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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 75 out of 80
  2. Negative: 0 out of 80
  1. 89
    I really, really like New Super Mario Bros. Wii...[But i]t plays it safe with established gameplay with very little in the way of new innovation. It also lacks online multiplayer in a generation where such a feature is expected.
  2. 100
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the latest in a long line of grade-A Nintendo side-scrolling platformers. Loads of warm nostalgia mixes with fresh level design to form the most fun you'll have with the Wii this year (and probably well into 2010, too).
  3. Even if 2D Super Mario Bros can't be the avant-garde of the video gaming world in 2009 as it was twenty years ago, it's still fun and entertaining as no other. "New SMB Wii" isn't perfect as "SMB 3", it alternates pieces of pure genius with some stages a bit too manneristic, but overall it takes the 2d platform games where they hadn't been in the last ten years.
  4. Can a game be worth purchasing without being brilliant? It depends on your wallet. The first few hours of multiplayer are going to be worth the sticker price, but the rest of the game is nearly inaccessible for four simultaneous gamers.
  5. 100
    A truly great Mario title and a bold and brilliant new multiplayer direction for the series. Buy it now!
  6. New Super Mario Bros. brings all of the classic fun from past Super Mario Bros. releases together in one amazing greatest hits-style gameplay experience and does so in a way that only Nintendo themselves can do. If you only buy one game for your Wii console for the rest of your life, make sure it's this one.
  7. Who knew that, locked in the time-honoured traditions of Super Mario Bros., one of the greatest co-op games ever was waiting to get out? Well, Shigeru Miyamoto did. In unleashing it, Nintendo hasn't moved its classic series forward one jot; it hasn't had to. But it has given it a riotous new lease of life.
  8. Nintendo has good effort to make a multiplayer platform game here, but it just doesn't feel quite right, it's not bad but if you think of it as nothing more than a tacked on extra to a single player game then that's about right. But as a traditional 2D platform game it's the business.
  9. Regardless of its shortcomings, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is easily one of the best titles on the system, and an impressive addition to the series. Saving the princess just got fun again.
  10. Enjoying Mario in the genre that saw him born is always a great pleasure, even if you are not a fan of the platform titles. Nintendo returns to its specialty: to offer hours and hours of fun by giving us games with their own personality and a shellproof gameplay.
  11. 90
    It may not live up to Super Mario Galaxy in some people’s eyes, yet when it comes to good, old fashioned platform action, Shigeru Miyamoto & Co. have conjured up quite the treat.
  12. In the end it is difficult to categorize and frame this game as just a tribute to the original Super Mario Bros. series.
  13. Platform magic on the highest level for the Wii. While the game offers almost everything you could ask for, it falls just a little short of perfect for a few small reasons. The main reason being that's it a tiny bit short in playtime, and the second being that while Wiimote-controls work great, you can't help but wonder if it wouldn't have worked just as good with a normal control. But considering how much gaming joy the game offers, there's no point in getting stuck on those details. This will probably be a given game on any Nintendo Wii-owners wishlist this Christmas.
  14. Nothing to object (save the anachronistic lack of the online multiplayer): Nintendo has created once again a magnificent product, an amazing party game with no barriers to entry nor annoying distinctions between casual and hardcore players. Prepare your Wiimotes and invite your friends: the legendary plumber is back with an old school adventure you won't easily forget.
  15. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a wonderful video game, but its designers drew upon 24 years of familiarity to produce an experience that makes us smile one moment and shrug the next.
  16. 80
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii is an excellent game with friends, and I had a great deal of challenging fun with the solo mode. But if you’re looking for a new Mario adventure that’s tailored to creating the maximum amount of fun for just one person, you’ll have to wait for next year’s Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  17. The odd balancing issue does threaten to undermine Mario’s first foray into co-op multiplayer and there is the nagging feeling that, perhaps, Nintendo were not entirely sure of its own focus. But these are quibbles oft forgotten when in the throes of NSMB Wii’s joyful, beguiling character.
  18. Maybe the "new" word on its title can be discussed, but there's no doubt that this is (again) a really fun, complete and addictive videogame. New Super Mario Bros. is an excellent exercise in nostalgia.
  19. Nintendo saved the industry with games like this, so we’re sad to say the latest lacks the imaginative spark found in past entries. Easily the weakest of the 2D Marios, but even the worst Mario is better than most other.
  20. By Nintendo standards this is no classic, but by anyone else's it's a fun and accessible 2D platformer.
  21. From the opening title screen to the epic final battle, New Super Mario Bros. Wii has everything a fan of the franchise could ever want.
  22. The game does not innovate with anything, other than the multiplayer aspect. However, New Super Mario Bros. Wii lives up to its pedigree and provides an amazing experience reminiscent of older Mario platformers.
  23. Bigger, better and harder than NSMB DS, this is the Mario game we were waiting for. Essential. [Dec 2009, p.96]
  24. The Wii may be more focused in hooking in a new generation of easy-going players, but for Nintendo fans from the early days, this game was made for you.
  25. As both a platformer and a party game, for both casual and enthusiast gamers, Nintendo's latest Mario game delivers in spades.
  26. New Super Mario Bros. Wii may not be as innovative as Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3, but it stands on its own through pure quality and is easily one of the best Mario titles.
  27. Haters can ignore the qualities and say that "is only one more game of Mario", but any fan of Mario will recognize the intense brightness of this game.
  28. This is an impressive game with a gameplay that will be talked about.
  29. It's another Nintendo masterpiece with gorgeous and vibrant graphics, loads of original characters and enemies (both classic and new), beautiful and unique environments, classic Mario tunes, superb voice acting, amusing but challenging gameplay, engaging multiplayer action, and more.
  30. There's a reason why New Super Mario Bros. sold a ton of copies on the DS, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii will continue tearing up sales charts: It's fun for everyone. If you're still on the fence about New Super Mario Bros. Wii, get off the fence and get it.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 520 Ratings

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  1. Oct 5, 2010
    When the only negative reviews are saying "It's too hard" know it's really really good Mario. This is the best 2D platformer of the 00's.When the only negative reviews are saying "It's too hard" know it's really really good Mario. This is the best 2D platformer of the 00's. It is a joy to play and I can't recommend it enough. 16 million and going..the game is a blast!. Deserves a A+ for the brilliant gameplay. I love the graphics, esp. the enemies and Mario's animations. The Koopalings are back from Mario 3 and Mario World. Just buy Full Review »
  2. Nov 26, 2010
    Possibly the worst game ever played. To say the controls are sluggish would be the understatement of the year. It isn't that the game itselfPossibly the worst game ever played. To say the controls are sluggish would be the understatement of the year. It isn't that the game itself is hard in design, it is on par with other fun 2D mario games, however the developers went way over the top with handicapping the player with slow, laggy movements. You might as well be trying to play this game with mittens on. Full Review »
  3. Suffering
    Jan 2, 2010
    Just too, too hard!