didn't.
  7. 50
    The "move all over the grid" aspect is really fun, too, even if you do end up fighting the camera a lot of the time.

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