• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Feb 9, 2010

Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 36
  2. Negative: 4 out of 36
  1. 78
    A fun ball-rolling design with a nice stack of challenges and a hit-or-miss pile of mini-games.
  2. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll is a fun and enjoyable successor to decent Banana Blitz, despite its issues with the Wii Balance Board. Some games sound like a perfect fit for the Wii Balance Board and Step & Roll was one of them, but the game lacks the polish and precision its Wii Balance Board control scheme needs.
  3. Step & Roll is a “step” in the right direction since the game is embracing the other peripherals available for the Wii. There are plenty of gamers that have the Balance Board sitting around collecting dust and now Monkey Ball is an excuse to get it out. However, just take a deep breath and remember that the sensitivity and accuracy might be too much at times.
  4. Step & Roll is a happy effort that proves more enjoyable when you ignore the Balance Board, in the single player mode at least. There's enough new stuff in here to keep long-time fans amused, with the multiplayer and mini-game modes being the standout features, as ever. A chimp off the old block.
  5. Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll might be marketed as a game to play using the Wii Balance Board, but it's a much better game when played using standard Wii Remote controls.
  6. While the game in some ways attempts to return to series roots, it changes yet again to accommodate an unwieldy new set of controls. The flawed result is not perfect, but playable.
  7. All in all Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll is a typical Wii game for families without any highlights but quite entertaining gameplay.
  8. 68
    Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll is a fun game that will be appreciated by fans, but that doesn’t give much content for the casual gamer. You have to have tremendous patience to get through most levels, as they suffer from lousily handled controls. The multiplayer aspect does make up for it. Everything looks joyful and the soundtrack is pleasant. This doesn’t cancel out the lack of good controls and the measly content.
  9. Lengthy and varied single-player mode plus plenty of mini-games make Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll a good enough offering.
  10. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll is a fun game that will be appreciated by fans. The game was marketed as a game to play using the Wii Balance Board, but it's a much better game when played using standard Wii controls.
  11. Monkey Ball should be infuriating and addictive but never boring and cheap like this can be. [Apr 2010, p.76]
  12. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll won't keep your interest for very long, but it may make you dizzy
  13. Fun as always, the new Super Monkey Ball is too similar to previous games and it shows no significant developments. Playing the Balance Board is more difficult than playing with the Wiimote, something very inadequate. Familiar and challenging game.
  14. It's no longer a game for the hardcore, that much is for certain, but what audience is this aimed at? We're not sure who's going to get full value from Step & Roll.
  15. 60
    Ultimately your purchasing decision rests on your comfort with the Wii Remote as control method. If you are a die hard SMB professional that truly mastered the Wii Remote and you’re longing for 70 plus levels of challenge, the main game will satisfy that.
  16. Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll is a decent addition to the Monkey Ball franchise, but it simply sets the bar too high in the difficulty stakes to have long-lasting appeal.
  17. Sega doesn’t add much to the old formula except for one thing: the Balance Board. And it doesn’t work. You can just ignore it and use the controllers, but that’s no excuse. The Balance Board is way too imprecise when it comes to rolling monkeys down levels. The jumps and boss battles from the previous game have been axed, which is nice, but the series doesn’t seem to progress in any meaningful way. Sega must be wondering where to take this franchise next.
  18. If you're new to the series, then it's at least worth a rental, but there's no way I'd suggest picking up this one at full price. Wait for the inevitable price drop because there's not enough content here to be worth the current asking price. Also, if you're dying to find out how the Balance Board mechanic works, keep in mind that it's going to be more frustrating than fun.
  19. It would probably be cheaper to buy a used Gamecube and used version of an older Monkey Ball game, as you’d get better controls and save a little money without missing out on very much.
  20. Huge amounts of content and cute graphics are not enough for Sega's rolled up monkeys to impress on the Wii.
  21. For me, it felt a bit like eating Cheerios with a fork - different, but not advisable. [Issue#204, p.90]
  22. 60
    Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll tries to do something different, but instead strips the game of its challenge and throws in some unimaginative mini-games.
  23. While the first Wii offering (Banana Blitz) was a solid entry with some interesting features (jumping and boss battles), Step & Roll strips away all of that and leaves you with a straightforward Monkey Ball offering. However, it also leaves you wanting quite a bit more.
  24. Fans of the Monkey Ball series are sure to classify Step & Roll as a regressive leap, and newcomers won’t find much to appreciate, either. The balance board controls are simply too imprecise and illogical to play the foundation of a game wholly dependent upon precision.
  25. Somehow, this barrel of monkeys isn't nearly as much fun as its predecessors. [Mar 2010, p.90]
  26. Control annoyances and missing features make Step & Roll a big step backward for the Monkey Ball franchise.
  27. 55
    The fact remains that, as cutely appealing as Step & Roll can be, it essentially equates to yet another Wii offering that works in some ways but fails to make the grade because of an inability to fulfil the promise of the console's innovative controls.
  28. This latest Monkey Ball is briefly enjoyable, but the charm quickly spirals into maddening chaos.
  29. Sega's new dumbed down sequel isn't a disaster but it requires little skill and proffers little satisfaction.
  30. It's not lazy and unworkable, then, merely pleasant, compromised, and irrelevant. [Mar 2010, p.98]
  31. It's very difficult to give a sense to Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll. It's boring, with a very bad game design and without originality, otherwise the label of the series. The introduction of the Balance Board fails to give a breath of fresh air, succumbing in its implementation.
  32. The problems of the control scheme and a poor level design make this chapter one of the worst in the series.
  33. The newest Super Monkey Ball is an perfect example of how one big screw-up takes the whole game down the drain. The absolutely horrible controls immediately destroy all the fun that the game can offer. This is a shame. The lovable main characters are definitely in a wrong game. [Apr 2010]
  34. The original Super Monkey Ball wasn't designed with a balance board in mind, any more than monkeys are meant to wear waistcoats, and the end result is just as odd and incongruous. It might well be time to stop grinding that organ.
  35. Ill-advised from concept to execution. [Issue#93, p.112]
  36. If anything Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll is the simplest in the series if played with a Wii Remote and possibly the most difficult if using the Board, for all the wrong reasons.
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  1. Oct 24, 2013
    While it's not nearly as good as the first three monkey ball games it 's a lot better then Banana Blitz. The boss battles were removed, theWhile it's not nearly as good as the first three monkey ball games it 's a lot better then Banana Blitz. The boss battles were removed, the minigames have been reduced to 20 and a lot more are fun then before. Overall its just decent. Full Review »