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  • Summary: Staying true to the first version's realistic controls, players use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, to battle fish as you would in real life. Pull the Wii Remote left and right as the fish fights you from the end of the line and adjust your drag to avoid breaking your line. Once you have your skills down, take on some friends with four-person multiplayer modes. Players will enjoy the local Multiplayer Battle Modes which enable them to play against their friends and family members in all-new different battle modes. Another new enhancement, Wi-Fi Laddering, allows players to compete online against other Fishing Masters over who will catch the biggest fish in more than 40 worldwide locations in seven different region. [Hudson] Expand
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  1. Fishing quests, tournaments, seven worldwide regions, fish boss battles, and a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection-enabled leaderboard keep this fish fresh for a while, but ultimately the game is more of a deep lake than a vast ocean. [Feb 2009, p.90]
  2. 68
    World Tour won’t keep the hardest of the hardcore intrigued for hours on end, but it’s also a big step over the original on Wii, and a move in the right direction for Hudson.
  3. I can wholly recommend this game to a very narrow audience. For sportsmen gamers out there, we'll just have to wait for a game that utilizes Wii Motion Plus.
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