SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 PSP


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  1. Normally in compilations there is one good game and the rest is filler, not the case here, each game is a joy to play, yes the graphics look bad by today’s standards but that’s not the point, its all about playability and this disc has loads of it.
  2. SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 is a solid purchase for players on the go who hope to relive the glory days of the arcades or learn more about the history of their favorite hobby.
  3. 75
    It's nice seeing these SNK classics being preserved through these compilations, and it's encouraging that they decided to drop a whopping 16 titles into the first volume without resorting to cheap filler titles.
  4. SNK Playmore did a pretty good job of putting together a nice sampler of their classic titles. It's fun to poke around and play through these older games. Going through them almost gave me a sense of strolling through the dimly lit arcades of yesteryear, armed with a pocket heavy with quarters.
  5. SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 may have a lot of games, but it's missing some of the Neo Geo's best titles.
  6. SNK Playmore bring us an excellent and memorable arcade collection consisting of sixteen nostalgic videogames. It isn't the most innovative PSP title, but it could be the perfect present for the retro-gamer or any user looking for a direct, easy and pure gameplay feeling.
  7. 69
    The PSP version has some loading problems and wonky multiplayer, but gaming on your own is just fine.
  8. If you're a fan of SNK games, it will probably be easy for you to look past the game's quirks and shortcomings. You get a lot of games for your money here.
  9. Looking at undoubtely the golden decade of arcades, SNK launches a bunch of their games. Some will makes us smile remembering, like the first Metal Slug, Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, but some won't. Better online features would be welcomed, but anyways the overall feeling of this compilation isn't a bad one thanks to the versatility of genres.
  10. Games Master UK
    Decent enough, but most will find them a bit archaic for their tastes. [Mar 2009, p.82]
  11. If you have a soft spot in your heart for any of these old big-cart classics, you’ll probably be able to overlook the emulation issues and load times, but some of these early Neo-Geo games don’t hold up so well today, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you commit.
  12. PSM3 Magazine UK
    If you're interested in SNK history, give it a punt - it'll prove a bit too archaic for everyone else. [Issue#174, p.82]
  13. It may seem as though this collection is full of simplistic, no-hoper games, but underneath the shocking presentation you can find a fair few games that you could happily spend hours on.

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