Helix Wii


Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 18
  2. Negative: 3 out of 18
  1. Helix is an interesting title that makes good use of what the Wii is capable of. If you have some money to spend in the Wii Shop Channel and you're tired of doing nothing but watching Strong Bad on the WiiWare, you might want to give Helix a try... just remember that it's best to have two Wii Remotes.
  2. 71
    Helix is a simple game that can be a lot of fun if you don’t mind looking bizarre while playing.
  3. Helix has the potential to be a better title in future incarnations, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy the music and dance to the beat of your own drummer. Get it for the music!
  4. Like any other rhythmic game, Helix is not a hardcore title and probably won't make the ones who are too serious about it happy.
  5. But if you're looking for an extensive gaming experience, you won't find it here, as once you unlock all the songs, it's just a matter of repetition.
  6. As a new music game, Helix sounded like a fun concept and I wanted to enjoy it more than I did. I just had a hard time staying with it. Taken on its own terms, the game definitely provides a challenge and some sweat—for the gamer that gets into the spirit and avoids cheating with mini-waggles.
  7. Ghostfire Games must be applauded for attempting to do something innovative with the rhythm game and Wii remote. Unfortunately, the lack of precise movement, uneven challenge, and uninspired music selection serve to make the game boring.
  8. Die-hard rhythm game fans might get a kick out of this, but for the average gamer, there’s nothing here worth ten bucks.
  9. Much like its robot host, it's a bare bones facsimile of something with a lot more soul. Samba de Amigo may cost four times as much but even in its slightly disappointing Wii incarnation, it's still four times as much fun as well.
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  1. AdamKrasneski
    Nov 27, 2008
    The little robot is entertaining, the background visuals are pleasing, and the music is very enjoyable. But two things will ultimately makeThe little robot is entertaining, the background visuals are pleasing, and the music is very enjoyable. But two things will ultimately make or break this game for you. One, the gameplay is hard AND easy. About 6 of the 10(ish) gestures can be read by the game if you actually just swing the wiimote(s) forward and to the right. But, reading the gestures on the hard difficulty level can still prove to be a challenge even if you are "cheating" the system this way. I personally just do the gestures without cheating and find this game to be loads of fun. The second thing that will make or break the game for you is the soundtrack. They are all "electronica" so to speak. Now let's face it, your not really supposed to "get down" with metal, or alot of rap, but if you actually dislike or hate techno, trance, dance, r&B or any other heavily electronic music laden genres, then i would not recommend this for you. On a side note, i picked up this title after i moved, and, while dieting as well, lost 30 pounds in about 3&1/2 months. That leads me to one more small criticism. I'm now in good enough shape that i need more songs with alot of energy! All the hardest workout songs compiles a list of about 7. Although any song on hard is at least a small work out. Even if your not looking for a workout and just want to play a fun rhythm game i would recommend Helix. Full Review »