Manic Monkey Mayhem Wii


Mixed or average reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 9
  2. Negative: 3 out of 9
  1. There are more enjoyable one-player games on the service for considerably cheaper, but very few games with such a good grasp of multiplayer, so get a few of your knuckle-dragging buddies involved and go apeshi… well, just go ape.
  2. Manic Monkey Mayhem has managed to squeeze an awful lot into the WiiWare package. With some incredible gameplay available, the biggest problem with Manic Monkey Mayhem is that the mantra of keeping things simple has gone too far and there needs to be more tracking of scores and a revisit to the controls of the main game.
  3. 60
    A respectable first effort on WiiWare from The Code Monkeys, and certainly endued with some British spirit, but key issues of severely hindered online and one player modes hold the game back.
  4. An amusing game that can be a hoot in multiplayer if everyone can get to grips with the somewhat fiddly controls.
  5. I'm not exactly sure how much Wii points cost, but I don't think one thousand of them is too high a price for this game, it's not brilliant, but it's some nice simple fun that you'll enjoy sharing with your friends.
  6. 55
    The Code Monkeys did her best to deliver a good game. Unfortunately the controls aren't working and the singleplayer will bore you pretty fast. However the multiplayer games are fun to try.
  7. 40
    Cap it all off with the fact that it costs a too-expensive eight dollars to download, and Manic Monkey Mayhem is an easy skip.
  8. Were the controls, use of characters, and game variety given a boost in quality, Manic Monkey Mayhem could potentially warrant its 800 Wii Point ($8) price tag. With no such improvements in sight, Manic Monkey Mayhem is a WiiWare game to avoid.
  9. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Monkeys don't always make for comedy, it seems. [Jan 2010, p.86]

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