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  1. Apr 27, 2013
    Hmmm. Overlord Dark Legend. I have a Love/Hate relationship with the whole Overlord series. I love some of the features were really good and the series was genuinely funny. However some of the gameplay was unfair and just frustrating. Also this series seemed to be stuck between being a dark comedy and being more kid friendly. The latter category is where this instalment in the series falls. It has greatly simplified the formula of the original two games. There's only one form of minion life juice (Which I actually kind of like). There's no mistresses (I assume to make it more kid-friendly). No real castle or Overlord customisation. Also sadly the only remaining minions are Gnarl and sort of the Jester (No Giblet?). Also sadly they removed the interesting Minion gameplay from Overlord 2. This game is a prequel interestingly and it sometimes taps into that potential but not enough. I did like how the humour was based around twisting fairytales.
    So basically this is a stripped down version of Overlord which tries to be more kid-friendly and sadly removes most of the minion personality. So it just gets a recommendation for the solid gameplay.
  2. Sep 7, 2013
    Pretty good game, childish, cartoony looks didn't destroy it. It was temporarily amusing. The minion's lines were amusing most of the time in a 'that's sad/lame funny'. Gameplay itself was solid, controls were great once you get used to them. Short game, but long enough to make it worthwhile to play. I found it quite enjoyable for a cheap simple game.
  3. Jun 1, 2011
    Overlord series takes the stage on the Nintendo Wii to take control of the control set up and offer a Pikmin like experience while Pikmin 3 is no where to be seen. For the most part the game works. It gives you a world to explore, missions to do and a control scheme that works quite well. The problem is that the game feels half done. Controls of the Overlord and the minions work good, but as you venture deeper into the game you notice several glitches. I experienced 2 game freezes, one of the bosses froze and another fell through the geometry of the level!

    After the final boss the game just ends. That's it. Just when the story gets going it ends. On top of that the game doesn't give you much info on the Forge Upgrades. What suit is better? I had tons of money to afford everything by the time I was done the 3rd boss battle. It was easy, yet fun if the game didn't crash or glitch out. If you need a Pikmin-esque game for cheap, pick this one up... but don't expect more then 10 hours out of it.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 30
  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. Rock solidly made and full of evil-flavoured charm, but you can't help but wish this had been so much more. The Little King still rules Wii. [Aug 2009, p.58]
  2. With its joyfully evil brand of warm humour enlivening every encounter, it's a game that makes you feel good about being bad. And with slick controls and a satisfying blend of action and strategy, it's a game that's never less than enjoyable to play. But while it provides superior controls and less frustration than Overlord II, it regrettably falls down by failing to offer enough of a concerted challenge.
  3. Dark Legend on Wii manages to be an extremely competent third-party offering. It's too easy and suffers from a few technical shortcomings, but the campaign is always fun and entertaining. As an intro to Overlord, Dark Legend does its job. Play it on Wii and then move on to the superior and altogether more challenging next-gen sequel.