• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Apr 20, 2010
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 192 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 12 out of 192

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  1. Nov 6, 2011
    Monster Hunter Tri is amazing wii game. The sheer scale of the game is initially daunting but you are slowly eased into things. The graphics are great, and the control scheme with the classic controller is also good. The single player is good, but the place where this game truly succeeds is the multiplayer where you can go on quests online offereing endless replay value.
  2. Aug 19, 2010
    This is the best game I've played in the last ten years. Just fantastic.

    Love the fact that if you want something you have to go get the pieces. Very cool walking around in a monster's armoured skin.
  3. Aug 23, 2010
    One of the most fun Wii games to date, Monster Hunter Tri succeeds in offering addictive and deep Monster Hunting on the Wii, with a wonderful amount of strategy and depth to enjoy. It pushes the Wii to it's limits visually, with some wonderful Monster design and area detail. From batting monsters with Hammers or fighting them underwater, Monster Hunter is one of the best Wii game around, and comes highly recommended. Expand
  4. Sep 2, 2010
    This is easily one of the top 5 games on the Wii ever. The Wii doesn't have many games that have a level of depth to them that will keep you playing over the long haul. Most Wii games you play and once you finish it, you'll put it on a shelf to collect dust. Not Monster Hunter Tri. This game is addicting in the way that MMO's are addicting. They keep you playing through a necessity to get better gear and fight bigger monsters. You'll play this game for hours on end.

    The community is awesome and online play is where it is at. Making friends online is super easy and playing with others in a group makes the game so much more dynamic which just further increases the games longevity. Playing online like Monster Hunter Tri is what Nintendo needs to take note of and implement it like this in future games.

    The graphics are top notch and are probably the best you'll see for the Wii.

    Gameplay is terrific and the controls are good if you use a Classic controller. Maneuevering the camera is made easy with the analog stick.

    This game has a ton of items to collect and one of the problems with these types of games is that inventory can become a nightmare. I've played a ton of MMOs and that is almost always a problem to the point where it stops me from picking up items because I just don't want to deal with it. But, I must say the inventory management in Monster Hunter Tri is one of the easiest systems to manage compared to just about any other game on any other system. It is that easy. Items are easily sorted, automatically selected, easy to bundle, etc. It is all there and can be done with just a few button pushes.

    Monster Hunter Tri will probably remain one of my favorite Wii games ever.
  5. Sep 3, 2010
    You know what, I'm tired of all the ten out of ten reviews for this game. The one player mode is huge and interesting at first but soon becomes a chore.I bought this for the potential of the multiplayer. It is a total let down- the WiiSpeak hardware is terrible. After several sessions of shouting 'what's that mate?' at the telly only tyo get another mumbled/echoed reply myself and my group of friends traded this . I'm really losing faith in Nintendo- their reluctance to provide services that the PS3 and 360 do for their customers is becoming boring. Expand
  6. Sep 10, 2010
    There are times when games surpasses art, and this game is not the exception, have you seen citizen kane? its a piece of garbage compared to Monster Hunter tri. Lets face it, why is citizen kane so good? because its on black and white? well monster hunter tri comes in color, but you also have the option to change your tv settings to make it black and white if you wanted, so even if you are a whore of movies, you will enjoy this game like the master piece it is. Have you read a book named Quixote, its a piece of garbage at one side of Monster Hunter Tri, now lets develop a deep analisys on it, why is the Quixote so good? because its a joke about book of that time made with a dense use of words. Well this game let other games on any console look like a joke, and it sure got tons of words, so many words that sometimes you will not even want to read, its so detailed, so exciting, so complex, that sometimes you believe you are out of this world. Some people says videogames are as much art as movies, those people are idiots, videogames are better than movies, Videogames can express art in another dimension, and monster hunter tri expands that dimension to the point of let you even wonder what a hunter is, what a monster is, it makes you forget you are playing, it instead makes you feel you are really chasing monsters and risking your life, you can cry with this game like with no other, heavy rain? its crap, you dont even move, in monster hunter tri you got a nice story and you also move. Uncharted 2? its so linear, its like a game on trails with shooting, it gots no strategy, no tactics, barely all the puzzles are gone, in Monster Hunter Tri all the game is a puzzle about how to hunt the monsters, and it lets you wonder things that nobody can answer yet, what is better a powerful armor? or a cool looking armor? if you want to find out the answer, you have to buy it, and play it. You will see then, you are before a real piece of art. Expand
  7. Apr 26, 2012
    Fantastic game with a multiplayer experience very unlike what you would find anywhere else! Work as a team with your friends to take down a challenging boss monster in an epic battle? Sign me up. Can't wait to play each new Monster Hunter when it comes out!
