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  1. 70
    Lemmings on the PSP is basically the same game it was 15 years ago. But with new-and-improved eye candy and on-the-go play, Lemmings is worth a fresh look, because some of the new (and old) levels will no doubt challenge that gray, gooey mass that sits in your skull.
  2. Unlike a lot of remakes, this game does not have a 'cheap cash-in' feel to it, as it retains all the addictiveness and authenticity of the classic original.
  3. Lemmings is a re-hash of an old classic, but it gets nearly everything right. Team17 once again confirms that they are masters of simple, fun, funny games.
  4. With improved visuals the game has been somewhat brought into the 21st century; however the lack of a multiplayer mode is somewhat disconcerting in this day and age of wireless capabilities.
  5. With the DS rapidly gaining more following, PSP finally gets some break with this re-invented classic. A perfect fit for fun mobile gaming.
  6. 80
    Consider this an open letter to all developers on how to bring over a classic game to modern players who may have missed this the first time around. It's not rocket science people.
  7. Remember playing Lemmings "back in the day"? If you do and can't be bothered to search out any of the free versions for the PC or if you want to be able to play it "on the go" then this is for you.
  8. The portability that saw the game through its tour of every major format during the '90s has finally failed the test of time, and it's the trawl of the cursor between one lemming and the next that does this interpretation the most damage. [Mar 2006, p.92]
  9. Lemmings PSP by no means does anything revolutionary to the series, but it's as solid a game as it ever was.
  10. But $40 is a lot to ask for yet another PSP port with tacked-on content--especially when you can find free versions of the game online. [July 2006, p.94]
  11. Players looking for a true Lemmings sequel may be let down by the PSP version, which offers little more than a port of the original, although it does boast improved graphics, 3D rendering, and a few new levels created just for the PSP.
  12. But we've all done Lemmings at one time or other, there's nothing new about this, and as much as it might sound like a good idea in your head it's a nostalgic itch you can scratch without spending £30 on another PSP game that makes you wonder why you ever doubted the DS would kick it all around the playground until its shiny little face was thumbsmeared to death.
  13. The pick up and play action of Lemmings make it perfect for quick runs, but the addictive nature of Lemmings might keep you around longer.
  14. Perfect for both long and short bursts of play, Lemmings is one of the best puzzle games you can own on your PSP.
  15. Even after 15 years Lemmings holds up as a fantastic puzzle game that turns out to be perfectly suited to the handheld format. And while I have to question the illogical decision to use the D-pad for targeting, the game still manages to work and looks great doing so.
  16. There's no pretense here--this is a portable Lemmings game, as fun or frustrating as you remember. [July 2006, p.113]
  17. 80
    If you have never played a Lemmings game before then I recommend picking this title up. Fans of the series will be disappointed in the lack of new levels and the level editor leaves much to be desired.
  18. 60
    This game is just too bare. Sure, some reviewers will pick this one up, play it for an hour, and slap on a decent score, but not this reviewer.
  19. With the intuitive controls, the high number of levels, the level editor, and the ability to download even more levels, it's easily the best portable Lemmings thus far.
  20. Puzzle fans should line up, march down to the store, and pick up a copy of Lemmings. Just watch out for any traps along the way.
  21. These suicidal critters have lost none of their charm over the last decade, and the new level editor, online functionality, and graphics available in this update of Lemmings make it entirely relevant for this day and age.
  22. 100
    This new PSP version retains all of the original's charm and addictive playability, while adding in some fantastic new levels and overhauling the graphics and controls to make it feel like it was meant to be a PSP game from the start.
  23. But while the suicidal rodents look sharp and the gameplay is still some of the best puzzle gaming around, there’s no escaping the fact that Lemmings simply doesn’t bring much that’s new to the table.
  24. This game is still as fun as it was when it was first introduced and while the difficulty level might not stump gamers this is still a wildly imaginative and addictively enjoyable game.
