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Summary: Take control of both Naruto and Sasuke as they go their own ways to seek out the mysteries and power behind Genryu, the mighty Elemental Dragons, in an all-new epic adventure. The world is in danger and only the power of the legendary Dragon Blade and rare elemental orbs hidden across the land can save it. As Naruto, you will use special orbs collected from the powerful Genryu to enhance your Dragon Blade with new powers, acquire new skills by finding and equipping dozens of Ninja Scrolls hidden throughout the world, and take on gigantic dragons in incredible boss battles! With two superstars in one game, you won't want to miss this amazing adventure
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Rating: E10+
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Developer: Eighting, Takara Tomy
Genre(s): Action
Cast Credit
Shinji Hosoe Music Composer
Ayako Saso Music Composer
Yuichi Ochiai Program Integration
Masato Suga Graphic Design
Kenji Suzuki Debug Support
Kazuhiro Kobayashi Music Composer
Ali Hillis Voice: Karin
Ben Diskin Voice: Sai
Brian Donovan Voice: Rock Lee
Grant George Voice: Suigetsu Hozuki
Dave Wittenburg Voice: Kakashi Hatake
Masahiro Tachibana Programming
Makoto Suzuki Design Support
Roger Craig Smith Voice: Deidara
Masashi Yano Music Composer
Daisuke Nakano Graphic Design
Tomonori Fujisawa Executive Producer
Masato Toyoshima Producers
Mitsuakira Tatsuta Design Integration
Tomonori Satoh Programming Support
Toshiharu Matsui Programming
Hirokazu Matsushima Design Support
Hiroshi Tahara Graphic Design
Hiroaki Kumata Graphic Design
Masaharu Tokutake Design Support
Yoshitaka Ikeda Design Support
Yumiko Watanabe Graphic Design
Aya Hasegawa Graphic Design
Masashi Kishimoto Original Author
Travis Willingham Voice: Jugo
Troy Baker Voice: Yamato
Kouhei Kuroda Project Assistants
Kenji Shibayama Programming Support
Yuichi Toyama Producers
Shintaro Ito Graphic Design
Tomonori Ishikawa Direction Support
Susumu Hibi Direction Integration
Ken Aso Graphic Design
Yujin Yoshioka Graphic Design
Kenji Osawa Graphic Design
Maile Flannegan Voice: Naruto Uzumaki
Tom Gibs Voice: Shikamaru Nara
Tetsushi Tsunoda Project Managers
Yuka Honda Project Managers
Kentarou Tachibana Project Assistants
Shinichiro Nishimura Project Assistants
Takayuki Ueno Programming
Kenji Yanagi Programming
Tomoya Yoshikawa Programming
Hidekazu Yasui Programming
Makoto Morita Programming
Shinya Nakama Programming
Shingo Yoshizawa Programming
Masashi Koyama Programming
Satoshi Yanagisawa Graphic Design
Hiroki Taguchi Graphic Design
Katsunori Hasegawa Graphic Design
Yasuyuki Watanabe Graphic Design
Shigefumi Shimogaichi Graphic Design
Daisuke Fujii Graphic Design
Mai Kazuno Graphic Design
Naoto Kitayama Graphic Design
Yoshiro Shimizu Graphic Design
Masashi Kanbara Graphic Design
Mari Aota Graphic Design
Manami Kiuchi Graphic Design
Juri Sakoda Graphic Design
Michiko Hidaka Graphic Design
Yasutaka Kitamura Graphic Design
Shizu Munesue Graphic Design
Maki Tabata Graphic Design
Jun Yokoyama Graphic Design
Ken-ichi Yokoh Direction Support
Tsuyoshi Hayashida Design Support
Yayoi Yazaki Debug Support
Takahiro Eguchi Music Composer
Takahiro Eguchi Sound Effects Editor
Yosuke Yasui Music Composer
Toyoshige Kadohara Sub Producer
Crispin Freeman Voice: Itachi Uchiha
David Lodge Voice: Jiraiya
Masashi Kishimoto Original Author
Troy Baker Voice: Yamato
Sam Riegel Voice: Kuroma Tatsushiro
Kirk Thornton Voice: Kisame Hoshigaki
Yuri Lowenthal Voice: Sasuke Uchiha
Travis Willingham Voice: Jugo
Eden Riegel Voice: Akari Tatsushiro
Kate Higgins Voice: Sakura Haruno
Paul St. Peter Voice: Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit
Steve Staley Voice: Neji Hyuga
Debi Mae West Voice: Tsunade
Michael Yurchak Voice: Tobi
Kouhei Kuroda Project Assistants
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