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  1. Positive: 27 out of 52
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  1. SSX Blur is a icy blast of refreshingly cool gaming, as you shred down snowy slopes with a Wii Nunchuk in one hand and a Wiimote in the other, watching the wintry scenery blur right by at an extreme speed.
  2. One of the best games for Wii thus far, which challenges on a hardcore level, and pays off with time and dedication.
  3. Nintendo Gamer
    Huge, meaty, substantial. It's a Wii title without a minigame in sight, yet it's as well suited to a quick thrash down the slopes as it is an all-night sesh. A winter sports game for all seasons. [Apr 2007, p.36]
  4. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    SSX Blur looks great and plays brilliantly. The controls don't try to make you feel like a boarder - they just make you feel in touch with the game, and that's what the Wii is all about. [Apr 2007, p.76]
  5. Games Master UK
    A brave experiment and one that's really paid off. Looks great, too. [May 2007, p.64]
  6. Unless you suffer from extreme ADD and you simply cannot spend more then 15 minutes learning a new game without being immediately rewarded, then I strongly suggest you check this game out. You won't find anything like on any other game system.
  7. A fantastic first entry for the series on the Wii. EA has done a lights-out job, and for SSX fans, this is a great sign of awesome things to come. The game is flat-out hard, and again, it will take you quite some time to master. When you do, though, it is just plain fun.
  8. Blur makes great use of the unique controls of Nintendo’s new system without seeming like they were trying.
  9. The one real problem I have with this game is that the ubertrick system doesn’t work nearly as well as it should. The new controls do add something new to the series, but almost the entire time I pined for something more traditional.
  10. One of the most entertaining games on the Wii. If it weren’t for the recycled tracks, which come from earlier SSX games, this would be a must have. The ubertricks are a little annoying to pull off and unfortunately required to get far into the game, as well.
  11. Nintendo Power
    Like 2005's "On Tour", Blue lets you choose between boards and skis, but the rails and narrow passages of the environments are definitely built for shredding. [May 2007, p.84]
  12. It replicates the feeling of sliding down a mountain side with eerie precision and manages to make other control schemes feel dated. There’s certainly plenty of opportunity for improvement with the sequel, but with a ton of content and even more fun, it’s hard to go wrong with SSX Blur.
  13. 84
    SSX Blur for Wii isn’t a game for everyone, as its level of pure difficulty and motion control mastery is one of the highest on Wii. Still, for true gamers out there, SSX Blur comes as the ultimate challenge on Wii thus far. Ubers are an art form in and of themselves, track design is ruthless, and the Wii control is innovating, but not perfect yet.
  14. Anyone who thought the last SSX was too easy will be excited by the motion-heavy mechanics, which require more than a few shakes and waves to trigger all those cool moves the series is known for producing.
  15. With a career mode that will take hundreds of hours to complete 100% of the way and multiplayer support for up to four players, SSX Blur will undoubtedly compliment any Wii gamer’s collection.
  16. No online play hurts, and the two-player split screen mode offers limited enjoyment, but overall, EA successfully "blurs" the line between realism and fantasy, creating a great video game for all ages.
  17. It's one of the first Wii games to go beyond a gimmick and show players what the system is truly capable of.
  18. Our only major gripe is that much of its content, i.e. gameplay modes, many of the tracks, and of course all the characters, are from previous SSX games. With the usual selection of half-pipe, racing and trick modes, there's not a great deal of new content in here for SSX veterans to discover, outside of mastering the new control system.
  19. Don’t let the controls drive you away from this game, as there are more goodies to be had if you just spend some time with it.
  20. games(TM)
    SSX Blur is a genuine triumph and fits in perfectly with the series. [Apr 2007, p.104]
  21. I would have liked to have seen a bit more customization, and it's unfortunate that the grab tricks got the shaft this time around, but those minor blemishes hardly prevent SSX Blur from being one of the Wii's first must-have titles of the year.
  22. 80
    Although the controls feel slightly unwieldy and unresponsive at times, SSX Blur is still generally a lot of fun. The open mountain, tons of events and unlockable goodies, and motion sensitive controls go a long way to revitalizing the snowboarding genre.
  23. 79
    In the case of SSX Blur and snowboarding, the console's motion controllers really do succeed in adding a sense of freedom and, if it's applicable to a videogaming representation of a sport, a certain naturalness to proceedings, unconfined by long-established methods of control.
  24. Primary weaknesses of the title, beyond the learning curve, are blander-than-expected course designs, pyrotechnics and character personalities, in addition to the use of many minimally refreshed, recycled courses from older SSX titles. However, thanks to those new controls, SSX Blur is a fresh start for the franchise and sets a foundation for bigger and greater sequels, just as the series had in the last console generation.
  25. Pelit (Finland)
    SSX Blur does not use the full potential of the Wii controls. I want to twist, shout, jump and run around the TV screen, not just tilt the wiimote a little bit. The game looks and sounds great. [Apr 2007]
  26. 75
    While the general controls are fun and easy, the uber moves are too difficult to pull off. This will be the biggest turn-off for most gamers. The game is just too difficult in this regard.
  27. Its tricky control scheme is likely to be a divisive element, but those willing to spend considerable time with the tutorials should find SSX Blur to be a rather solid experience.

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  1. Feb 7, 2012
    This is a terrible game. The controls feel clunky and unnatural and the mountains are recycled from SSX 3. Uber tricks are impossible toThis is a terrible game. The controls feel clunky and unnatural and the mountains are recycled from SSX 3. Uber tricks are impossible to perform and flips cannot be landed successfully. Full Review »
  2. RyanK.
    Apr 8, 2009
    This is an excellent game! Some advice for those struggling to get it: For the first 15-30 minutes in this game, do the TUTORIALS! The This is an excellent game! Some advice for those struggling to get it: For the first 15-30 minutes in this game, do the TUTORIALS! The game's controls work very well, but take coordination to master. Once you've got the basics, you'll see that this game is an excellent addition to the Wii library, with very little "Waggle" controls (the worst thing about most wii games). The graphics are decent for the Wii, the gameplay is challenging and interesting, and the feeling of leaning into the turns is fully intact. The audio feedback system is great, and as always, DJ Atomica is helpful and hilarious. In the options menu, you can customize how much the motion control affects your turns. You can make it up to 100% analog stick. (The default is 50% analog stick/50 motion control). I've been playing this game with very few weeks off since it came out 2 years ago, and it's still in my top 5 for the Wii. The multiplayer mode is adequate, but limited to only a few modes, and 2 player simultaneous. The single-player mode is mesmerizing, once you've got the hang of it, with plenty of variety in riders, modes, environments, and moves. With 12 Character Careers to complete, you may be playing for a very, very long time, and that's a good thing! You're not going to be an expert the first time you try this game. In fact, if you don't master the tutorials, you'll probably never enjoy this game. The first day you try snowboarding for real, expect to spend it falling on your backside. The same goes for SSX:Blur - there's a learning curve. Full Review »
  3. BillO
    Mar 29, 2009
    Great controls, outstanding graphics for the wii. Snowboarding without the pain. I would like to see a version with balance board controls. Great controls, outstanding graphics for the wii. Snowboarding without the pain. I would like to see a version with balance board controls. It took me about 15 minutes to get the basic controls down, and much longer to pull off uber tricks. One of my favorite games in the last 5 years. Full Review »