  8. Sep 23, 2010
    I don't like to give 10's out because it means the game has nothing that can be improved upon. No glitches, no changes in ideas, nothing more that can be added to a game to make it better. I didn't ever believe I could come across a game that left me completely satisfied and to make me think "Gee, I wish they would have done this instead". Well, Monster Hunter tri is that game. The smallest thing i can complain about is that this game is only on wii and would be nice to see on a more powerful system with better graphics and i guess with more room a larger world. But honestly for wii, you can't get a better game. Lots of people put in their reviews and I think Hynda summed up everything i was thinking and i have nothing left that can be added. The game truly is a work of art and a nice original game without flaws. After reading such positive reviews i would caution to not getted too overhyped about the game, as i said it is a wii game and wii can only take the graphics so far. The game is very ps2 like but for what it is it is perfect. Expand
  9. Dec 27, 2010
    My only complaint is Wii Remote and Nunchuk control, which is very difficult, but once you get aside that, the game is such an amazing RPG that it is certainly worth your money. Definitely consider a classic controller for this game.
  10. Oct 28, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the game i love it. Is one game with a lot of action!!!! THIS IS THE BEST GAME FOR WII i havent other words to say it must take 100% not 86 in my opinion nvmd. Expand
  11. Mar 10, 2011
    If I were to compare MH:Tri to another game, I'd have to say the L4D series. Why? It feels like MH:Tri has an AI Director. Ignoring minion monster placement and where boss monsters come in when coming from another area, each encounter is unique. Depending the environment something may be left standing while others are destroyed. Wounding a monster is an inevitable (scarring its mane "R. Ludroth," severing its tail, clipping the wings) but you may not be able to wound everything on a monster because of a weapon you are using. Not all weapons are good for some players. Unfortuantely, some of the better weapons are locked until you pass a certain point offline and have to wait for the Argosy (the trading ship) to be in port to obtain the new weapons. (If you pass that point offline, you can gather materials to make the locked weapons and get them made online.) Monster armor is unlocked once you have gathered a sufficient amount of the particular materials to get it made. A tip in general for MH is to have a goal in mind. Utilize that goal to move yourself forward and to be properly prepared to tackle a different monster. (Example would be to hunt numerous Barroth to get armor made to be ready to fight that Lagiacrus because of thunder resist on the Barroth armor.) Expand
  12. May 20, 2011
    One of the absolute best games for the Wii. On a system plagued with shovelware, ports, and half-arsed garbage, this is a diamond in the rough. But don't get me wrong, this game probably isn't for everybody. It has a penchant for being oldschool difficult at times, and has a learning curve that can put a lot of people off. Key gameplay point: Don't get hit. But with practice and a keen eye for tells, you can pull this off. Very satisfying to lord over monsters that once made you run in fear once you learn their tactics. Extra fun if you have friends to play with, and if they own a wii, they should own this. As far as control schemes go, I would have liked if they allowed you to use the gamecube controller, but I found the wiimote + nunchuck to be preferable for Sword + Shield & Hammer styles, and the wii controller addon for Lances, Longswords & Greatswords. Music wise; this game is amazing. Vast sweeping orchestral scores and fantastic beats with a tribal flavor are in abundance. I highly recommend the OST just to listen to whenever. Graphics: not the shiniest most ultra detailed thing ever made but still looks really good, the landscapes, monsters, weapons, and armor are all pleasing to look at. Story: the story is fairly straightforward, and the npcs are not overbearing. The completion of the story and it's challenges is satisfying, and there is a great deal more that can only be done online with friends. The game does not force you to play offline first either, you are free to wander online and offline at will. If you have three friends with Wii consoles, and need something fun to do together, I highly recommend you pick this game up immediately. Even if you're a lone wolf of a gamer with nobody to play with, I still say go get this game. It really should be on every action and adventure game fan's wii pile. Expand
  13. Apr 8, 2011
