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  • Summary: The adventure is made up of 6 main chapters. Players can explore more than 100 different places in all four corners of the globe: Alaska, Hawaii, underwater or in the sky, in the heart of the jungle or on board a huge yacht. There are tons of different colourful places, marvellous backdrops for an unforgettable adventure. Pendulo Studio has concocted a large number of tasty puzzles and scintillating enigmas of advancing difficulty levels for players to solve. But Pendulo Studio has also taken care that nobody will get stuck for too long in certain game passages; difficulty levels in comparison with the first episode remain the same. All players have to do is open their eyes and ears for clues that emerge throughout and deploy the basic level of nous required for all adventure games. [Pendulo Studios] Expand
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  1. Even if it's a two-year-old game, Dream of the Turtle is one of the best - or the best - graphic adventure available for Nintendo Wii. A must buy for the fans of the genre, an useless entry for the Runaway fans (who, obviously, had already played the game in 2007).
  2. Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle is a mediocre graphic adventure with some good humoristic cut scenes. This Wii version doesn't offer nothing more than the PC version, except for the not-well implemented control system.
  3. Runaway – Dream of the Turtle is a solid adventure with a few highlights such as logical riddles, well integrated characters and fun gameplay.