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  • Summary: Tom Clancy's EndWar for handhelds allows players to command an elite military force on the ground, in the air and on the seas during World War III. Take control of the elite U.S. Joint Strike Force, European Enforcers Corps or Russian Spetsnaz Guards Brigade and lead your faction to victory in three separate yet interwoven single-player campaigns. Each campaign includes over 30 battle scenarios taking place on real-world battlefields including Paris and London, and features increasingly challenging missions and objectives. Fight against a friend in tense two-player battles in any of the 100 ready-to-play scenarios or in your own custom-created missions. Turn-based strategy with a twist: Simultaneous move and attack phases make the experience as intense and authentic as real-time strategy. Three campaigns, one for each faction, with increasingly challenging battle scenarios and objectives. Over 20 units and vehicles per faction including ground, air and naval units. Units gain experience in combat, dramatically improving their combat performance. Two-player versus multiplayer mode, including additional missions specifically designed for multiplayer battles. Easy-to-pick-up mission editor: Create and share your custom battlefields and battle scenarios to play solo or against another player. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. A thoroughly enjoyable strategy game with a number of challenging battle scenarios, Tom Clancy’s EndWar for the PSP is a brilliant portable game that serious strategy game fans should definitely not miss.
  2. There is a lot to like to this about this title but there are some serious gameplay issues that hurt the experience as well. Short, quick maps at the start make the game perfect for travelling/commuting but the gruelling difficulty and choppy turn-based/real-time system make the game unsuited for a casual gaming experience.
  3. 71
    If you're a strategy fiend and jonesing for a fix you could certainly do worse, but EndWar PSP will likely soon be forgotten.
  4. A worthy partner to the PS3 version. [Jan 2009, p.98]
  5. All together, EndWar is a decent enough PSP title that's bogged down by some lackluster visuals and audio. The core gameplay is a lot of fun though, and it's well worth checking out considering there's not a whole lot of RTS style action on the system, but it's not going to draw in players that have no interest in the genre to begin with.
  6. Tom Clancy's EndWar is not a bad game; even taken with a grain of salt it won't necessarily leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
  7. But ultimately, EndWar is a complex turn-based experience marred by its lack of technical polish. [Feb 2009, p.75]
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  1. BrianKirchhoff
    Nov 8, 2008
    A complete disgrace... One of the rare games out there that actually looks just as good (sans the slick animated cut scenes) on the Nintendo DS. Ubisoft should be taken to court for foisting this shovelware on us. They get a "1" for cool box art and at least making an attempt. Expand

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