    Wow, where to begin. Well, for starters I need to point out that I have never played a Monster Hunter game before this game, so I was very new to the game. So I didn't know what I was about to get into, but I had heard alot of people making a big fuss over it, so I thought, why not. Oh boy am I glad I picked it up. I've only had this game for a few days now, and I am officially addicted. This is one of those games where you just get sucked right in, and you can't seem to stop no matter what. But hey, let's just dive into this review already. The game is obviously an RPG, and has many of the classic RPG elements. Collect and upgrade your gear, gain XP to make your character stronger, you know, all that good stuff. When you start the game, you will need to create your character's features. Hair, face, age, voice, you know the drill. But I was actually pretty surprised at how well put together the character customization is, you'll run into very few look alikes in the online game, which we will get to in a minute. You'll want to focus on playing offline for a while so you can learn how the game works and so you can upgrade your character and make him ready for the online battles. You do this by basically following the main story. Believe it or not though, this game doesn't really have a story at all. The whole concept of the game is killing monsters, and collecting from them so you can get stronger gear. Now before you panic and start shouting "An RPG is no good without a story." you need to understand what this game is trying to do. Ever play MMO's? They never have a story right? Yes maybe a few end game events, but MMO's are mainly about leveling up and getting stronger so you can go on more difficult, but more rewarding, quests. That's basically what this game is doing as well. So now you might see what the online multiplayer might be like right? Comon, figure it out........... Yup, Monster Hunter Tri follows the MMO formula. You can say that Monster Hunter Tri is basically a free MMO. Yup, it's like playing an MMO....... ON THE WII!!!!!! Epicness. Think of it like this, when you play Final Fantasy XI, you're either playing solo, or grinding with a party. In Monster Hunter Tri, playing offline is basically playing solo to upgrade your gear, get more solo quests done, etc. But when you play online, you're partying up with other players to go on quests to level up, get more cash, and earn more materials for crafting and upgrading. So basically, Monster Hunter Tri is it's own kind of MMO. When you play the game yourself, you'll get why it's so much like an MMO. So it focuses more on the MMO formula than trying to have a good story. In other words, this game doesn't even need a story. The gameplay is a hack-n-slash action RPG style. You have several melee buttons with which you can perform combos on enemies to deal more damage. I kinda doubted at first that there is no lock-on system, and that does kinda get in the way at times, but it doesn't interfere with the overall experience, it just requires alot of strategy and skill, which are what make this an amazing RPG. You can choose from a variety of weapons types like swords, great swords, axes, bows, and hammers. The game is loaded with a ton of content to make your character unique from other players in the way of weapons and armor. Choose your weapon of choice and prepare yourself for some hunting. Once you've prepared yourself, and you have all the stuff you need like potions, good gear, stuff to keep your weapons sharp, you are ready to begin hunting, weather alone or with a party. Quests are usually simple to figure out, but have sidequests inside as well to enhance the reward from the quest. Once you begin a quest, you have an hour, real time, to complete it. The quests usually involve slaying certain monsters or bosses, collecting materials, etc etc. Surprisingly though, the quests are very fun, and highly addicting. They're even more fun when online. A nice add to the game is voice chat. The game supports Wii Speak and the COD Black Ops Mic, both are very effective and really make good use for strong teamwork. The game also has regular keyboard chat as well. It has a virtual keyboard, but you can also plug in your own USB keyboard for quicker text chat. Another thing I love about this game is the soundtrack. I just love hearing the victory music when a quest has been successfully completed. The music really expresses a big feeling of adventure that you just love to hear. Graphics are very nice as well, and as far as cons go, the gameplay can be a little clunky at times, but it really doesn't interfere with the game at all. Bottom line, the game is amazing, and is a must buy for Wii owners. If you're looking for a nice free MMO experience, this game is a fantastic start. Monster Hunter Tri gets a 10/10, and is my choice for Best RPG of 2010. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go kill more monsters now. Expand
  14. Sep 28, 2012
    I LOVE this game! Great weapons, beautiful locations, great music, TONS of replay value and inventive monsters. I mean, what other game that is out there has a lava sea monster that swims in lava and UNDERGROUND! And the online mode is great fun! One of the best games on Wii, multiplayer and single player!
  15. Mar 16, 2011
    Yeah I 10'd this one. It eats your face and asks for more, so 10 it is. Requires perseverance, tactical thinking, teamwork and a backbone. Support real gaming and pick this one up. One thing I can't stand is an easy game, props to MHT.
