Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
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  1. Grand Slam Tennis is one of the most impressive sports games packages that I've seen in a while. EA deserves to be commended for getting on the ball with MotionPlus and offering up a game that provides a compelling reason to purchase the accessory.
  2. 80
    A really good first attempt at using Wii MotionPlus and a genuinely enjoyable experience. Whilst it might have a few flaws in terms of gameplay and it does look decidedly rubbish, the basic game is very good with some surprising subtleties.
  3. Luckily though Grand Slam Tennis is a refreshing take on a sport that has been otherwise overlooked in past years and comes through with what I think is a rather solid first showing.
  4. Far from being "crippled by unintuitive controls", the reality is that it's beautifully intuitive, and just about shades Virtua Tennis 2009 on Wii by simply having a more satisfying feel to it.
  5. A good game that thanks to the Wii Motion Plus becomes an unforgettable playing experience both for casual gamers and tennis fans. EA Sports did it again!
  6. Grand Slam imposes their own pace of play, determining the new coordinates of the virtual tennis for the Nintendo Wii.
  7. Grand Slam Tennis is a great tennis simulation. Probably the Wii Motion plus does not shows its real potential, but this product is perfect for tennis lovers, thanks to the big variety of shots, the large number of game modes and a perfect online support.
  8. With Grand Slam Tennis EA has set a new standard for motion control input, tennis games, and Wii games in general.
  9. Grand Slam Tennis is not perfect, but it is the best tennis outing to date on the Wii.
  10. A steep learning curve, however, may impede their progress, especially without the benefit of a tutorial. Aside from that huge omission, Grand Slam Tennis is a well-made and fun game appropriate for wannabe tennis stars of all ages.
  11. While it’s not quite an Ace for EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis, it’s is easily the most recommendable tennis game on the Wii so far. Its deep game play mechanics coupled with its excellent multiplayer make this a must have for tennis fans and casual gamers alike.
  12. EA's Grand Slam Tennis packs in everything you would expect from a well made tennis title.
  13. Grand Slam Tennis still comes highly recommended, both as an epic party game, a great online experience, and one of the better tennis experiences on the system.
  14. Despite the underwhelming presentation, EA Sports manages to deliver a very authentic tennis experience. That is if you play the game with Wii Motion Plus - without it you're better of with something else.
  15. 90
    As a quality tennis title and an impressive showcase of Nintendo's new tech, EA's ambitious first effort easily takes the cup.
  16. Grand Slam Tennis is an excellent sports title with sharp controls, an abundance of modes and a unique visual style. The importance of the addition of the Wii Motion Plus is shown here.
  17. EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis is a great offering, and a fantastic first outing for the series. It isn't without fault, however, and isn't the casual experience some hoped it would be.
  18. Games Master UK
    Our new favourite tennis game on Wii. It works perfectly. [Aug 2009, p.76]
  19. If you're a tennis player, or just someone who's mastered and grown tired of Wii Sports Tennis, pick up Grand Slam Tennis with a MotionPlus add-on and prepare to be amazed. Just saddle that amazement with a little bit of patience. The learning curve makes pick-up games with the uninitiated a bore, but with the incredible online functionality, a viable opponent is just a series of ones and zeroes away.
  20. This is an excellent starting point for this tennis game and will give both hardcore tennis fans and casual gamers a great gameplay experience.
  21. I can’t recommend Grand Slam Tennis enough for Wii owners, and am excited to see what changes are made when this title hits Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.
  22. This title is surprisingly entertaining. If you like sports and you aren’t afraid of a real work out in front of your Wii, Grand Slam Tennis won’t disappoint you.
  23. The Wiimote is designed to let you feel like you’re playing the game, so you need to let it. You also need to spend a lot of time learning the ropes, because you didn’t buy Grand Slam Tennis for it to play like Wii Sports. It may be tough to master it but master it you can, and to be fair the Motion Plus does a remarkably good job of recreating what you want when you know how to use it.
  24. 85
    An impressive package on Wii, and one of the best tennis games I’ve ever played.
  25. To sum it up, EA Sport’s Grand Slam Tennis is definitely one of the best sport games that we have played on the console, thanks to Wii MotionPlus.
  26. 85
    Grand Slam Tennis will be a rising star in the sports realm once gamers get their hands on this one.
  27. A great sports game with an extensive use of new gameplay hardware. Definitely worth a purchase.
  28. EA's tennis and Wii MotionPlus debut is a success after all and an encouraging sign for the future.
  29. Grand Slam Tennis has some faults, but, with MotionPlus, it's the first game of a new generation: interaction is taken where it had never been. Muddled, but revolutionary.
  30. Although there is a rock-bed of solid tennis mechanics at play, the weak serve mechanics and ‘play it safe’ mantra leave this title shy of being a true champion.
  31. Nintendo Gamer
    The best tennis game on Wii, and probably the most enjoyable one we've played on any console since Mario Tennis on N64. [Aug 2009, p.62]
  32. Nintendo Power
    A solid first effort for the new franchise that, while a bit rough in some parts, offers the most well-rounded tennis experience on the Wii. [July 2009, p.88]
  33. 86
    It’s fun, accessible to all gamers, challenging and very easy on the eye graphically.
  34. A great choice to lead the Wii MotionPlus charge, combining summertime fun with great gameplay.
  35. It’s the best tennis game on any console.
  36. 85
    They say timing is everything and there's a sense that EA will be onto a winner here simply by being the first fully integrated MotionPlus tennis game to hit the shelves.
  37. With Grand Slam Tennis, the Wii has a new king in the genre. The game has everything that a fan can desire for: good graphics, game modes and longevity. The great multiplayer mode and motion plus support give the title even more appeal. Unfortunately some minor problems don't let the game reach the excellence.
  38. The satisfaction felt at the end of a hard-fought point is all the greater for the knowledge that you’ve guided that perfect shot with a deft flick of your wrist as opposed to a well-timed button press. Though ultimately lacking the precision a truly great tennis game needs, EA should be commended for a superb Wii effort which amply demonstrates the publisher’s commitment to the format.
  39. 85
    This is definitely a good game, the most complete tennis game on Wii and the one with the more realistic control, undoubtedly.
  40. With a few tennis games out this summer there is plenty of choice but Grand Slam Tennis is THE choice for Nintendo Wii owners.
  41. As one of the first MotionPlus titles out of the gate, Grand Slam Tennis is an excellent way to show off the power of Nintendo's new accessory.
  42. 75
    All in all, definitely a fun game which, despite the errors, still gets a rather high score. The most important factor for this score is the great gameplay combined with very good sounds. Furthermore the addition of Wii Motionplus! in combination with the cheap price earns this game a fine [75].

