• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Mar 23, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 73 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 73
  2. Negative: 0 out of 73
  1. It delivers on the promises of the first game and then some, offering razor sharp controls, a beautiful art style one of the most visceral action experiences of 2010. There's really nothing else like it right now.
  2. Red Steel 2 is a great game that offers an efficient combination of sword and gun and won't disappoint those who try it.
  3. What's most amazing about the game though is how well Ubisoft Paris was able to take the system it given and play to its strengths.
  4. The first let so many down, while part two succeeds in just about everything it set out to do. Maybe it's the bundled MotionPlus, maybe it's just better programming, but we left Red Steel 2 thinking it could be the most improved sequel of all time. If you've given up on Wii shooters, here's a reason to rethink your stance.
  5. Red Steel 2 is not only a great sequel but also a great shooter, a competent action game and one of the best Wii games overall. A title recommended for cowboys wishing to became a violent samurai.
  6. With a subtle progression of moves, an excellent sense of empowerment when you defeat a tough area, and a solid learning curve, Red Steel 2 manages to keep up the pace throughout its 10-hour adventure.
  7. After years of vain promises and long before Move, Natal and who knows whatever else, Red Steel 2 is finally ready. Swordfighting has never been so fun and intense: don't skip this amazing Wii exclusive, this is the game we've all been waiting for... Now get ready to fight!
  8. 90
    Ubisoft have created an amazing adventure.
  9. In a unique single-player experience, Red Steel 2 brings the player into a stylish Samurai-Far Western world dominated by violence. A clever use of the Wii MotionPlus, some fine cosmetics and the wise balance between shooting and fighting sessions are the keys of its success.
  10. Red Steel 2 is a very good FPS-esque action game with heavy emphasis on swordplay. The cartoon graphics are excellent and the MotionPlus-sword works really well. [Apr 2010]
  11. If you thought first-person shooters couldn't be done justice on the Wii (and I was in that boat) then Red Steel 2 will make you think again. It's stunning on the eye and gets your blood pumping both with the onscreen action and the physicality required to play it.
  12. Red Steel 2 is a high quality title from a third-party developer and all fans of the console should support it.
  13. 89
    Ubisoft delivers a wonderful sequel to Red Steel. It looks amazing and the diverse special moves connect well with the fast-paced action. Unfortunately, the sword fighting doesn't feel 100 percent realistic, because there's a slight delay between your own move and the one on the screen. This isn't a bothersome factor, because the difference is minimal thanks to the Wii Motion Plus. If your Wii hasn't seen action in a while, Red Steel 2 is the perfect opportunity to change that.
  14. One of the best action games on Wii and a great FPS in its own right. Wii owner? Get this. [May 2010, p.74]
  15. Sharp sword fighting and a believable new universe unite in this amazing game. There's a little bit too much backtracking and enemies look sometimes like clones, but if you love your Wii, you can't miss this one.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 175 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 33
  2. Negative: 3 out of 33
  1. JoseA
    Mar 28, 2010
    Wow! this has been an amazing ride!! trust me if you are bored with your Wii-which you shouldn't be with all the great games- then check Wow! this has been an amazing ride!! trust me if you are bored with your Wii-which you shouldn't be with all the great games- then check this one out! If your wallet only allows you to purchase one newly released game on the Wii make it this one. The visuals, gameplay, and story are all so intreaguing and satisfing. I own all consoles and playing this game made me confuse myself as to which console i was playing it on. The quality of this game can be mistaken for MassEffect, Halo, or Borderlands, and the visuals! Jesus the visuals! Let ubisoft take you on a ride on their Red Steel rollocoaster. Full Review »
  2. LarknokL
    Mar 27, 2010
    This game is quite something. Quite something indeed. The first 20-30 minutes of breaking crates and trying to get that last bottle is very This game is quite something. Quite something indeed. The first 20-30 minutes of breaking crates and trying to get that last bottle is very tiresome, until that is, I figured out I could customize my controls and learned the Storm. (So for all you people complaining about crate breaks, just learn the storm.) The rest of hte game (as I have played so far) is awesome. Some may say a few enemy types, but I'm good at counting: Double guns (no armor), Sword (no armor), Sword (armor), Double guns (armor), Hammer trooper, power up soldiers (flash things red), Katakara machinegunners, and Katakara samurai is everything I've seen and I JUST got the third gun. (That's 8 so far, and I've seen footage of guys that twirl their swords.) This game gives you amazing amounts of adrenaline once you figure out how to perform awesome combos (my personal favorite so far: A - Forward Thrust (Rush), then A - A - Down Thrust (Guillotine) Its absolutely beautiful to watch yourself stab the sword into the enemy. The controls are great (CUSTOMIZEABLE), graphics awesome, gameplay begins simplistic, actually requires you to try to swing hard (can be customized too), but gets way more fun. I really suggest this game to anybody who can figure out how to customize controls after 20 minutes for something truly awesome. Great buy. Full Review »
