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  • Summary: Based on Nickelodeon research with preschoolers and their families to determine how the platform’s motion-play capabilities are absorbed by younger children, Go, Diego, Go! Safari Rescue was designed with 13 intuitive Wii-centric motions that maximize the engineering of the Wii Remote for a preschooler. Taking on the role of Diego in a race across Africa, gamers stomp to scare away lions, jump with Baby Jaguar, paint stripes on zebras, climb up ladders and swim across the jungle river by mimicking those actions with the Wii Remote. [2K Play] Expand
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  1. 77
    A nice-looking game that will engage fans of the TV show. It doesn't raise the bar for videogames as a medium, but it isn't trying to. It aims to be a pleasant diversion for preschoolers, and to that end it is successful.
  2. Easy to play, rewarding yet not condescending, this is a game I am happy that my child wants to play.
  3. It's a solid, fun little title that'll definitely entertain the young ones for quite a few hours, and manages to be a little educational as well.
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  1. MelissaSaunders
    Mar 28, 2008
    This game is perfect for the preschooler just learning to play video games. My 5-year old loved it and was able to beat the game once I got her started (that doesn't stop her from wanting to play again, though). With a little help, my almost 4-year old is starting to get the hang of it, too. Definitely good for this age group. Expand