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  • Summary: [WiiWare] You're a sharp-elbowed shopper racing through the store to find items before your rivals do. Use your Wii Remote controller like a handlebar to control your shopping cart as you race through different types of stores. Vex your competitors by stunning them with plungers and stealing groceries out of their carts. Outrun them by using your drifting and aisle-jumping skills. Keep away from the security guards who want to stop the mall melee. The first player with a completed shopping list at the cash register wins. A simple and fun game that's suitable for all ages, Mart Racer pits you against the computer or up to four players. Play with your friends and family on a split screen or compete online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. 80
    And although the sound of a shopping game sounds only slightly more fun than the real thing, it's actually quite enjoyable.
  2. 40
    This game might have some appeal for you if you can relate, but don't let that actually compel you to purchase it -- Mart Racer is much better left to sit on the shelf.
  3. With such a bizarre premise, the one thing Mart Racer desperately needed was fun and enticing gameplay – something that it severely lacks.
  4. Although features are a good thing, they don’t help much when the game itself has an uninteresting premise, clumsy controls, unappealing looks, and is just no fun to play.
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