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  • Summary: Without warning, the venomous Serpent King Orochi descended from the heavens. Using his unworldly powers to shatter time and space, Orochi kidnapped the strongest, wisest and most courageous warriors from Ancient China and Feudal Japan in a scheme to test his might against the heroes of these ages. In Warriors Orochi the characters from both the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises must team-up to wage war against this new, yet powerful force. The game boasts an amazing roster of 79 playable characters, while four action-packed "crossover" storylines feature amazing team-ups and some long-awaited confrontations between characters from both series. Warriors Orochi for PSP boasts the massive seamless battlefields of the console versions, while previous games in the series for handheld platforms had combat taking place on battlefields divided into smaller "cells". The handheld release includes all 79 playable characters, and features 2-player co-op play via wireless (ad-hoc). [Koei] Expand
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  1. As a port of the full game, however, it is a triumph, packing a ridiculously huge amount of content into a humble UMD.
  2. 80
    Orochi's one of the most polished of the recent Warriors games.
  3. No-frills action makes Warriors Orochi a decent portable experience, especially with co-op multiplayer and the promise of hours and hours of enjoyable - if similar - gameplay.
  4. 65
    All the typical problems of repetition, poor story, below average graphics and awful voice acting return once again, but the renowned Warriors button-mashing seems more fitted to quick, portable gaming sessions.
  5. Hopelessly repetitive and only offers the same amount of cheap thrills as every other Dynasty Warriors type game. [July 2008, p.90]
  6. 58
    If you've loved the Warriors games in the past, then I wholeheartedly recommend Warriors Orochi. It has all the hack-n-slash action that fans of the series want, with the add convenience of portability.
  7. Three Kingdoms China meets Sengoku Japan in this fan-service-powered snooze fest.

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  1. [Anonymous]
    Apr 16, 2008
    This is, in my opinion, the best Warriors game out there. It keeps the same characters and stages as the past games, but with this Orochi fellow it changes everything you know about those stages. I enjoyed a Hu Lao Gate level that I actually haven't played in 3 other games. If nothing else, give it a rent, but I really love this game. The port to the PSP is truly outstanding, as the only things lost are most of the voice and the in-game cutscenes. In both cases, this might be a good thing, as both suck in the PS2 version. Expand
  2. Ack
    Apr 13, 2008
    7 for non fans and 8 for people who like this sort of game. My only complaint besides the obvious items mentioned by the "professional" reviewers is that it seems that the characters die a little too easily when starting out. But the weapon fusion is pretty cool. And there are a lot more enemies to whack. Expand