  16. May 10, 2011
    I've logged in about 150 hours in this game. It's a fantastic, very in-depth RPG that offers a ton of play time. It's a very unique game that is hard to get used too. I've had multiple people I've shown the game complain its too clunky of movement, but when you realize they made it slow so that you would have to be very precise with your timing, you realize the genius of it. It's a blast choosing which weapons you want to specialize in, upgrading them and collecting all the different elemental types. There's a lot of room to grow just in terms of player skill(along with level). For example the lance, I was terrible with it at first but 150 hours into the game, after trying everything else, I realized how awesome it was once I started to get better at it. I bought the game not even knowing really what it was so I took a gamble, and I literally found one my favorite series of games of all time. I enjoy off-the-wall games that most of the mainstream seems to pass by, but this truly is a gem. I didn't really understand the game until about 8 hours into it and didn't see how big the scope was until about 50 hours into. If you get this game don't judge it until a good amount of play has been put into it. This isn't a game you can pick up and play for an hour or so, or just play the arena, and really understand what it's all about. Put 25 hours into and you'll realize that it'll hook you for 100 more. Don't pass up the multi-player....easily the best part. Expand
  17. Feb 15, 2013
    The best aspect of this game is that it's the only one of its genre that is released on Wii. So by being the only one,I understand many people are going to buy it since it's the only choice on Wii,but that doesn't make this game really good IMO. Another thing that is good about this game is its graphics,at least in comparison to other Wii games. The game still looks like a PC game from 2002,but for Wii it looks nice,it has some nice texture quality,but what's bad regarding graphics is that the colors are washed out. In the audio department the game doesn't impress. Some music tracks are kinda good but none memorable,there are no voice overs,and I recognized that some of the sound effects of the game that have been used in other games of the past. One of the voices (your character doesn't talk so its only "aghhs and oohs") you can choose for your character for example,is the exact same voice Link had in Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64. Controls and menus exploration is a bit weird,and needs some time to get used to,and the tutorial is incomplete. The dialogues are represented with text only,and the text is slowly appearing on the screen letter-letter so it just gets boring waiting for all letters of a phrase to appear. Voice overs could be really helpful with that amount of dialogue,as it would take boredom out of the game's dialogues.Combat controls aren't as responsive as they should be for an action game. It is less responsive and sluggish in comparison to other action games like Zelda: Twilight Princess, Darksiders,Skyrim or Dark Souls. Attack animations last too long (more than they do in Witcher 2) and can't be cancelled/stopped once initiated,which will make you often regret the decision you took 1 or 2 seconds before. A feature I think this game needed but doesn't have,is a lock on enemies feature,like Zelda games have from Ocarina of Time and after,and the Witcher and Darksiders series also have. Being able to run around in 3d environments with often multiple enemies on the screen is something that needs this feature,but this game doesn't have it,so you will find it unnecessarily hard to hit the specific enemy you want,and some times you will end up having enemies behind your character's back,off camera to hurt you. Story isn't that much big of a deal,you are basically just someone who hunts monsters for money and do chores for people in concealed fetch quests. The goal of the game is supposed to be to just have fun slaying monsters,and not get immersed on its story. But I found out that most of the "monsters" are just plain animals including herbivores less harmful than a sheep. On this game all the animals that can't speak are considered monsters,while at the same time cats that stand on their 2 feet and wear clothes and speak and do magick are considered not monsters,neither simple animals,but people. Anyway if you really want to feel like a douche who slays animals just for the fun of it,this is what the game has to offer. The animals spray blood when you butcher them,and after they drop on the ground, they sometimes have writhing animations emulating animal death. I don't know how that will make you feel,but butchering harmless beings that were just eating grass in the field and then watching them giving up their souls in agony and pain like that made me feel like I'm a bad person,like my character is the villain in this game, and a sadistic one at that. Other than these negatives,the game is large and have enough content to keep you playing for long time,if you are liking it. If you truly have a desire to extinct animals and you are ready to overlook this game's technical flaws just for getting to slay animals,then buy this game. If you are a animal's rights person then this game will frustrate you much,so don't buy it. If you are like me and you just want a good 3rd person action adventure game with RPG elements,there are many better games out there,but you will have to also have another platform to play them. Expand
  18. Apr 10, 2012
    Monster Hunter Tri is a gem. I bought the game thinking I would appreciate the Classic Controller Pro in the bundle more than the game itself. But I was greatly mistaken. The game takes time to grasp but once you dive into Monster Hunter Tri you will begin to realize the treat you are in for. Exploring, collecting materials, forging weapons/armor, hunting monsters, and finally bringing down the largest of monsters leaves the greatest sense of accomplishment in any individual. The game isn't easy and you will die from time to time but Monster Hunter Tri is well worth checking out. I highly recommend this game. Collapse
  19. Nov 29, 2011
    If you've played Monster Hunter before, and you liked it, you would think Monster Hunter Tri ROCKS compared to the other Monster Hunter games.I myself have been a fan Monster Hunter fan since the very beginning and I have played more of this than any other game I have.This is the BEST game for the Wii!
