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Summary: Nintendo Land is a theme park featuring 12 different attractions, each with its own play on a Nintendo franchise. Each attraction features it's own special gameplay experiences made possible by the Wii U controller. Depending on the particular attraction, players can compete individually or against other players, or even team up to play cooperatively. Up to 5 players can participate in dynamic multiplayer modes in select attractions. The experiences change each time, depending on whether players are using the GamePad, holding a Wii Remote or just watching others play on the TV screen.
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Rating: E10+
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Developer: Nintendo
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Number of Players:1-5 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Cartoon Violence Crude Humor
Cast Credit
Hisahiko Takeuchi NintendoWare
Shigeru Miyamoto General Producer
Satoru Iwata Executive Producer
Masafumi Kawamura Sound Programming Support
Takeshi Hosono 3d Design
Kazuhiro Nishizawa NintendoWare
Daisuke Kageyama Character Design Lead
Michiho Hayashi 3d Design
Emi Tomita UI Design Lead
Toru Asakawa Sound Effects & Programming
Atsushi Masaki NintendoWare
Hiroshi Umemiya Game Programming
Takuhiro Dohta Graphics Programming Director
Keizo Ohta Original Game Design
Yoshikazu Yamashita Director
Makoto Takano NintendoWare
Shunsaku Kitamura NintendoWare
Takashi Endo NintendoWare
Toshikazu Kitani NintendoWare
Yasuki Tawaraishi NintendoWare
Yasushi Ida NintendoWare
Katsuya Eguchi Producer
Junya Osada Sound Effects & Programming
Tomomi Iwasaki 3d Design
Taku Matoba Planning
Hajime Wakai Sound Director
Hirotake Ohtsubo Field Design Lead
Kenichi Nishida System Programming
Hirohito Yoshimoto Tools Support
Shinji Okane Game Programming
Kouki Yoshida 3d Design
Toshikazu Kiuchi Game Programming
Hideki Fujii Planning
Yusuke Akifusa Planning
Takayuki Shimamura Director
Junji Morii Design Management
Masato Mizuta Sound Effects & Programming
Yasunari Nishida NintendoWare
Yasuhiro Yoshioka NintendoWare
Hiromasa Shikata Planning
Atsushi Yamazaki Game Programming
Masatoshi Ogawa Game Programming
Tsubasa Sakaguchi Art Director
Masato Onishi Sound Effects & Programming
Yuichiro Okamura Game Programming
Jun Ito Game Programming
Katsuhito Nishimura Programming Support
Kazuya Sumaki Programming Support
Shigetoshi Kitayama Graphics Programming
Ryo Nagamatsu Music
Souichi Nakajima Programming Director
Tadatsugu Motomiya 3d Design
Katsuhisa Sato Programming Support
Takahiro Takayama Graphics Programming
Yoko Tanaka 3d Design
Kazunori Fujii 3d Design
Yoko Fukuda Effects Design Lead
Daisuke Nobori 3d Design
Kenta Sato Game Programming
Takafumi Moro 3d Design
Shunsaku Kato Network Support
Miki Aoki 3d Design
Ryota Akutsu 3d Design
Makoto Ohta Effects Design
Jun Tanaka 3d Design
Manabu Takehara 3d Design
Wataru Tanaka Programming Support
Takuya Maekawa NintendoWare
Nao Ueda Graphics Programming
Tomohisa Saito Graphics Programming
Mai Yamamoto UI Design
Yoko Honma 3d Design
Kotaro Hiromatsu Technical Support
Hiroshi Sakasai Planning
Yousuke Sakooka Game Programming
Toshihiro Taguchi Game Programming
Hiroyuki Kira Game Programming
Atsushi Haneda Graphics Programming
Atsushi Asakura Graphics Programming
Youngseok Kong 3d Design
Yuki Kaneko 3d Design
Chiaki Uchida 3d Design
Eisuke Sasaki 3d Design
Toshikatsu Terashima 3d Design
Hiroko Nishibe UI Design
Takahiro Nagaya UI Design
Hiroshi Ueda Effects Design
Yukihiko Ito Programming Support
Ryota Maruko Tools Support
Hisashi Sekoguchi Tools Support
Toyoki Kataoka Tools Support
Yusuke Shizukuishi Tools Support
Takashi Kubota Network Support
Hiroshi Funaya Network Support
Taisuke Kawahara Network Support
Yusuke Inoue Network Support
Kyohei Nakano Network Support
Ryota Nadatomo Network Support
Yusuke Niki Network Support
Masatoshi Yamazaki Network Support
Satoshi Takenouchi Network Support
Keishi Shiota Network Support
Takanori Miyata Network Support
Miiverse Team Network Support
Junpei Otani NintendoWare
Motoi Tanaka NintendoWare
Yasutoshi Maegawa NintendoWare
Tomohiro Nakatani NintendoWare
Hiroshi Mitsui NintendoWare
Takashi Yoneyama NintendoWare
Daisuke Yamatoki NintendoWare
Atsushi Kobata NintendoWare
Soei Sato NintendoWare
Yoshiyuki Sawada NintendoWare
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