Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. 71
    The whole "use the lights" mechanic is refreshingly unique, and there's definitely a sense of satisfaction after you've figured out the room's solution.
  2. This dark puzzle game will test your problem-solving abilities, as long as the design quirks don't kill you first.
  3. Like LostWinds, LIT is one of the definitive WiiWare releases. With plenty of challenging content and creepy style to spare, LIT is a must-play for horror fans.
  4. The presentation has some clever and fun touches, and frustration and blemishes not withstanding, fans of both puzzles and the macabre should definitely give the game a look.
  5. 80
    LIT is a puzzle game wrapped up in a 3D candy shell and delivers a fun, creative experience that many will enjoy.
  6. It's just a shame that, much like its moping hero, it never ventures far enough from its comfort zone to become truly memorable.
  7. LIT's emphasis on trial and error might turn off the more impatient player, but if you are the kind that can't say no to a good puzzler, there are unlockable game modes to extend your play.
  8. LIT is a very interesting puzzle game, with a gameplay premise which turns it into a very remarkable proposal within the WiiWare portfolio.
  9. Lit is consistently rewarding for its duration, the lack of handholding and clue-giving heightening the thrill of finding a solution, regardless of whether it was thought through or merely stumbled upon in the dark. [Christmas 2009, p.100]
  10. LIT stands proudly eclectic among the sea of mediocre titles available on WiiWare, bringing a truly innovative take on the puzzle genre to the table and offering a lot for players to explore. The issues with minor control flaws can't really bring down the well-executed atmosphere, clever design or overall fun the experience of playing the game offers.
  11. A dark, atmospheric and reasonably original puzzle adventure. There's not much variation, though. [Jan 2010]
  12. It's got its share of flaws but this is another absorbingly original puzzler for WiiWare.
  13. WayForward put a lot of time and work into LIT at it shows; it’s not perfect but if you’re in the mood for a puzzle game with a difference, break out your flashlight and watch out for what hides in the dark.
  14. It's good fun and something different. [May 2009, p.76]
  15. A clever puzzle game that will have you thinking and shaking at the same time. [Christmas 2009, p.101]
  16. It's recommended, but with a little more polish it could have been fantastic. As it stands, it's an interesting, yet slightly flawed effort.
  17. LIT showcases some rather novel puzzle aspects, while simultaneously remaining shrouded with horror and darkness.
  18. 80
    LIT is another fine example of the advantages of WiiWare: daring, unusual concepts that publishers wouldn’t look twice at for the retail sector.
  19. If you like puzzle games, you might want to check LiT out, and if darkness and monsters are up your alley all the more reason to get it. Just prepare for a few rage fits.
  20. Even with the shortcomings in its presentation and occasionally frustrating deaths, it's hard for a puzzle fan to be let down by LIT.

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