    I recommend it to all hardcore gamers.
  20. Nov 18, 2011
    This is an example that can achieve great Wii games. Wherever you see this title is excellent. Great graphics, brilliant sound track recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (a luxury), hundreds of hours of fun both offline and online mode (campaigns for free, with options for writing and voice chat), several control options (being this section one of the most accomplished in the whole series thanks to the Wiimote). If you have and give it a chance will not disappoint at all. One of the best Wii games and the present generation. Expand
  21. Apr 3, 2012
    It's just uncanny how addictive this game it is. Over 100 hours and still going strongly. Since it's very cheap now, this game certainly gives more than your money's worth. Each monster is unique and requires a particularly strategy to bring down. The weapon and armour upgrades are very deep and will have rushing to get the next vital component. The online on this game is also the best on Wii bar none. This certainly isn't a game for everyone. It's the most hardcore game on the Wii. It requires a lot of your time but it is so rewarding and satisfying when you succeed. Expand
  22. Mar 13, 2012
    This game has no story, no damage counters or metres and its graphics are outright dated. But instead Monster Hunter is about extremely challenging and satisfying execution/timing based combat, and a dangerously addictive equipment crafting system. It has a steep learning curve and is punishing for mistakes but once you understand its game mechanics you'll be hooked. Not many other games are as satisfying and addictive to play as Monster Hunter. Online Multiplayer on Monster Hunter Tri will add many more hours after you've done exploring Single Player. Four person party hunts adds a new level of depth to the gameplay. Support the game outside of Japan. Expand
  23. Apr 22, 2012
    I was sad, genuinely sad, when I finally had to pull the disc with Monster Hunter Tri out off my Wii. It's a very beautiful, demanding and engaging game that will leave you thinking about it loooong after you finish playing it. But why not a perfect score then? Simply put, while single player mode is easily 10/10, the online multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired. Very often I've found the connection to be very wonky and disconnect me at the most random times, sometimes completely preventing me from playing at all. This is especially infuriating, because logging to the servers takes quite a bit of time. Additionally, compared to single, multiplayer offers almost nothing new as far as content is considered. The main draw is 3 exclusive monsters you get to play only online, however, to reach them you will need to do a lot of the EXACT SAME quests you already did offline. That's because multi uses a Hunter Rank system, which raises with the "experience points" you get for finishing quests, which gets as tedious as your average level grinding in any given MMO game. Despite those shortcomings, Monster Hunter Tri is nothing short of amazing and a game that any Wii owner owes him/herself to play. I highly recommend getting a classic controller, though.â Expand
  24. May 5, 2012
    Very few games offer what Tri has to offer, with beautiful graphics, amazing armor and weapon upgrades, and badass monsters, you have a lot of trouble putting this game down. This game isn't for everyone, its way too hardcore for the players who find Mario difficult, this game is not THAT hard though. The main reason why its hard for me is because of the annoying controls, and that is the only reason why this game did not recieve a 10. Also, for additonal fun, there is also online where you can play in parties of 4 and hunt more challenging monster down together. Expand
  25. May 28, 2012
    The gameplay is simply amazing. The boss battles feel epic, are unique and require precise skill. The equipment is fun to gather and gives lasting goals for the game. The multiplayer is greatly enjoyable, even with strangers. The game is unique in its gameplay and style.
