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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 28
  2. Negative: 4 out of 28
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  1. 80
    Comparing Lord of the Rings Tactics to "Metal Gear Solid" -- another turn-based, tactical PSP title with a famous franchise attached -- this game comes out on top in almost every way.
  2. A very decent strategy-RPG that scores extra points for being the only full-on PSP role-player available so far. Add five marks if you're a massive LotR fan. [PSM2]
  3. As a total package, Lord of the Rings: Tactics is impressive. It's a reasonably intricate strategy game in its own right, and, thanks to its slickly produced presentation, it's also one of the better video game adaptations of the films made to date.
  4. The ability to play as both the Host of Mordor and the Fellowship is noble, but the lack of character customization really takes away from the charm of this franchise.
  5. It’s an acquired taste, but if you enjoy strategy RPGs and like the Lord of the Rings franchise, you’ll find more to like than not in the game.
  6. 77
    Lord of the Rings: Tactics is a solid, albeit totally ordinary strategy RPG released in the first six months of the PSP life cycle.
  7. 77
    While playing as members of the Fellowship and the host of Mordor is inherently cool, it's not so great seeing these characters limited to dull attacks and skills. The strategy, however, is engaging for the most part and benefits from a good mix of maps.
  8. The four-player mode is a great addition and will certainly beef up the replay value.
  9. I can think of a dozen things that would have made this game better, or at least more attractive to the casual gamer, but for those who love the Lord of the Rings and need a solid strategy fix on their PSP, this will easily fill that need for a few months to come.
  10. 70
    Tactics probably would've been a better game if it had left out the half-baked RPG elements, and focused on more varied units and capabilities.
  11. PSM Magazine
    The chance to play as the Fellowship or the Host or Mordor is a very cool thing. [Holiday 2005, p.94]
  12. While in terms of accuracy to the world it's the least accurate LoTR licence yet, in other areas it's terribly close to the books. It's slow-paced. It's a little unwieldy. It's hardly glamorous. However, it's also something which wraps you up in its own world for hours at a time.
  13. Taking away the Lord of the Rings license you'll still find a solid, if a little predictable (and sometimes frustrating), tactical-RPG - add the Hobbits and the Goblins and it's a PSP title that RPG loving fans of the series will enjoy.
  14. The film's distinctive environments are employed to great effect - hills and ridges mean characters with different specialities come into their own when used properly, and the buildings and natural obstructions add to the game's surprising depth. [PSW]
  15. Game Informer
    Lacking the foundation of gameplay to offer the kind of choices that strategy fans have grown accustomed to, LOTR: Tactics is a disappointment. [Jan 2006, p.155]
  16. The only glaring issue is that the game does feel far too familiar. Veteran gamers may find the game too mediocre and boring to even last through the entire adventure.
  17. While the memorable battle sequences from the movie trilogy would lend themselves perfectly to a strategy game, this one just isn't put together well enough to do full justice to the source material.
  18. This game is simply trying to cash into the Lord of the Rings franchise, so lets be smart enough and not fall for that old trick, just walk on buy this one on the store shelves.
  19. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Take away the goodwill generated by the movies and the flaws in Tactics begin to show. There's fun here, but not a lot of it. [Dec 2005, p.100]
  20. A by-the-book tactical RPG that takes no chances, but can be engaging. It's also short (campaigns under 15 hours) and whoever heard of a short RPG?
  21. 60
    A disappointing package that seems to have received even less development time than most of the PSP launch titles.
  22. 60
    Unfortunately the battles just feel small and scaled back in this game.
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    As an "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" derivative, and despite a few graphic and camera glitches, Tactics delivers a competent and, at times, engaging ride through Middle-earth. [Jan 2006, p.129]
  24. AceGamez
    Feeling heavier than the ring bearer, I can barely lift my digits to tell you that with clunky gameplay, poor graphics and badly paced sound, The Lord of the Rings: Tactics is only really going to be enjoyed by the most hardened of Lord of the Rings fans.
  25. Play Magazine
    The game, however, also gleefully stomps over its source material when it allows these same tiny hobbits to impede the path of a huge and insanely powerful Balrog. [Jan 2006, p.53]
  26. Despite its solid delivery and the admittedly groovy prospect of controlling Sauron and Saruman in Moria, the notable gameplay and pacing problems bring the whole adventure down in a hail of arrows.
  27. 40
    Tactics isn't unplayable--especially in multiplayer mode--and it has some decent play mechanics. But it's all overshadowed by the poor production value. It feels like a waste of the source material.
  28. Computer Games Magazine
    It's a short, vacuous game that's over quickly and even more quickly forgotten. [Feb 2006, p.93]

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#38 Most Discussed PSP Game of 2005
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  1. Nov 16, 2013
    A fun tactical game that I've spent a lot of time on. The PSP didn't have many good games back then, but this was definitely one of the betterA fun tactical game that I've spent a lot of time on. The PSP didn't have many good games back then, but this was definitely one of the better ones. The graphics were good for a PSP and the gameplay was a standard turn-based RPG with no major issues that I recall. Full Review »
  2. LeoM.
    Dec 24, 2006
    A really good game but can get a little boring after a while.
  3. JohnL.
    Mar 1, 2006
    This game is really good. The graphics are pretty good (The textures are really ugly, but the characters are animated smoothly). The sound is This game is really good. The graphics are pretty good (The textures are really ugly, but the characters are animated smoothly). The sound is pretty good too. Each campaign (good and evil) lasts at least 12 hours, and multiplayer is extremely fun. My only problem is some levels are way too hard, compared to the rest. Another problem is how few units you control which causes Helms Deep and Minis Tirith to feel really screwed up. The graphics are amazing at how much detail there is, like when you fight in front of Minis Tirith you can see the whole city even if you can't play on it that level.This is a must buy for fans of Lord of the Rings (me) or strategy. Full Review »