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  1. Cars: Race-O-Rama offers a lot of fun to everybody – doesn’t matter if you are young or not.
  2. In the end, if you have the other two then this game should make a solid addition to the previous games; however before you spend full price on this game you might want to check the used games bin for one of the two other Cars games that have been released before.
  3. Cars Race-O-Rama is a half-hearted effort throughout; all the pieces fit together but nothings stands out as particularly noteworthy and every facet of the game seems to be in need of a couple extra layers of polish.
  4. There's certainly no shortage of content in Race-O-Rama, and quite a few of the tracks are truly enjoyable. However, the overworld has had little love put into it, and there are many minor issues and bugs that come together to create a fairly uninspired package.
  5. Cars Race O' Rama had some nice new additions, but in the end just wasn't as fun as racing in Lightning McQueen's world should be.
  6. Cars Race-O-Rama tosses a lot of content at you, but it can't disguise that the game isn't very fun to play.
  7. 50
    It is the very definition of an average game, and does nothing to pay homage to the original movie, merely taking up six times the shelf space it should and damning any of the current platforms to yet another throwaway licensed game that simply wasn't needed.
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  1. Oct 30, 2013
    This game sucks. The plot is stupid and the characters are watery. They also committed the cardinal sin of racing games, which is putting the characters comments on a loop, meaning you hear the same 5 or 6 phrases every time you do something. The controls are simple enough, which is good, because the target audience is the only people Disney caters to anymore: 5-year-olds. Full Review »