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  1. 85
    This episode is more cinematic, and while I love the minimal Casio tunes of the previous chapters, Dangeresque's more ambitious spy soundtrack is aces.
  2. Where laughs are concerned, Dangeresque 3 knocks it out of the park. It's just a real shame the puzzles couldn't have done the same.
  3. While this episode still hints at the underlying brilliance of the Chapman Brothers, it ultimately mucks about in too much pre-adolescent nonsense to carry much weight or ever feel very engaging.
  4. 100
    This latest trip to the Homestar Universe surpassed even my (previously) favorite episode, Strong Badia the Free.
  5. 100
    If you've already paid your full subscription, get to downloading Dangeresque 3 right now and enjoy the best episode yet. If, for some strange reason, you are on the fence about committing to this series, this is the episode that will hook you.
  6. The end result has pretty good pacing and plenty of laughs for fans. The wait for Dangeresque 3 was worth it -- and yes, it's even in 3D, too, as promised.
  7. 80
    Strong Bad Episode 4 succeeds in appealing to a variety of audiences, and ultimately offering a worthwhile way to spend a thousand Wii Points.
  8. Is it too soon to ask for Dangeresque 4? This most recent episode has restored much of my faith in the license, one that I felt was strangely being wasted by misdirected game design. Whatever issues Telltale faced early on seem to have been addressed, and the polish of this episode shines through the past few missteps.
  9. With lots of funny dialogue and memorable moments, such as thwarting the invincible Killingyouguy in a car chase and defeating an amazing CGI monster, this is easily the best episode yet in the series.
  10. As hilarious as ever - chalk up another must-have purchase for Strong Bad. [Jan 2009, p.93]
  11. Dangeresque 3, the episode and the low-budget movie, is a great surprise. It takes the game in an unexpected direction, offering another round of fresh variety to keep the standard point-and-click adventure mechanics from growing tiresome.
  12. More than any previous episode, SBCGFAP Episode 4 does what the best web cartoons do, which is provide a highly amusing storyline and imaginative visual humour; but, it also suffers from some of the same problems as the cartoons do.
  13. 75
    Maybe it's just the nature of an episodic series like this, but I find myself less and less interested in the actual play mechanics with each new installment, as the sometimes inane puzzle solutions and trial-and-error approach to adventuring can be tiring.
  14. The sheer directorial dedication Strong Bad lends to Dangeresque 3 turns what could have been a regular Cool Game for Attractive People episode into a well-integrated synergism between comic and videogame.
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  1. Jan 5, 2012
    The worst if the 5. But that does make it a bad game, however the new concept is annoying, it goes nowhere in it's -longer than usual- gameplay, but it's still has the charm of the other games. What other games are out now? Crap! Stronghold 3, DragonAge II, Coraline the Game, the list goes on. If you want a great experince and want to kill some time, this entry, overall, comes to a fair recommend. Full Review »
  2. TobyLurio
    Nov 23, 2008
    This is by far the best installment yet. It never quite catches the charm of the cartoon, though. I love the game, relish every moment of it, and wish it was longer, but the whole series is starting to feel more like a project based on in-jokes of the series. It's just not reliant enough as a stand-alone series. Of course, if you have watched the cartoons, I strongly recommend playing this game. On the gameplay side, I feel like I have to consult GameFAQs a bit too much. Of course, I've never beaten a point 'n' click game without liberal use of a guide, so it's probably just me. I just hope that the fifth installment will wrap up the series well and not leave us disappointed. Full Review »