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  • Summary: The rumor going around St. Hermelin High School holds that if you play the "Persona" game, you can see what the future holds for you. When a group of students-some eager, some skeptical-tries the game out, they experience something quite different. Before long, the city is turned upside-down and demons are roaming the streets, and only the students' newfound power of Persona can set things right again. Whether you pursue Takahisa Kandori and his abuses of the power he wields as SEBEC's president, or whether you delve into the curse of the Snow Queen that has plagued St. Hermelin for decades, a deep, modern, psychological tale awaits. Remember your true self, and free the tortured psyches of others... More than the same old JRPG -- Dark, philosophical, and complex, Persona sets you up in a modern day Japan that has gone into chaos. Demons run free, and you and your team must navigate corruption, mental frailty, and an alternate version of your world to bring your reality back into order. A second chance on PSP -- Offering a second opportunity to experience the beginnings of the acclaimed Persona series, this remake boasts a fully relocalized script, revamped user interface, faster battles, expanded soundtrack, and new in-game movies with voice work added just for the North American release. Unique tactical opportunities -- The inner selves known Personas are your key to progressing through the adventure, adding skills and incredible depth to your battle tactics. Expand and improve your collection through the Demon Negotiation system that offers spell cards that you can later fuse into new Personas. [Atlus USA] Expand
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  1. Positive: 24 out of 30
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  1. 100
    In every way, this is a perfect example of how to remake a great game -- graphics notwithstanding -- and this release makes a brilliant game feel fresh and relevant again.
  2. Persona takes everything that made the original so memorable (the demon-fusing, the storyline, the atmosphere) and streamlines/updates it while restoring things that were cut from the original as well.
  3. The story that launched the series, finally presented to us Americans in the way it was always meant to be seen. Though I love what the Persona series has become, I will always adore this original chapter; and it’s still a hell of an experience even after all these years.
  4. 80
    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is a great PSP port of a cult classic PSOne RPG.
  5. If you've only played Persona 3 and 4, Persona on PSP may not be what you're expecting, but it's a landmark RPG regardless. [Oct 2009, p.101]
  6. 75
    If you can look past the game’s more dated elements, you’ll find a compelling story and wonderfully original takes on classic dungeon crawling mechanics. Just make sure you learn to love the grind first.
  7. It's a terrible remake of a terrible game, and will probably top my "Worst of 2009" game list come December.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Apr 11, 2013
    Thought provoking first person dungeon crawler with demon negotiation, 2 really different from each other and huge routes, 4 total endings, good characters, great music (can get a bit repetitive but it's still ipod worthy), great experience, not really suited for casual gamers who hate difficulty, specially if you're not used to this type of game, basically it's: you suck you don't advance. It's that simple, that said, I think everybody should try this out, even if you are a terrible gamer and use a walkthrough, it's still worth it for the story. Expand
  2. Mar 1, 2011
    Like SteveM said, buy it. Now. The quality of the gameplay and storytelling in Persona far far outweighs the slightly dated battle graphics. Honestly, after you're an hour in you won't even care. Especially as the presentation in every other regard is gorgeous. I rate it higher than P3P, and that's saying something. Expand
  3. SteveM
    Sep 25, 2009
    Buy this game. Period. Random battles are a good thing. Especially when the battles are this damn interesting. The choices you are provided in battle are extremely diverse. Honestly, this game holds up today because no one has copied this formula since this game was released 13 years ago, which is insane because the battle system is so satisfying. Graphics are dated, but you quickly get used to them and they do the job. And the story is excellent...sure, it can be glanced at and dismissed as a semi-standard tale (though not really; it really is pretty damn original), but the details are so wacky and unique that it makes it fresh...once again, 13 years later. Don't listen to critics condemning this as an archaic RPG. This game was ahead of the (current) curve in 1996. It may not have all the bells and whistles of current RPG's, but it's got heart, and a lot of it. And perfect music. Really great music. Go for it! I've never posted a review on Metacritic and simultaneously been more sure of my recommendation. Collapse
  4. Oct 19, 2014
    The Persona series is well known for its creative storylines, and Persona PSP is no exception. The main character(you), and his
    friends play the "Persona" game at school, until a strange occurrence disturbs them. Their world is subsequently attacked by creatures from another world.

    Persona is a turn-based jrpg, with elements of a dungeon crawler. I want to begin by stating this: You WILL eventually become annoyed of the random encounters. The encounters interrupt the flow of the storyline and could potentially ruin your overall enjoyment of the game, depending on how patient you are. As an example, imagine playing Pokemon with an unlimited amount of tall grass in every inch of the game. That is how Persona's random encounters work. Thankfully, the gameplay is very solid. You and 4 other characters battle against the creatures using your Personas. The battles take place on a grid, where you can arrange the formation to your liking. A fun aspect of the game is creating your own Personas. You can get spell cards from enemies and create Personas with new abilities by combining them together.

    The entire appearance of the game is its weakest aspect. The animations are stiff, repetitive, and aesthetically unpleasant. The enemy designs are typically creative, however, some are just plain odd. The walls on each dungeon are as repetitive as the floor above and below it. It shows extreme laziness from the developer, who did not want to draw more walls to help differentiate floors from each other.

    Persona is a good game, with some
    annoyances. Impatient gamers should NOT play this game, as the random encounters will destroy the experience. Persona and RPG fans should enjoy this game because of the game's many positives: The storyline, gameplay mechanics, and the length (50+ hours).
  5. JoeS
    Nov 18, 2009
    Mildly fun but overall lacking a lot. Perhaps the other reviewers were right in saying that I should have started with another Persona game first because this game just isn't grabbing my attention. Annoyingly frequent monster battles mixed with poor graphics and, what feels in this day and age to be a rather uninspired combat system make this something that I could have just as easily skipped. Expand
  6. May 24, 2013
    This is just a standard JRPG dungeon crawler. It's nice to see the roots of the Persona series but unless you love grinding and dungeon crawling, stay away from this one. Also, keep in mind that you can reject new party members. If you choose to keep them, you won't be able to get other party members in the future. Expand
  7. Igor
    Jan 21, 2010
    This game really sucks. I like every game in the series except this and Devil Survivor. The dungeons you go through lack any detail what so ever, as well as the battle screens do, so the graphical presentation is probably the worst I've ever seen. Also the combat is no fun. You get so much variety in moves, but in a bad way so it can feel redundant at times. Also, just because there are more options in negotiations than in other SMT games does not make it better. You just find one that makes the enemy tick and use it over and over untill they get bored and you try a different option. Going back on this game's uglyness, everyone who is not a school friend is so weird looking. Also, going on friends, I should probably mention that there is no social link system this time, all though I all ready knew that when I bought it. The music can be cool at times, but it isnt anything to die for, but it certainly was nice of them to pack in a HUGE OST CD. The random battles are a huge problem. Remember Digital Devil Saga? Remember how you'd run into enemies every two steps? Well, this is nothing like that!! Every inch you move across the screen is another set of the same enemies over and over again, and the character development is as slow as Devil Survivor. This game is also one of those "where am i supposed to go now" kinds of games. According to some reviews I've read, the origional Persona for the Playstation was full of mistranslations. I've never played the Playstation version, but everything looks normal to me on this, so I guess they get a pat on the back for proofreading in this remake. It just makes me wish that they fixed everything else, too. Again, the Shin Megami Tensei series is my favorite franchise in video games, and this game does not reflect on the masterpieces on the Playstation 2. Even though it's a pile of garbage, I am at least glad this game was made so I could get a chance to see what the games were like when they were just starting without spending a hundred dollars for the origional Playstation version on ebay. Expand

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