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 60 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 60
  2. Negative: 10 out of 60
  1. Feb 7, 2012
    This game is broken. I don't understand why reviewers disagree with my opinion. The controls make the game impossible to play. You have toThis game is broken. I don't understand why reviewers disagree with my opinion. The controls make the game impossible to play. You have to have the Wii Remote at precisely the right angle, as the game makes it difficult to switch to your forehand. When you swing the Wii Remote, the game is cruel and unforgiving. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on this game. Full Review »
  2. Oct 9, 2017
    The game modes are okay, the cast of playable characters is pretty good, and the graphics aren't bad. But this game has the unfortunatelyThe game modes are okay, the cast of playable characters is pretty good, and the graphics aren't bad. But this game has the unfortunately distinction of having some of the worst controls I've ever seen in a tennis game. It just felt so bad to try to play with the motion controls, and unfortunately the game doesn't give you any other control schemes to use. There were a lot of miscues when I was playing, and overall I felt like this was less fun to play than wii sports tennis. Full Review »
  3. Sep 28, 2016
    Gimmicky beyond belief. I had high hopes for this game, especially given it is supposed to take advantage of the motion plus accessory. AndGimmicky beyond belief. I had high hopes for this game, especially given it is supposed to take advantage of the motion plus accessory. And what purpose does it serve (no pun intended)? If someone will tell me please what the difference is between the gameplay with and without the motion plus? The tech demo that Wii Sports was is still better by leaps and bounds than this abomination. Seriously, you are better off playing the good old Wii Sports tennis than the Grand Slam Tennis, whose controls are far from intuitive and for the most part, they simply don't work like they're supposed to. You would think that three years in the Wii life span (the GST came out in 2009) other developers than Nintendo itself would have learnt how to use motion controls. But no, they are as inept at harnessing the Wii mote as a monkey driving a car.

    Three years after the premiere of Wii Sports you expect devs to have mastered the motion controls. To your dismay, the situation is not that simple. The original Nintendo product, which was only to blaze some trails and show devs the proper way, turns out to be so timeless that no EA, let alone Rockstar with their Table Tennis, won't beat it. In Wii Sports, the gameplay feels natural. Everything is it its place. With the GST the motion controls are exposed for the gimmick they really are. It's either a testament to the lack of communication between Nintendo and third party devs or EA simply churned out another half-assed product that is barely playable.

    I expected it to be everything that the Wii Sports tennis was plus more, given the three-year learning curve to learn the ins and outs of the motion controls implemented by Nintendo in their **** best-selling system. I expected it to be physically as demanding, at least equally accurate and fun. Instead you barely work a sweat. You are more concerned with twisting your wrist right so you execute the moves described in the controls help. But you get frustrated because for the most part the game registers a different move than you initially intended. The vast majority of your strikes end up beyond the court. You have less control over what area of the court the ball will fall in. Yes, even less control than in Wii Sports. Sometimes the game doesn't register your move so you inevitably lose points. You want to hit the ball with your backhand but the game automatically switches to forehand and the other way around. I assume then that the controls are broken or at least not implemented as well as in Wii Sports, needless to say, three years earlier.

    Since this is a motion-controls-based game I expect it to make me sweat, lose some calories. I want to use it as a means for exercise, to help me stay at least a little bit fitter. Even so, I'm disappointed once more as the game does not involve any strength whatsoever.

    The bottom line is stick to Wii sports instead of wasting your time with this broken product.
    Full Review »