  26. Jan 10, 2013
    An excellent action RPG aimed at those who salivate over a good challenge. Hunting down enormous, intimidating, deadly monsters is about as fun and challenging as it seems. It's a lot of fun. These creatures can kill you in just a single blow, if you aren't experienced, and don't come properly equipped with the right gear. The gear, this game is not a standard RPG in the sense that you level up from killing things. No, rather, you become more powerful by gathering the right materials out in the wild, and by carving up the carcasses of the dead monsters you defeat in order to forge more powerful weapons and armor for battle. To go with that, there really is no substitute for the knowledge and practice you get from conquering endless foes along the way. A savvy hunter with sharp reflexes won't need the best gear to defeat a monster. But if your skills aren't as sharp, battles are often won and lost before you ever square off against a monster. Preparing yourself with potions and stat boosters is key. You'll spend a lot of time foraging for the proper ingredients to make these helpful items. That can be a calm, relaxing alternative to the tense, dangerous battles and you may enjoy the tranquility of the environments as you do your business. However, others may just find it to be a lot of busy work, and a big waste of time. Both schools of thought are correct, depending on how you look at it. Another thing with two contradictory ways to look at it is the item drop system. When you kill a monster you can carve its body up a few times to receive a few items that can be sold or made into new things. Also, completing the missions to kill these beasts gives you more monster related parts that can be sold or forged. Makes sense, however, there is almost always one item you will always need that has a very low drop rate, forcing you to do the same battles over and over again, perhaps even dozens of times. Which weighs on even the most patient person when the missions can often be over 30 minutes long. That's the age old Japanese RPG formula at work. Another way to look at it is, all the battles you embark on to get that rare loot will ultimately shape the player into a cold calculated killing machine, efficient and mistake free. That's all well and good, but that all wraps up into one of two of this games only real flaws, it takes TIME. You may play for hours and not be far from where you started. Though, don't be misled, the satisfaction you get from conquering new creatures or obtaining that new weapon or armor is VERY satisfying. The other flaw, is that this game really is hardly different from previous versions. This games has remained very similar over the last 8 or so years. That being said, this IS the best, most refined version to date. ONLINE PLAY- finally now monster hunter is online and players can team up with each other from anywhere in the world. It is even more fun playing in groups of four to massacre giant monsters together. You will need them too, because online, monsters have increased health, about twice as much. Wich makes the battles tough to play by yourself, so good teamwork is a high priority. Online, the games mission structure progresses the same way the single player does, however, once you conquer all that, even MORE missions become available. You get even more difficult monsters to face, and much stronger gear to acquire. It's a shame that some of the beasts you face are online only though, because if you can't find the right people to play with, they can be too much for just one person. Playing the easier version in single player would've been welcome. It's a fantastic game, and one of the Wii's best, as well as one of the best games in recent memory. You may very well sink a few hundred hours into this game just to get the best loot and see all it has to offer. Expand
  27. Dec 1, 2012
    Best On-Line Third Person RPG game ever. Even shows us Zelda fans love and I love the challenge. Sword and Shield is balanced and I'm happy. Inventory is simple and off the chain like normal. Monster Hunter has came a long way and walks over World of Warcraft.
  28. Mar 28, 2013
    This is probably the best Wii game out there. The story is great, the gameplay is insanely fun, the graphics are probably the best you can get on the Wii and are pretty great, and the multiplayer is working and quite fun. Now, there are problems with every game. After a while, the singleplayer becomes impossible to beat without going to multiplayer and farming items with help. In multiplayer, it is pretty hard to communicate without the voice thing, but it makes it easier with a wireless keyboard. Much of the game kinda feels limited, like there isn't as much RPG as there should be. Now, I understand that it isn't an RPG, but it feels like it is sometimes, only lacking some great features. And most of the armor sets look awkward on male characters. But the weapons look so cool and fancy. Overall, it's a good game. And it's a good game if you are maybe 7 or older. And people in multiplayer aren't as bad as you'd imagine. They're pretty good people. Expand
  29. Feb 16, 2014
