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  1. 35
    Does anyone really buy this stuff? Is this a business model that's really turning a profit for Aksys? I'd love to know, because the company sure seems plenty happy to keep populating otherwise worthwhile Monday morning Wii Shop updates with its below-average wares.
  2. There's nothing to see here. Another bomb from Aksys on WiiWare, which, this time, couldn't even fulfill the least a player expects from a generic Wii Remote game: swings of the controller.
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  1. MatthewMaltby
    Aug 17, 2009
    Although the holes are plentiful enough and more challenging than most real world counterparts (which amount to little more than a few 2x4's haphazardly nailed together), I rented this game to play as a family. I don't consider myself a hard core gamer yet it's still a bit frustrating having to wait to putt again after I watch my 7 year old consistently plunk the ball into yet another lava field without seeming to grasp the concept! It took over an hour just to finish a "world" and my daughter was steaming mad that she never got a chance to putt out. If there was a "difficulty" setting that allowed for "never having golfed before" it would have been a great experience. I mean, they can put bumpers into bowling alleys. Why not this game? After 2 hours my daughter was completely disinterested. I however had fun with it and enjoyed it's, at times, challenging gameplay. If you're a single person with a Wii it's definitely a good way to pass time, but for a family game(which oddly enough it's geared toward) I would save the cash for something a bit less off-putting, Full Review »