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  • Summary: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat originally debuted on the Nintendo GameCube system. This new version has been remastered with motion controls, new enemies and obstacles, and a new final boss battle. Nintendo also has added special monkeys to each stage that give tips or let players save their progress. The new controls make this well-reviewed game accessible to new players while giving those who played the original new challenges. The goal of the game is to guide Donkey Kong through beautifully rendered stages like lava caves, tempestuous oceans and even a ninja-chimp fortress. Racing through the game will get players to the goal, but the real skill comes from helping Donkey Kong perform multiple mid-air acrobatic moves as he collects bananas in each stage. The more sweet moves he does in a row, the more bonus bananas he gets at the end of the stage. To become the king of the jungle, he must team up with animal friends and defeat multiple contenders in boxing matches. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. The game excels in practically every department, and while it may only take a couple of hours to complete, it's filled with replay value.
  2. This title is a great addition to anyone's Wii library, especially those who missed out on it the first time around.
  3. If you never got a chance to check out the original DKJB, then you should definitely play NPC! DKJB. However, longtime fans of the bongo smashing original may have issues adjusting to this new version, or may even find that they miss their old peripherals while playing.
  4. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat on the Wii is a fantastic reappearance of a fantastic original.
  5. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a good chance to play the original game with new control. It has exclusive content like new minigames and secret stages to discover. The game has a great addition but it is a little short in fact. One of the best platformers for the Wii.
  6. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is still a creative and swinging platform fest with a great point system. To bad Nintendo saw it necessary to add and change some stuff to the game that in some cases ruins the experience. The original was better but anyone who didn’t get the chance to play this game back in the day is going to have a blast in this colorful platformer.
  7. The new Play Control version has no rhythm and no soul. Resolute players should somehow try to find the GameCube edition.

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  1. Jun 28, 2012
    Good as any other DK game, this one has a different style but it's a very rewarding and engaging game. Level design is superb and will keep you coming back for better scores, boss fights are also much fun. Expand
  2. Sep 30, 2012
    I haven't played the Gamecube version but the wii version is great. The best thing about this game are the controls and gameplay. Combo's also add a strategic element to this game. The boss battles are also great with the bananas you collected being your life bar. Expand
  3. Aug 23, 2010
    While it's certainly a lot of fun, I even would claim it as a '2D Mario Galaxy', it has several annoying flaws, and after re-thinking said claim, I realised how perfect Mario's 3D outings where, compared to this. It is however a very good, and downright fun Wii game, with some technically brilliant level design, and some graphics worthy of the Wii. If it were not for some flaws, we could have had the '2D Mario Galaxy' that the Wii really needs. Expand