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  • Summary: Do you ever feel at "loss for words"? Would you like to express yourself more clearly and with confidence? Want to improve your vocabulary in a straightforward and entertaining way? In your daily life, knowing the right word can make all the difference! My Word Coach offers a fun and challenging way to improve verbal skills through a series of engaging activities and exercises. The game was inspired by ongoing vocabulary acquisition research by Thomas Cobb, University Professor in Applied Linguistics at the University of Quebec. Enjoyable activities include word recognition, spelling challenges, and vocabulary definition, including 16,800 words from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. When you play, My Word Coach assesses, monitors, and rewards your Expression Potential, a score that represents your ability to command and use the English language. The higher the number (out of a possible 100%), the better you are able to express yourself! While the Wii version takes advantage of the Wii Remote through lively mini-games and easy-to-use controls, the Nintendo DS version makes full use of the system’s unique, dual Touch Screen. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. I was taken aback by the difficulty of the intro. The tutorial word in the fill-in-the-blank game is Villain. That was something a little over the top for my 7 year old.
  2. It's genuinely entertaining in small chunks, but there is still a lot to be said for spending time with a good book instead, or by keeping a thesaurus or a copy of the Reader's Digest handy when you have the need to feel egregiously verbose.
  3. As far as edutainment games goes, My Word Coach is one of the better ones I have spent time with and one in which nearly anyone age 8 or older should be able to get something out of.
  4. The biggest problem here is that this is a port from a Nintendo DS game that is nearly half the price, and the only addition is a few multiplayer modes.
  5. An average title with a purposeful concept and not-so-stellar performance. Children will enjoy the game, but only for a short time, and adults who know how to speak English already need not apply.
  6. 65
    My Word Coach might turn on English majors, but that's about it. It's doubtful that many will find its premise to be entertaining – at least not for long, anyway.
  7. The aesthetics of the game are charming, although bland. The graphics are nothing special and the music is calm and forgettable. Tons of words and a decent handful of mini-games (multiplayer versions included) might suffice for a casual quick-play and you might actually learn something.

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  1. LoriA.
    Dec 31, 2007
    Unlike what the reviewers said, I am an adult who already speaks English and I find the game to be enjoyable. The words I encounter in the games are not likely to be found in my everyday reading. If you enjoy word games and puzzles, and like to improve yourself, you will like this game. The anagrams are challenging. The only thing I would like to see added to this game is pronunciation of the words. My entire family plays this game and my husband and I are having a little competition to see who can know the most words! Expand
  2. JakeH.
    Jan 28, 2008
    Enjoyable yet at times frustrating. I don't feel Ubisoft made the most of the Wii controller - the menu system is the least intuitive method I have ever had to endure (why all the twisting and tilting? Why in gods name didn't they just use the pointer?!) It's a shame they couldn't translate the simple and intuitive controls of the DS over onto the Wii version. Some nice multiplayer modes are included and despite what GameZone say this is not strictly for kids - as the game manages to gauge itself quite nicely to all abilities. Expand