  25. Overall, Lemmings for the PSP is it still one of the best puzzlers of the sort around, and will keep even Lemmings fans busy for quite a while.
  26. The developers really put together a nice product by keeping the wonderfully addictive puzzler experience intact, but still updated the graphics to give it a newer feel.
  27. If you’re still kind-hearted enough, it’s one of those perfect time-wasting titles you can pick up and play and become addicted to instantaneously.
  28. A rehash of the previous game, so you won’t find anything new here, so you will want to consider that before purchasing the game.
  29. 78
    Good fun for the solo gamer and its map editor and visual improvements really help add some replay value to an old game.
  30. Lemmings on the PSP continues to be that fun puzzle game that we all enjoyed years ago. It might have been nice to see some new abilities and more new stages, but with some excellent sound, good graphics, and the addition of a level creator, Lemmings looks to bring an entirely new generation of fans to the series.
  31. Puzzle gamers are going to have a field day with this game.
  32. A throwback to the days when pure and simple game design reigned supreme, Lemmings is one of the most instantly playable and addictive games that will ever grace your PSP. [Mar 2006, p.94]
  33. The only real draw here is the startingly robust level-creation tool. [July 2006, p.82]
  34. 70
    The game isn't a huge innovation upon it's predecessors but remains as addictive as ever. One of the best games in the Lemmings franchise.
  35. After 14 years it still makes you smile and it is still fun to play. You have to love the little creatures. [Mar 2006]
  36. Not much has changed in this latest take on Lemmings. [Aug 2006, p.64]
  37. 63
    A historic game but a flawed puzzler with little to tempt hardcore thinking fans. [Apr 2006, p.113]
  38. It's a great puzzle game, but be warned: aside from some never-before-been-scene levels and the ability to design your own, there's nothing truly new here, making the $40 price tag a little dubious. [July 2006, p.87]
  39. Lemmings is one old friend we're more than happy to welcome back, and one who's ageing charms have made it across to PSP pretty much unscathed.
  40. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, but you enjoyed "Exit" or some of the older (not the new crappy 3D) "Worms" titles, you’re sure to enjoy the simple yet engaging gameplay that Lemmings has to offer.
  41. Purists may cringe at the pause option, allowing players to assess levels and assign abilities without fear of Lemmings bumbling into trouble, but it helps pinpoint creatures in a chaotic herd.
  42. Each level is a discrete entity; after solving one puzzle you may want to do the next, but if you're tired or hungry it is easy to put the game away for a while.
  43. Lemmings remains as brilliantly simple yet deviously addictive as it was 15 years ago, easily creating one of the most enthralling experiences you'll find on the PSP.
  44. Online-enabled, visually updated, and PSP-tweaked gameplay for a game that has almost universal appeal. What's not to love? It may not be a PSP seller, but it is one of the best non-gamer-friendly offerings you can get after you've bought your PSP.
  45. The gameplay that made such addictive titles is no less compelling now than it was a decade ago.
  46. Despite controls that take some getting used to, it translates very well to the PSP and proves a truly classic game can withstand the test of time.
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  1. Nov 16, 2013
    Lemmings. Not much more needs to be said. Who ever remembers the original Atari/Amiga/Mac/DOS version will instantly love this. It containsLemmings. Not much more needs to be said. Who ever remembers the original Atari/Amiga/Mac/DOS version will instantly love this. It contains all the levels from the original game and some new ones. I think it also comes with a level editor. Full Review »
  2. Jun 17, 2013
    This game is simple and can be complex too. You need a lot of strategy to beat some levels and you can also create your own levels andThis game is simple and can be complex too. You need a lot of strategy to beat some levels and you can also create your own levels and challenge your friends. It doesn't have a plot but this is not the kind of game that really needs it. Great game, you would pass hours with it, on the creation mode or beating the hard puzzles. Full Review »
  3. Pp2
    Jun 29, 2006
    Its lemmings, and with that expectation is perfect. It cant get frustrating at times, but its fun.