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  1. Oct 21, 2010
    Regardless the shortcomings, Nintendo definitely deserves praise for yet again hiring not one but two orchestras to play the game's soundtrack start to end– hearing real strings and percussion, occasionally augmented by sci-fi synthesizer, adds a lushness to the soundtrack that Metroid has long deserved.
  2. It's not quite up there with Prime but this is a great action game with a sensational storyline.
  3. Metroid: Other M from Team Ninja is an exciting action-adventure for Nintendo Wii with great gameplay and excellent long-term-value. Although there are some issues with the controls, the game features an exciting story, many things to collect and a much better orientation compared to the Metroid Prime trilogy. Some of the control issues could have been avoided if the developers would have decided to also use the Nunchuk. But nonetheless, it's a worthy addition to the classic series with Samus Aran.
  4. A modern action epic that feels like a classic.
  5. 90
    Metroid: Other M is certainly a different take on one of Nintendo's prestigious franchises, but it works well to the point of being one of the most immersive and story-heavy Metroid games to date.
  6. 90
    Most notably, the game design is innovative and daring, straddling a precarious line between 2-D and 3-D gameplay to make a game that feels contemporary while retaining the classic Metroid appeal.
  7. It's an excellent shake-up to the series, one that will satisfy long-time fans with an open mind while also able to ease newcomers into the series with a bang of bangs. It may not be the Citizen Kane of gaming, but it's still essential playing.
  8. Other M is definitely worth picking up and totally worth the wait.
  9. It's hard to completely fault the developers for their flaws because they've clearly made some admirably bold decisions to evolve a franchise that's near and dear to so many. And while it falls a bit short, Other M works as both a Metroid game and Wii title that should please old school fans, while attracting newcomers to a series that deserves a mainstream audience.
  10. The effort of Team Ninja and Nintendo working hand-to-hand on the development of a new Metroid iteration is mainly everything a fan of the series could've expected - Isolation, action, love and thrill... Other M's a trip into Samus Aran's mind and feelings. Meanwhile, the gameplay is successful when trying to offer some fun, something that's worth trying. It doesn't matter if you're a die-hard of the franchise or just a curious newcomer, Metroid: Other M hits the spot just where it had to do it, and that's basically everything we've asked for after so many years willing to try some new 2D action based on this heroine.
  11. Metroid: Other M is a constant homage to the series. Its classic gameplay has been revamped and is more action focused, but it retains parts of its past. The game has achieved to turn Samus into a more human character, and the story is much more important this time, which is a good thing.
  12. There is no question, however, that it offers the kind of well rounded, finely tuned experience that we've come to expect of Samus and as the linearity of the earlier parts of the game give way to more freeform exploration, it's clear that it does everything it can to satisfy both newcomers and series veterans alike.
  13. 90
    At first, I wasn't sure that Metroid: Other M would be a proper Metroid game or even a fun one, but as its action intensified over the course of the adventure, it didn't take me long to dismiss the second concern. As for whether or not it's Metroid ... I finished the game with a 45-percent completion rate, and I'm currently going back through the map looking for hidden Energy and Missile Tanks. You tell me.
  14. Other M innovates in many aspects and too much. Metroid is in the right way.
  15. What Other M lacks in pure Metroid magic it makes up for in blockbuster thrills.
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  1. Sep 1, 2010
    What is Metroid Other M? It's a whole lot of "meh". Being a guy who fell in love with the Prime series, I found the switch to Team Ninja to be confusing, especially since Retro Studios made some of the best titles on the entire Gamecube. I was sure not to get worked up over Other M and I can safely say that it's a good thing I stayed pessimistic.

    Team Ninja thought that for some reason, Other M should include a heavy story in it. Past Metroid games had very little story, just enough for you to know why you're there, and what story was there was delivered through a "Fallout 3" type of examination of logs and stuff. Now it's just spoon-fed to the audience in massive and frequent cutscenes that make it feel like a crappy anime (again, this is Team Ninja).

    As for the gameplay, it feels awkward to hold the controller sideways like I'm playing a Mario game again. Num chuck worked for Prime, and it sounded pretty applicable here. As for the actual game, you go around shooting stuff that tries to kill you. Unfortunately there's an auto-targeting system here that tends to suck in every game. It thinks I want to shoot a tiny mouse over the purple tentacle monster that just knocked off 1/4 of my health. There's still the ability to look around in first-person mode for precision shooting, but I guess that deactivates the bottom half of the power suit because you can't move when looking through this.

    Still, after all the crap I had to say, it's still at the very least playable, and that's not something a whole lot of games can do. Yeah, the story sucks and gameplay could've been better, but I still had some sort of urge to find out what I get to shoot next. In the end, Other M is okay, but it could've been brilliant. Can you hear me, Nintendo? Bring back Retro Studios and let Team Ninja go back to their cruddy Japanese games.
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  2. Aug 31, 2010
    I'm really confused at how this game got any negative reviews. The controls where a little hard to get used to at first but once I got the hang of them I thought that they really made sense. The game itself runs great the graphics are good for the wii and when I say that I mean really good! I was blown away at how good the game looked. I've been a fan ever sense super metroid and feel this was a great sequel to it with great new up to date features like 3rd person and first person with similar features from super metroid like all of the awesome beams n suits and new features that make it much better like dodging attacks and combat moves. I would recommend this game to all metroid and adventure fans. 10/10 by far Full Review »
  3. Jan 27, 2011
    There have been so many mixed reviews of this game by critics fans and new players of this series that I had no idea what I would think of this game and now that I've played it I know my place and maybe can help others predict theirs based off of it. Enjoyment of this game depends on a couple of factors. For one YES, the story is garbage and the naration terrible, now here's the important factor, this series hardly had a story to begin with, so as a fan are you able to ignor it? Iwas and if you take out the story factors such as samus being "authorized to power up" it's really no different than finding the powerups as you go along just like any other metroid game, in fact in some instances being unable to hit an enemy that you are locked in a room with and then suddenly being given a new beam mid fight that demolishes it with little to no effort is quite gratifying, that is why I look at it as a fan. If you are a fan of the classic metroid games on NES-GBA than you will probably like this game if you can get over the story. Otherwise you may fall in the other crowd if you're looking for a solid follow up to the more recent Prime series. Full Review »