  3. BooOob
    Mar 23, 2010
    Red Steel 2 is a great game. The melee combat can be described as Zelda on steroids rather than a WSR type 1:1 waggle fest. You circle strafe Red Steel 2 is a great game. The melee combat can be described as Zelda on steroids rather than a WSR type 1:1 waggle fest. You circle strafe enemies, using A to dodge in all directions, either to get to the sides or behind the enemy, or to move further back, or close in. Then, you slash away at any angle you want with motion plus as shown in various videos. Holding A down blocks most melee and ranged attacks, except for strong attacks which need you to either hold the sword vertically, or horizontally, to counter their orientation. You also can't just waggle away, especially to make strong attacks against enemies that need them (to break their armor or break their block stance or whatever else) as you need a certain swing strength to activate them, so you'll find yourself playing it somewhat realistically, not waggling in front of you, but first swinging back to get room for a large and strong swing. This probably makes some people think it's not 100% reliable, they likely don't make a strong enough swing (but you can change the sensitivity). Then you get all sorts of move upgrades (some from the story, others you purchase, alongside new guns, and further efficiency upgrades both for the special moves and the guns, as well as health and armor stuff) that are mostly gesture based but enhance the combat greatly, including a parry that has you pushing forward with the remote and nunchuck just before an attack to make the opponent stagger, charging your sword with A+B then doing the upward slash to launch them, or a downward strike to send a wave around you, or a frisbee motion as seen in WSR to send a blast left, center, or right depending on when you release the buttons during your swing. It has many different moves that make the fighting system as robust as any good beat 'em up, having you exploit the weaknesses of the specific enemy type (there are many), not just 1:1 waggling. It is by far the better option for a deep engaging game, Ubisoft will surprise you all when you get it. It has minor flaws, but the combat system is way cool and up there with the best of the brawlers (cos that's what this game is in the end, closer to No More Heroes than a standard FPS, except with more variety), not to mention the shooting on top of that for even more variety, which while it has The Conduit-like settings for full control customisation, it also has cursor smoothing as seen in Metroid Prime 3 (smoothing is a separate option too) which makes the cursor movement feel much tighter and better than in lesser Wii shooters. As for the story, it's light hearted badassery like Samurai Jack or similar cartoons. It's certainly more appealing than the highly rated generic military shooters we've been getting lately. The game progresses nicely with a little bit of exploration thrown in the mix, similar to the Metroid Prime games. You usually get a hub area that connects to many different areas, some of them maybe inaccessible until you reach a certain story point. Then after major events, boss fights, etc, you progress to a completely different hub area with its own setting and theme, its own exploration, events, bosses, etc, until you complete the game. It has many different enemy types that spice things up as they need different strategies, and it does have the occasional change of pace, as well as some twists in the story which keep you going forward, leaving the hub setup aside and just going from action packed set piece to set piece before returning to the previous pacing and in the end a cool final confrontation. All in all, it's a great 10-13 hour package that you'll likely want to experience at least twice, first in normal difficulty, then in the toughest mode to put your fighting skills to the test. It just feels so satisfying to block a sequence of hits, vertical, horizontal, vertical, maybe do a parry somewhere in there, and retaliate with awesome moves of your own. Red Steel 2 may have staples of other first person shooters, or even action games like No More Heroes, but in the end it's an experience you've never had before. Buy it, rent it, or whatever else, just experience it at all costs. It's that good, regardless of what some stuck up reviewers may claim. We all know how most feel about the Wii. I'm sure if this was a Move exclusive it would have been rated much higher. Thanks for finally trying your best on Wii, Ubisoft, it paid off. Full Review »