Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. I recommend role-playing and/or construction fans to consider adding Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground to their libraries. Its unique features and gameplay make for some great entertainment.
  2. I'm addicted. [Vol 3, Issue 2, p.60]
  3. 80
    The simple fact is, if the idea of building a dungeon tailor-made to lure in specific mobs, then rushing in and killing those mobs sounds appealing to you, then Dungeon Maker is most likely right up your alley.
  4. 75
    If you have just that tiny hint of obsessive compulsion that a game like Animal Crossing speaks to, but don't much care for the pastoral setting or relaxing pace, this is the way to bring that kind of gameplay to you.
  5. 75
    Despite plain graphics, rather generic design, and even a bit of a hit detection annoyance, it's still really fun to build your own loot hole.
  6. Technically very solid, with a well implemented control scheme and good enough graphics and sound, but the tedium of doing nothing more than grinding through the exact same thing over and over again really kills it.
  7. The dungeon building is fun and will bring you back, which is a credit to the quality of the gameplay. I hope that if the developers decide to make a sequel, they can focus on the combat - now that would make for an incredibly addictive experience!
  8. Its individual elements may not be much on their own, but Dungeon Maker: Hunting Grounds' unique combination of gameplay styles is still enjoyable.
  9. My hat's off to the folks at XSEED for coming up with a pretty nifty idea. But there is the kind of frustration felt in this game that will really turn off some players.
  10. It's definitely not for everyone, but some (like me) will adore it. [Sept 2007, p.83]
  11. A good game. I think most people will be bored by it, but RPG lovers will get a kick out of it.
  12. 70
    Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground is a mixed bag. Rather than randomize everything, it allows players to create their own world, which is both its biggest draw and biggest flaw.
  13. Dungeon Maker: Hunting Grounds is the equivalent of light summer reading; fun and frothy, but not overly involving, slow or ponderous.
  14. To anyone who’s ever thought they could put together a masterful dungeon, or those who want a simple action-RPG where they’re in control of the level, Dungeon Maker mixes both together quite well.
  15. With a bit more story and more dimension to the characters in the town -- not to mention a little more variety (and no Ad-Hoc play doesn't really count) -- Dungeon Maker could have been something special. It's got the foundation, but it needs more.
  16. 64
    The fact that players can never rely upon monsters you're trying to attract, the features they design or money within the game that you need to enhance yourself or your dungeon is a huge exercise in frustration. As a result, this game will only appeal to a tiny audience of dungeon designers.
  17. Dungeon Maker has some cool features, but not enough to cross that threshold of having been “done right,” and the title winds up as a simple variation on the level grind we’ve been playing for years.
  18. 60
    Weird Al would be very, very proud.
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  1. Yo
    Sep 7, 2007
    Dungeon Maker is a pretty fun mundane sort of game. If you like to do the same thing over and over while trying to get better doing that same thing, then you will enjoy dungeon maker alot. I personally like it because of the variety of items and spells. ( The bosses are super easy to beat.) Full Review »
  2. CaseyS.
    Jun 28, 2007
    It's actually got a lot of quirky little aspects that make the dungeon making a lot of fun. The hack and slash combat system is pretty standard for an action RPG, but the dungeon making twist adds the same feel that characterized Etrian Odyssey, and made it worthy of 80's. Hence my score of 8. Full Review »