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  • Summary: The King of Dokapon has offered you his throne; all he asks for in return is that you dispose of an invading horde of thieving monsters. Trouble is - you're not the only one he asked. Contend with up to three friends as you navigate playfields littered with challenges, monsters to defeat, and rare secrets to unlock. Warning: Relationship counseling not included. Tired of shallow gameplay in party games? The genre gets retooled in this exuberant mix of role playing and board games! Encounter zany characters, collect rare items, and explore a fascinating kingdom on your quest to vanquish monsters, gather treasure, and level up! Turn the heat up on your rivalries! Take on up to three other soon-to-be-ex-friends in the race for Princess Penny and the crown. Battle, steal, deface – playing dirty is the name of the game – through a variety of locales and challenges. After your friendships are broken, the game is just as much fun to play alone. Tons of battles, magic spells, mini-games, and multiple play modes add up to endless replayability. Easy, intuitive, and effective combat system – This is no boring game of hack-and-slash. Players covertly choose their actions in an intuitive battle interface that guarantees every fight will surprise. [Atlus USA] Expand
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  1. 90
    Dokapon Kingdom's perfectly balanced multiplayer, cool aesthetics and pure addictive fun make it a new high-water mark for party games on the Wii.
  2. Don't be fooled by Dokapon Kingdom's childish design: this unique board game-RPG crossover makes it hard not to enjoy yourself. [Dec 2008, p.100]
  3. Dokapon Kingdom is a cute, hilarious, addicting game with a multiplayer experience that can't be matched. It's not going to appeal to every gamer, but I can honestly rank my time with it among the most fun I've ever had with my Wii.
  4. A nice surprise. It's a party game with an role-playing twist, but it's still surprisingly easy to pick up and play. In fact, the only thing difficult about this title is putting it down. It's funny that this waggle-free Wii title makes for one of the best party games available for the system.
  5. Ultimately, Dokapon Kingdom for the Wii is a typical party game; luck, luck, pushing luck, and pondering the nature of luck.
  6. But this game is definitely unique among its peers, and although it is not quite the best of both worlds, it is definitely worth checking out if you are a party game or RPG enthusiast.
  7. It's almost heartbreaking how much wasted potential there is here, and lonely RPG fans are better off playing Tales of Vesperia co-op until a better competitive option comes around.

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  1. Nov 3, 2013
    The computer is a cheating bastard. Computer getting whatever roll it needs 99% of the time? Check. Computer always performing the battle action that is best against yours? Check. Knowing what type of random event is on every space? Landing directly on the Darkling space every time? Getting a Contract the same turn they become eligible to do so every single time? Check. Check. Check. And that's against an EASY AI. I recommend this game only to game developers as an example of how NOT to program computer-controlled characters. Expand

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