    Man where do i begin...I just got this game on my dolphin emulator because i cannot afford a wii (sadly) and even though it is little laggy on my emulator this game is a lot of fun. There are no lvling like the most of the traditional rpgs but it is more about your gears that you are wearing. Maybe because of this mechanic, this game maybe love it or hate it game. What i mean by that is that the trash mobs in this game are not some regular mmorpg mobs that you will face where you get to kill them just because you deal more damage to them than they do to you. They will rip you apart if u dont time your doge, your attack, and even the timing of your potion drinking (there is actual potion drinking animation). I'm not sure if its just me but I have actually never played rpg games with potion drinking animation. Anyway because the trash mobs are hard to kill with out any skill, to some people gear obtaining could be quite hard making this game may not likable to some audiences. However, if you are looking for a challenge and want to be satisfied with gears you craft with your skill, you will have a blast with this game. Bosses are interesting, and memorable from one to another, also the bosses run away if the take too much damage and will move from location to location make you like a true monster hunter risking your life to take down this big ass monsters. It is kind of sad that Capcom shut down their dedicated servers for the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but if you can probably pick up this game for fairly cheap price and the singleplayer portion will give you plenty amount of content for the price. Expand
  30. Sep 9, 2013
    Okay. I'm going to do what apparently no one else will do. Tell you that this game sucks. Before we begin, yes, I'm a huge RPG fan. I've played everything from Fallout 3 to Xenoblade to Skyrim to Sleeping Dogs to... you get the picture. I'll play nearly any of them I can get my hands on. However, I couldn't stand this game. The controls were sh*t, the attacks had animations that were so clunky and long half of the time you would get hit anyway, so it was more luck than strategy, not to mention that every attack moved you forward, which is fine, and maybe even useful for the big enemies... but when you're fighting the annoying little flying insects (why am I even fighting friggin insects?) you'll miss 4 out of 5 times. To be honest, I couldn't play this game for more than... I don't know, between an hour and two hours. I really wanted to like this game too, but I just couldn't. I didn't try online mode, but I'd imagine the controls and etc. would be exactly the same. If you want to play something kind of similar, give Xenoblade a try, it's nowhere near as annoying. If you liked it, first tell me what I was missing, so that I can give it another shot, though I doubt it gets better further in or anything like that. Then try out Xenoblade, it's so much better. Expand
  31. Jul 3, 2014
    If you are a healthy young gamer with a fantastic internet connection and don't mind very poor and counterintuitive tutorials, this is an action packed mission based game and you'll probably give it an 8-10 out of ten score. If you have a Wii because due to nerve damage you can't hold one of the more traditional controllers, and your internet connection is slow or spotty look for another game. Your character does not advance in the traditional gaming sense. There are no levels. You can't grind your way to be a better fighter to be able to take out the next higher monster. You can't buy better equipment. Your equipment really only advances as you defeat bigger things and then take their hides or whatnot to forge better equipment to be able to defeat what you barely survived the first time. Aging and disabled gamers, keep looking. You can't pause the game and still be able to interact with it. You will find the constant scrolling through your inventory while running to avoid being eaten to find that one particular item, trap, potion, whatever you need, very tiresome. If you don't have light speed internet, you can't get help on your missions and you will probably hit a wall where you simply can't defeat that one monster without the help that you might have otherwise unlocked if the missions were not so linear. You have to get to the third tier of missions before you can unlock an NPC helper. I live where only satellite internet is available and it is simply inadequate to go multiplayer anything. Many of you will laugh at the geezer cripple complaining about physical limitations causing problems with gaming. Go ahead and laugh. You will get there too if you live long enough and the gaming companies do not care. They are totally ignoring what will become an increasing share of the market. Maybe when my son is home I can have him get that one monster for me and unlock the NPC Helper Expand
  32. Apr 10, 2012
    Monster Hunter Tri is a gem. I bought the game thinking I would appreciate the Classic Controller Pro in the bundle more than the game itself. But I was greatly mistaken. The game takes time to grasp but once you dive into Monster Hunter Tri you will begin to realize the treat you are in for. Exploring, collecting materials, forging weapons/armor, hunting monsters, and finally bringing down the largest of monsters leaves the greatest sense of accomplishment in any individual. The game isn't easy and you will die from time to time but Monster Hunter Tri is well worth checking out. I highly recommend this game. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 70 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 70
  2. Negative: 0 out of 70
  1. A superb online mode and practically infinite game time make us cheer with joy for this engaging monster-collecting adventure.
  2. 80
    A merciless, intimidatingly featured, almost grotesquely involved role-playing timesink, perched balefully atop a platform whose users take to higher difficulty settings about as readily as pigeons take to cactus plants.
  3. Adds brains to action fans' brawn, and brawn to obsessive collectors' brains. Ignore the first few clunky hours, and get ready to enjoy the next 300.