• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Feb 20, 2007
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Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 198 Ratings

Summary: The game opens as Sonic is mysteriously transported to the world of The Arabian Nights where he encounters a mystical genie, Shahra. Shahra pleads with Sonic to save her world from the powerful evil genie, Erazor Djinn. As the story unfolds, Erazor confronts Sonic and pulls him into his evil plans. Sonic has a limited time to deliver Erazor the seven World Rings and save the storybook world. Navigating a world full of obstacles and enemies, from Erazor’s genie minions to dinosaurs, players use a bevy of core moves to keep up the pace. Holding the Wii Remote horizontally, players tilt the controller left and right to control Sonic's signature speed. They jump, perform sliding stops, pull off wicked homing attacks with a snap of the controller, and even walk backwards with a tilt of the Wii Remote. Players also hop aboard winged pots and fly with a vigorous shake of the controller. They launch themselves from catapults with a whip of the Wii Remote, surf through rapids on tree trunks and even pilot flying carpets in the race to restore this storybook world before all is lost. Players navigate 100 missions within eight wildly varied worlds, gaining new moves and abilities along the way. As players progress through the game, Sonic's abilities can be strategically equipped based on the demands of the mission ahead. From a boost called Speed Break to an ability called Time Break that slows the world around him to a near stop, Sonic needs every trick in the book to make sure Erazor Djinn stays in the storybook world. In addition to the single player adventure, Sonic and the Secret Rings offers 40 mini-games that support up to four players. Showcasing the abilities of the Wii Remote, players will use the controller as a violin bow, an ax, a canoe paddle and dozens of other motions to compete in these easy to pick-up-and-play games. [Sega]
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Rating: E
Official Site: http://sonic.sega.jp/secretrings/
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, Platformer, 3D, 3D
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Cartoon Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Offline Modes:Competitive Team Oriented
Cast Credit
Nobuo Uematsu Music
Marco Garcia Graphic Designer
Marco Garcia Product Manager
Naofumi Hataya Sound Effects
Ryutaro Sugiyama Effect CG Artist
Kenji Tanaka Motion Artist
Emiko Sunaga Game Designer
Nobuo Nakagawa Enemy Programmer
Kenjiro Morimoto Party Mode Director
Hiroyuki Watanabe Creature CG Artist
Yojiro Ogawa Director
Yojiro Ogawa Producer
Yoshitaka Miura Art Director
Taro Hino Lead Interface CG Artist
Eitaro Toyoda Game Designer
Rebecca Honig Cream The Rabbit
Hideaki Moriya Party Mode Art Director
Tomonori Sawada Sound Effects
Hiroki Atoji Party Mode Lead Game Designer
Kenichi Tokoi Music
Kenichi Tokoi Sound Director
Fumie Kumatani Music
Hideaki Kobayashi Music
Shun Nakamura Designer
Morio Kishimoto Lead Game Designer
Makiko Nishimura Lead Programmer
Tetsu Katano Technical Programmer
Oliver Wyman Big The Cat
Dean Harrington Announcer
Anima Inc. CG Movie Production
Shirogumi Inc. 2d Movie Production
Tohru Honda Motion Artist
Yuji Nakayama Boss Programmer
Mikio Kume Boss Programmer
Chris Collet Voice Director
Takeshi Maeda Party Mode Lead Programmer
Mitsuhiro Sasatani Party Mode Lead Artist
Patrick Riley Localisation Producer
Shiro Maekawa Game Designer
Hurumasa Nakajima Game Designer
Jyunpei Ootsu Game Designer
Takayuki Okada Game Designer
Masayoshi Kamai Enemy Programmer
Seirou Okamoto Music
Akinori Chief Producer
Masaru Setsumaru Sound Effects
Mike Pollock Dr. Eggman
Mike Pollock King Sharyar
Dan Green Sinbad
Dan Green Sinbad
Lisa Ortiz Amy Rose
Bella Hudson Sharah The Genie
Bella Hudson Sharah The Genie
Jason Griffith Darkspine Sonic
Jason Griffith Sonic
Jason Griffith Sonic
Pete Capella Silver The Hedgehog
Amy Palant Tails
Amy Palant Tails
Amy Palant Tails
Yuji Naka Designer
Tatsuya Maeda Sound Effects
Jason Griffith Darkspine Sonic
Jason Griffith Sonic
Jason Griffith Sonic
Amy Palant Ali Baba
Amy Palant Tails
Amy Palant Tails
Dan Green Knuckles
Dan Green Sinbad
Lisa Ortiz Amy Rose
Mike Pollock Dr. Eggman
Mike Pollock King Sharyar
Yuji Naka Designer
Bella Hudson Blaze The Cat
Bella Hudson Sharah The Genie
Pete Capella Silver The Hedgehog
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#7 Most Discussed Wii Game of 2007
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