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  1. EA hasn’t marketed their new program for those looking to lose weight or get in shape; rather it’s been marketed to help keep people active, hence the name, EA Sports Active. Despite this, some will still add it as part of their weight loss program, some will still use it to help them get in shape (guilty as charged), other’s will see it as a good reason to stay fit. Whatever you’re reason, EA may have unlocked the way to get gamers’ off the couch and maybe, save us some money on gym fee’s during the current economy.
  2. This is the best videogame workout on the planet – and it makes you look a little flabby in comparison.
  3. EA Sports Active has not jumped on any bandwagons; instead, it has set a new bar for what exercise games should be. After one week, I can already see and feel results, and I have every intention of finishing out my 30-day challenge, as well as sticking with it beyond the initial 30-day period.
  4. 90
    But EA Sports Active has a great core--it will motivate you to work out and have you doing it the right way.
  5. It’s good to see that EA have created something quite decent, without resting on their laurels.
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  1. Oct 7, 2011
    I bought the game EA Active and I absolutely love it , I am 25 years old and 100 pounds over weight and was about to give up on everything Ive tried and a friend suggested this game to me, so I got it and I am on day 7 and have already lost 6 pounds !! Im eating right and doing the 30 day challenge and on my rest days I make my own workout which is usually walk/run and heavy bag boxing which I love. I never thought I would be able to find something I could do in my home that actually worked and that I love so much. All I have to say is keep up the Wii Active people and you will see results !! I will not stop until this weight is off me :) I thank you EA Sports and Wii for making this game !!! Your a life saver Full Review »
  2. NK
    Aug 23, 2009
    Great got me working out. I went now twice through the 30 day challenge and my girlfriend days it shows. The trophies don't last long enough though I nearly got them all and after 30 days you can essentially only choose to do it again or go to a self selected routine which means there is a danger to avoid certain routines or fall back into old habits. The beauty of a long term selected work out is that someone knowing what they do fitness-wise choose it for you. So I guess I will be off to my third 30 day challenge. Full Review »
  3. joebobBlog
    Jun 29, 2009
    A big disappointment. I bought this game expecting a a more cardio oriented version of the Wii Fit. It is not.

    Active appears rushed out
    the door. It lacks the fun and refinement of the Wii Fit. It is as though the developers did not have documentation from Nintendo. Most painful is the one second lag between your actions and result on screen. This makes the few timing oriented games (Tennis, Inline skating) frustrating rather than fun. Active also lacks Mii support, so you create your own and it is lame. The background graphics appear recycled from a Sega Genesis. The balance board integration is almost non-existent. The exercises are also high impact (jumping, snapping punches, etc.). Add in no stretching, and almost no warm-up/warm down and it is easy to hurt yourself if you are over 30.
    On the positive side, it will get you sweating. If you are a woman interested in toning your thighs the exercises are great. If you are a man interested in cardio, abs and strength there is not much here for you.
    For me, the Wii Fit is more of a stress management tool. It is a break through man to machine interface and it is fun, fun, fun.
    Active lacks the fun and is often frustrating. If you want a TV based cardio exercise experience, save your money and follow along with a DVD.
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