Petz Sports: Dog Playground Wii

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  • Summary: Pick the puppy of your choice from a variety of breeds and customize his look with different outfits and accessories. Experience gameplay adapted to Wii and the Wii Remote. Compete in exciting races against your friends in multiplayer mode.
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  1. Petz: Sports is a solid entry to the Petz franchise, and one that is pretty fun in sessions with friends. While the racing portions could be fleshed out more, there is a lot here for younger audiences to have fun with.
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    Petz Sports has the beginnings of a working idea in place, as the concept of pairing adorable virtual pets with competitive athletic events sounds like a solid one -- but the package falls short with the limited appeal of the "sports" that were selected.
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  1. Jun 15, 2011
    Petz Sports at it's best is a fun dog racing game with a few mini games and a steady stream of unlock-ables, at it's worst it's a repetitivePetz Sports at it's best is a fun dog racing game with a few mini games and a steady stream of unlock-ables, at it's worst it's a repetitive mess with not enough to do, you have a few mini games like playing fetch, jumping rope, and petting your dog, and the main thing racing them, out side of that you can also teach them tricks and routines with a mini game, and it all works well do to excellent controls, although by the end of each race you arms will be sore, and by racing and playing these mini games you'll unlock new clothes for your dog, new levels, and adoption coins so you can get new dogs, but it's all so very repetitive, and after you 100 percent it (which will take a long time) with one dog, you have to do it all over again with another dog, which would have been good if they gave you different races and mini games, but you'll do the exact same ones you just completed, and you will have to teach the new dogs the same tricks you taught the other dog all over again, and re-unlock all the mini games again, on the bright side it has some great 4 player multiplayer in which you challenge friends to racing, and the dogs look adorable, but everything else looks bland in comparison to the dogs, this game was built for numerous hours of gameplay but in the end only the most obsessive of gamers who just have to 100 percent everything will be able to put up with the repetitiveness to see all the dogs through to the end, for others it's an ok game worthy of a rental, and maybe a purchase if your really into it. Expand