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  2. Negative: 14 out of 21
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  1. Hulk’s orgy of destruction is entertaining at the beginning, but unfortunately it’s the only motivating thing in the game. Both the missions and the story are weak.
  2. Poorly realized on the Wii with boring environments, audio, visual and gameplay aspects, there's really not much past a rental here.
  3. While annoying, the lock-ups don't really do much to dampen how outlandishly fun the game is. If you like the Hulk and you enjoying destroying things, you'll enjoy your time with The Incredible Hulk, even if you have to reset the system from time to time.
  4. If you love The Hulk franchise, as well as destroying environments in Hulk-like fashion, then The Incredible Hulk is worth checking out. The short replay value should cause any gamer to question purchasing this game though.
  5. Despite being a fun action game in the vein of the GameCube’s much superior Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, The Incredible Hulk follows in the footsteps of the majority of movie-to-game adaptations, and lacks any substance.
  6. 57
    The Incredible Hulk is pretty much a straight sequel to Ultimate Destruction. Trouble is, Edge of Reality took out far more than it added. Though Hulk is a serviceable game that can be enjoyed over a weekend, it feels outdated.
  7. Graphically you won’t really find anything groundbreaking, the city feels very empty with only a few people and the odd vehicle here and there, the buildings also look very plain and a bit flat looking, especially close up.

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